These 3 Crystals Will Revitalize Your Love Life, So Here's How To Use Them

by Cosmo Luce

Using crystals during meditation can help you deepen your intuition and set specific intentions that can aide with manifesting your dreams. Collecting different crystals for love can assist you with raising your levels of consciousness and accessing spiritual and emotional planes that exist alongside the material one our bodies occupy. But how do you go about collecting these crystals? And what do you do once you have them?

The stones and crystals that I encounter without trying have been most effective for me in healing. Some of these crystals have been gifts from other people; some of them I have come across in nature, and others I have found embedded in jewelry or discarded objects that have appeared in my path. While you're journey is your own, know that you don't need to buy anything to access your immense powers.

For assistance in your love life, keep your eyes peeled for gems to use in these ways:

1. Place Rose Quartz Near Your Heart To Heal Bitterness

Rose quartz is one of the most popular stones out there for its immense capabilities to heal. Like the flowers that give this stone its name, rose quartz aids with cleansing any bitterness from your heart.

Rose quartz can aid you in replenishing the inner reservoirs of love you keep within. There's no need to hold space in your heart for someone who isn't going to keep you in theirs. Placing this stone on a string around your neck so it hovers over your heart will aid you in cleaning out old lingering energy to make space for new people who will be coming into your life.

While we can't change what happened in the past, we always have the opportunity to rewrite our own stories when the next romance unfolds. Rose quartz will aid you in constructing a love story that works for you.

2. Place Clear Quartz In The Corners Of Your Bedroom To Boost Communication

Do you have trouble telling people you care about how you really feel? It can be overwhelming to have to find the words to express strong emotion. But it's important to be able to communicate, especially in the bedroom. Clear quartz is an excellent tool for gaining mental clarity that will enhance verbal communication.

Ultimately, relationships work because two people have the data they need to move together the way they want to. If you find yourself unable to supply your lover with information to adequately support you, the two of you can end up in a whirlwind of miscommunication that ends in hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

3. Place Citrine In Your Water Bottle To Summon Joy And Success

Citrine always reminds me of the sun. Bright and chipper, it summons optimism and luck. Place it in your water bottle like a squeeze of fresh lemon on a summer day to raise your self-esteem and boost the confidence you have in yourself. Keeping citrine or objects with its properties around you keeps you feeling bright and open, so you're able to follow the cups of gold leading you toward the person who will make you truly happy. Citrine reminds you that you are your own good luck.

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