7 Sex Moves To Try At A Picnic If You're Feeling Frisky

As far as summery dates go, a picnic for two is nothing short of delightful. Along with perfectly adorable and very Instagrammable finger foods, you and your boo should look into sex positions to try at a picnic. Ideally, you'll be going out to a secluded, beautiful place in nature for your picnic. Why not make the most of it?

Besides, having sex in public or semi-public can be super exciting. Sex and relationships therapist Cyndi Darnell explained to Elite Daily that while there is no one reason why people do the things they do sexually, "for some people, the appeal of sex in public may be the taboo and being 'naughty." It's the riskiness of it — either getting away with it or possibly being getting caught — that can be a major turn-on.

With the latter, though, it's important to note the risk of arrest. Based on your state (you can look up the deets here), being charged with public indecency can mean jail time for up to a year and probation. Consequences can also include a fine of $500, a criminal record, registration as a sex offender and/or mandatory community service. So please, have a sexy picnic with discretion.

Here are a few moves to try on your next date with nature, if the warm weather has you feeling frisky and risky.

Teasing under a picnic blanket
Boris Jovanovic / Stocksy

A good starter picnic sex move would be any below-the-belt action under a picnic blanket. You could run your hand up your partner's thigh, or even finger them under the picnic blanket. You can even slip a few of your partner's favorite sex toys in with the sandwiches and lemonade to make the teasing extra tantalizing.

Feeding your partner picnic foods
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And then there are the picnic foods — it's why you're here, right? Next step: feeding your partner or having them feed you. It might seem a bit cliché, but there's something erotic about sliding a nice juicy grape in your partner's mouth. One way to turn up the heat is to lick or suck on your partner's finger while they're feeding you. That can definitely push your picnic along!

Another way is by getting some aphrodisiac foods in the mix. Some picnic-ready aphrodisiacs to feed your partner include apples, watermelon, pomegranates, strawberries, and cherries — because tying a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue is sexual tension 101. If you're feeling extra bougie, you can also bring along oysters, which may not seem super sexy on the surface, but are a quintessential aphrodisiac.

Missionary under your picnic blanket

If you're up for a little more risk, then you and your partner can get down and dirty under a blanket in missionary position. Missionary is ideal because it's easy to do while covered by a blanket (a trick you learn watching every CW sex scene, ever). And if someone does happen upon your picnic, they could probably write the whole thing off as lovers wrapped in an embrace, right?

Skinny-dipping, if there's a lake or pond
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Skinny-dipping is also another a picnic sex move that ups the ante. You and your partner can give each other a little show as you strip down. There's also lots of sexy fun to be had in the water as well.

Sex against a tree

Again, you're enjoying food, and sunshine, and your lover in the great outdoors? Why not take advantage? Whether it's with your partner's fingers or their d*ck (biological or plastic), getting f*cked against tree can be super hot. Just be sure that you're wearing a t-shirt or have a jacket — getting severely scraped by tree bark is not super hot.

Eating/licking/sucking foods off your partner
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Beyond feeding your partner aphrodisiac picnic foods, you can also eat or lick them off of each other. A couple of excellent picks are honey, chocolate syrup, Nutella, and figs — because what's more bougie or luxurious or picnic-worthy than fig jam? Oh, maybe, Champagne, which is also an aphrodisiac, and would definitely be fun to drizzle on and lick off of a partner. Just pack some wipes for clean up!

(Reverse) doggy-style under your picnic blanket

And if you're feeling absolutely adventurous, you can give doggy-style or reverse doggy-style under a blanket a shot. With the penetrating partner sitting against a tree, you can sit in their lap and ride them with a blanket thrown over you two. Moans aside, it could pass as two lovers enjoy nature, with one sitting in the others' lap. Well, it might not be fool-proof, but it can at least guarantee a little bit more privacy.

If a summer picnic date was already on your agenda, be sure to keep these sex moves on hand to add some extra spice to your picnic spread.