Cover FX Is Dropping 3 New Setting Products To Lock In Your Look & Help You Glow — EXCLUSIVE

Courtesy of Cover FX

With new brands coming out every single day, it seems like the shelves of my local Sephora are always changing — there's always something new catching my eye that's worth trying. That said, there are certain displays I'll always gravitate towards, and Cover FX is one of the brands I've stayed true to year after year. While I already have my go-tos (The Monochromatic Blush Duos, the Custom Cover Drops, et cetera), their new launches will no doubt become quick favorites as well: Cover FX's new facial mists and powder are coming, and if you're looking for some newbies to get your glam ready for fall, yoy'll want to add these to your cart as soon as they drop.

As someone with combination skin, it took me a long time to master the right approach to setting my makeup for the day. Caking on powder looked way too heavy, and while it did help tame my oilier zones, my dry patches looked a little...rough. Skipping the powder and opting for setting sprays or mists, though, always left me more greasy than dewy, so I nixed that option right away. It might seem silly, but it took me a long time to realize a combination of both would be best: A powder to set followed by a mist to refresh keep my skin looking like, well, skin.

Shout out to Cover FX for launching mists and powders at the same time, making it even easier to try this approach to setting the face:

Courtesy of Cover FX

Oh, and in addition to the drop, Cover FX has teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Ash K Holm, who is now a proud brand ambassador, not to mention a huge fan of the new launches.

And Holm knows a thing or two about great skin, so I really trust her judgement:

"Skin to me is the most important element to a makeup look. Let’s be honest, skin is everything!!" Holm tells Elite Daily. "The Cover FX brand is the epitome of flawless glowing skin. The brand has been and always will be known for complexion products, and everything you need to complete your skin," she raves. In addition to great formulas, Holm also appreciates Cover FX's dedication to inclusive shade ranges. "The brand literally has a concealer and foundation for all skin tones," says Holms, adding, "That's a huge deal to me because I work with women & men of all color."

That said, let's dive in and peep the new products. First up, the Illuminating Setting Powder:

Courtesy of Cover FX

Hi, you had me at ~illuminating~. This talc-free, translucent powder comes in two shades meant to give off a sheer, glowy finish that sets skin, blurs imperfections, and never creases into cracks or fine lines. Picture your favorite Instagram filter, in setting powder form.

"This product blends like a dream and is super easy to apply because it never gets cakey," Holm tells Elite Daily:

Courtesy of Cover FX

"The formula actually blurs fine lines and minimizes the appearance of pores," raves Holm. "It's also perfect for summer because it keeps your skin looking light and fresh with a subtle glow that's never over-powdered," she adds. A luminous finish will also help maintain that glowy summer vibe come fall, FYI. And who doesn't want that?

Moving right along, the brand is also dropping two Crystal Elixir Mists:

Courtesy of Cover FX

Crystal-lovers, these babies are for you! Available in Rose Quartz + Defense as well as Aquamarine + Hydrating, these mists can be used before makeup application, as well as immediately after and throughout the day to refresh and give your skin a radiant pick-me-up, good vibes included.

"I love the way these mists incorporate wellness and skin prep!" Holm tells Elite Daily. "Both formulas are enriched with hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration and moisture, and I love that they are formulated for all skin types." Not sure which one you want? Allow Holm to break it down: ""The Rose Quartz + Defense Crystal Elixir Mist helps to protect skin from environmental pollutants and blue light. The rose water is used to hydrate and refresh skin," she says. "The Aquamarine + Hydrating Crystal Elixir replenishes moisture for a healthy glow," she adds. Noted! Spoiler alert, though, I want them both.

Holm glams major celebs like Kim Kardashian and Camilla Cabello on the reg, so I trust her application tips:

"The Cover FX Illuminating Setting Powder and Crystal Elixir Mist work so well together because you can use the mist in so many different ways to create a flawless makeup look," says Holm. "I recommend prepping the skin with the Elixir Mist to get the skin hydrated and dewy. Then apply your foundation, mist your face again right before you set with the Illuminating Setting Powder. This gets the powder to really stick to the face and makes the glow more noticeable. To really lock in the moisture for a dewier look, mist once the powder is applied." Holm adds that this approach is especially good for anyone with dry skin (Or combo skin with dry patches, like myself!) so that powder doesn't look or feel too heavy. She insists, "Your skin will be thanking you!"

Ready to shop the new drop for yourself? The powder will cost you $35, and the mists retail for $20 a pop. Both new formulas go live on the Cover FX site on Tuesday, August 13.