5 Sex Moves To Try Standing Up, So Get Your Vertical Freak On

Standing sex positions sound like a great idea and look super hot in movies, but if you've actually tried them IRL, then chances are you've learned they are a lot tricker than they might seem if you don't know which sex moves to try standing up are actually, ahem, achievable. It turns out that taking your adult fun time positions vertically doesn't have to be all that difficult — and, when done right, wow are they hot. It also doesn't hurt that a few of these are perfect for a clandestine hookup when you and your boo are so turned on you can't wait to find a bed.

So, if you're ready to spice it up with some standing-room-only sex, here is how to take things to new heights (pun intended) with positions where either one or both partners are standing — but that aren't so intense that you'll end up with a sex-related injury. Because nothing puts damper on your sexy time like a run to the emergency room where you have to explain how you got said injury. If this all sounds fun (sans the bodily harm), then here are some standing sex positions for you to try tonight.

The Wham-Bam Thank You Door-Jamb

In the movies, standing sex means one partner lifting and penetrating the other while supporting their weight and grinding away. It looks pretty hot, and if your partner has the upper body strength, great. For the rest of us, having a little extra structural support can make this a more realistic — but just as hot — reality. To achieve this standing position, find the closest door jamb and arrange yourself so that you are each leaning back on an opposite side, with your feet braced on the other side. (Basically, you'll be shaped like an X). The receiving partner lifts one leg and wraps it around the penetrating partner for access. All the standing sexiness with none of the back injuries — hot.

X Marks The Spot

Not all standing positions require both parties to be upright, so if you prefer to keep it horizontal, this position gives you the best of both worlds and then some. To get into this position, have the receiving partner lay on the edge of a flat surface like a counter or table. Then, the standing, penetrating partner enters them, lifts their leg, and crosses it in front of them, allowing them to rest their legs on their shoulders. This creates a super tight fit that feels amazing for everyone.

The Three-Legged Love Sesh

Want a more tradiontal standing sex position? Then look no further than the Three Legged Sex Sesh. To get into this position, have the penetrating partner stand firmly on both legs, then the receiving partner lifts one leg and wraps it around the back of their partner. For some additional support, this can be done up against a wall. This one is a classic, but is definitely a bit more work — though it's worth it.

Over The Edge

If you love doggy then this standing position is about to be your new fave. To achieve this position, simply find something you can carefully lean over like a table, the arm of a couch, or the hood of your car if you're taking things outside the usual confines of the house. Then, the penetrating partner enters from the rear.

V is for Victory

This final standing position is similar to the X Marks the Spot, in that you will need a flat surface to comfortably lie back on. However, in this position, rather than crossing your legs in front of your partner and fully reclining, you put your legs over their shoulders and then prop yourself up on your arms. Adjust the angle of your body until you find one that is most pleasurable for both you and bae.

See? Standing up to get freaky doesn't have to be super intimidating. In fact, once you figure out which of these positions you like best, you just might find yourself wanting to take your sex seshes to a higher plane (geometry joke!) on a regular basis.