Cole & Lili's Astrological Compatibility Is A Well-Balanced Match Made In The Stars

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Whether you watch them on the CW's Riverdale or ship them IRL, it's easy to root for Bughead because of their cuteness and chemistry alone. But what does Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's astrological compatibility say about them as a couple? Well, if you couldn't tell from his easy charm and wisecracking personality, Sprouse is a Leo. Sprouse was born on Aug. 4, 1992 (Leo season brings the heat from July 23 to Aug. 22). Meanwhile, Reinhart was born on Sept. 13, 1996, during the neighboring season of Virgo (grounding those born from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22). You typically see Reinhart's Virgo qualities in her cool girl, down-to-Earth, no-nonsense demeanor.

While rumors about Reinhart and Sprouse's relationship bubbled for a while, these two cemented their couple status with a May 2018 appearance at the Met Gala. And with last year's theme of "Heavenly Bodies," announcing their coupledom at the Met was a perfect move: Sprouse and Reinhart are a match made in the stars.

Like Aries and Sagittarius, Leo is a fire sign. They're the kind of people who light up the room when they strut into it. And inevitably, it's their warmth that draws in friends, lovers, and co-workers alike. Meanwhile, Virgo is an earth sign along with Taurus and Capricorn. They're solid individuals, loved for being loyal, reliable, and wise. Because of this, a Leo-Virgo partnership like Reinhart and Sprouse makes for an intriguing and well-balanced relationship. This couple will get stuff done, but it's never a dull moment with these two.

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Leos can be a lot as lovers. When you date a Leo, you will inevitably have the life of the party on your arm. Leos like Sprouse tend to have big personalities and the passion to match. Still, they're surprisingly sensitive signs. All together, their outgoing nature, lust for life, and emotional intelligence make Leos excellent artists — as well as great partners.

Leos are the type to plan a picnic date with your favorite food and drink, and will probably read aloud a poem that reminded them of you. In Sprouse's case, his hella romantic, classic Leo gesture was a surprise hot air balloon date for Reinhart in Canada. And in typical Leo fashion, Sprouse has also made Reinhart his muse. Apart from acting, Sprouse has been honing his skills as a photographer. Sprouse's Instagram feed is sprinkled with a handful of tender, artsy, editorial photos of Reinhart and others.

Finally, with Reinhart or any other partner, Sprouse's Leo tendencies means he's loyal. Support is so important for this sign. So, when Reinhart's Hustlers hits theaters later this year — the U.S. release is Sept. 13, Reinhart's birthday, and what better present is there than your film coming out? — you'd best expect Sprouse to cheer Reinhart on. She did just the same for him at the Five Feet Apart premiere in March.

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And that's where it's clear that Reinhart is the quintessential Virgo partner. Sometimes, a Virgo's reputation for being more logical than emotional means they get written off as cold. But Sprouse and anyone else who loves a Virgo knows that Virgos will show you they care in low-key but undeniable ways — like showing up or coming in clutch when you need them.

Yes, Virgos can be practical and detail-oriented to a fault. But on the flipside, that means Virgos are attentive. They'll also buy you the best practical gifts (retractable charging cord, anyone?), or will scoop up tickets to an obscure band you once mentioned you like.

Together, Reinhart and Sprouse are a wonderfully matched couple. Because of their signs, they're both well-suited for the hard, creative work that is building the seasons-long world of Riverdale. Both signs love beauty and thrive when surrounded by art.

But there's a complementary aspect of Reinhart and Sprouse's relationship, too. As a Virgo, Reinhart can offer a reality check against her SO's chaotic nature and will bring him back down to Earth (literally, see: hot air balloon). Meanwhile, a Leo like Sprouse can add a bit of playfulness to his Virgo partner's life and help her blow off some steam.

This combination can be a bit tough, though, since they're both so famous. The Leo partner in a celebrity couple would want to ham up the attention as much as possible. Meanwhile, the Virgo would want to keep things low-key. For example, Reinhart and Sprouse's Five Feet Apart premiere body language was a bit tense. But that likely had nothing to do with possible romantic troubles, and everything to do with their distinct astrological temperaments. Besides, Reinhart is notoriously private about her love life — which totally fits for a Virgo.

Nevertheless, sometimes an earth sign needs a fire sign to pull them out of their head. And a Leo needs a Virgo to bring a little practicality to their whirlwind. Here's to Sprouse and Reinhart, a couple whose vibe is as balanced and beautiful as they are.