I Asked A Makeup Artist How To Wear "Living Coral" Makeup & I'm Living For These Tips

Pantone; Etude House; It Cosmetics, JAFRA

If you haven't heard by now, Pantone recently announced vibrant hue Living Coral as the official Color of the Year for 2019. While many are now planning mood boards and painting walls in the exciting shade, my mind immediately went to how I could incorporate this bold color into my makeup routine. If you're also wondering how to wear coral makeup, you're in luck, because I turned to a professional makeup artist for the best Living Coral-inspired product recs, as well as tips for how to wear the hue without looking like you just discovered this shade a few days ago like everybody else. As far as these lewks are concerned, you'll appear as if you've been a Living Coral stan since day one, baby!

When it comes to mastering bold colors on the complexion, not all beauty lovers have the expertise of true makeup artists, which is why I instinctively turned to Mickey Williams, professional makeup artist and founder of Share The Glam, to guide me in my desire to take the Living Coral trend for a spin. "I love this color so much, and honestly, it looks fresh and youthful on any skintone," says Williams. "I think Living Coral works beautifully when looking to incorporate the shade into your makeup."

On The Lips: Bold Coral

I've definitely dabbled in a good coral lippie to accent my tanned skin during summers past, but I knew Williams would be able to recommend the ultimate lipstick shade — one that looked as if it had literally been dipped in a can of Living Coral paint. "Right now, I am obsessed with the JAFRA Luxury Lipstick ($16, in shade 'Coral Chic,'" says Williams. "The colors from this line are richly pigmented and super smooth and hydrating, thanks to the the RJx technology. Its like a weightless, perfect pop of Living Coral."

On The Eyes: Spiced Coral

While anything vaguely reddish near the lids makes me worry I'll look like I've got a case of pink eye, Williams assures me she's concocted the perfect recipe for a flawless Living Coral eye look.

"Take a dark brown gel liner and line the inner waterline and outer lashline of your eyes," instructs Williams. "Once the liner is in place, take a Q-Tip or shadow applicator and work a coral shade into the edges of the liner, to create a coral glow around the trace of the liner. You can make the glowy hue as faint and blended-out or as dramatic as you prefer. The key is to keep the darkest part of the shadow toward the liner, and the most blended of the shade towards the outer edge."

To follow her instructions, use the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon ($25, in shade "Earth(quake)" to define, and the Etude House Play Color Palette ($26, in "Peach Farm" for adding in that Living Coral glow. "This look is stunning and magical," raves Williams. "This palette is great because the reddish shade can be added to the coral to intensify it if needed, and you can also mute down the coral shade with the nudes and shimmer shadows."

On The Cheeks: Pretty Coral Pop

Last but not least, the safest way to start incorporating Living Coral into your beauty routine is via a pop of color on the cheeks. According to Williams, the perfect blush look would be as follows: "Flushed coral cheeks blending from the apple, across the cheekbone, and into the hairline. Soft, blended color — and skip the contour." To really let cheeks do the talking with this look, she recommends skipping color elsewhere: "No shadow, just dewy foundation and a sweep of black liner on the upper lids. Mascara should be black and rich, and the eyebrow defined and combed into natural-looking, glazed perfection."

Ground this with look your favorite glowy foundation and some brow gel, and amp it up with super-black lashes using the Crop Natural Mascara ($26,, an organic formula that gives you a false lash look in just a few coats. Pair with Williams's favorite coral blush, the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Blush ($24, in Living Coral-esque shade 'Sweet Cheeks,'" and you'll be good to go.

Living Coral was chosen as a color of positivity and good energy, so it makes sense that the shade also emphasizes a radiant complexion. Whether you choose to dabble in just one area of Living Coral glam, or go full-on with a combo of these lip, eye, and cheek looks, you'll definitely be on top of the trend and emitting good vibes through your beauty lewk.