7 Sex Moves To Try In Your Backyard For A Real Hot Girl Summer

Who said the grill had to be the only thing heating up this summer? This season is consistently one of sexy vibes: looser schedules, rooftop flirtations, the promise of summer flings, excuses to show glistening skin, and languid golden hours that make everything feel magical. Now is the perfect time to make use of a blossoming residential landscape and try these sex positions in your backyard (or your boo's backyard, or f*ck it, even the Airbnb you'll be staying at soon on vacation).

Besides, Megan Thee Stallion has declared Summer 2019 to be a hot girl summer: a time for women and femmes to live their sexiest, most carefree lives. Why not take the Stallion's advice literally and take your sex life to the great outdoors?

It's important to note that if you are caught having sex in public — say, by a nosy neighbor who got curious about the moans they heard nearby — you can be charged with public indecency. Also known as public lewdness, it encompasses any "sexual activity or sexual contact that occurs in a public place, where indecent exposure is exposing the genitals or private parts of a person in a place where another person may see and be offended.” (You could earn yourselves jail time up to a year, probation, a fine of $500, a criminal record, registration as a sex offender and/or mandatory community service earn yourselves.) So if you're facing the street or live near a public space, be sure to keep it subtle.

Here are seven sneaky ways you can still make the best use of a backyard.

Behind a tree

A tree is an excellent start to your backyard sexcapades because it ensures privacy, especially if the house is near a street or highway.

And if you're going to have sex against a tree, make sure you throw on a denim jacket over your bralette or pop a cardigan over crop top. You probs don't want to get scratched up by bark in the name of a good orgasm.

In a cozy nook

There might be all kinds of cozy nooks for making out and more, depending on how developed the backyard is. Get creative with the space between the bushes and the fence. The corner of the yard or the edge of the garden remain underrated bits of a backyard.

Bonus points for hooking up behind a floral hedge where not even nosy neighbors can take a peek.

On a hammock
Lumina / Stocksy

Hammock sex requires lots of trust and communication — any misstep and it can all spiral out of control (literally). Still, the hammock can definitely provide a cute, sexy moment: imagine you and your boo snuggled in the hammock as you watch the sun set (or rise!), start making out, and one thing leads to another.

If hammock sex is a "yes," you can also bring a sex toy out for an extra hot summer memory. But sex toy or not, definitely bring a blanket to keep your kinky shenanigans under wraps. And be careful. With hammocks, your fate and your orgasm are one sudden move away from disaster.

On the border of a fire pit

Believe it or not, a fire pit can do more than scorch a few marshmallows. Having sex on the border around it — especially if it's made of concrete instead of glass, or another sturdy material — can truly put the "hot" in your hot girl summer.

The main move you can do is ride your partner, in both the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl positions, while they're sitting down on the border around it. Another sex move you can do is missionary, with one partner perches on the edge and the other partner standing. You can even even heat things up by having the receiving partner put their legs over the penetrating partner's shoulders.

It's kind of a bold move, so this would be best to try as the sun goes down. Again, nosy neighbors. But who knew the fire pit didn't need to be lit to give your summer an extra spark?

In a pool or poolside
Karma Images / Stocksy

Skinny-dipping in the pool is already a spicy move, but straight-up hooking up in one? Peak summer sexy. Just like with shower sex, pool sex is the number one time to break out all your favorite standing up sex positions.

If you and your boo do it when the weather is nice — especially at night — your sex session can feel ultra steamy and ultra dreamy. Likewise, take a move out of Lara Jean's book and get hot and heavy in the hot tub this summer.

On a swing

You don't have to buy a sex swing to have sex on a swing. It's not quite the same, but a regular-degular set is just as fun. Similar to the fire pit situation, one partner can perch and the other can penetrate. Or, you one partner can sit in the swing and hook their legs over the other partner's shoulders while receiving oral.

This backyard sex move is one to try out at dusk and when there's no chance of anyone coming home to see you hooking up in the backyard.

In a treehouse
Simone Anne / Stocksy

Truly, only the luckiest among us ever get to hang out in treehouses. They feel like a world of their own up there — a . perfectly serene (and discreet) place to get down and dirty this summer. Bring your favorite snacks, sex toys, and a blanket for a very comfortable, outdoor summer hookup session. Just be sure to keep an ear out and make sure no one's coming up that ladder.

Ladies and gentlethems, hot girl summer will be over before you know it! Scope out all the best hookup spots in your backyard and give in to that frisky, warm-weather feeling.