The Hottest Place For You To Have Sex This Summer, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Jamie Kravitz

Summer is a time for adventure. These next couple of months are all about making spontaneous decisions and taking chances. Whether you have a significant other or you're single and ready to mingle, chances are, you plan on getting it on under the hot summer sun. Rather than hooking up in your boring bed, try relocating to somewhere more suitable to your summer of fun. Using astrology to help you decide on the right place makes perfect sense, because the best romances are written in the stars. Find out below where you should have sex based on your zodiac sign, so that you can set yourself up for sex-cess this summer.

The months of July and August hold different predictions for each of the signs. Whether you'll be focused on healthy living, reconnecting with family and friends, or kickstarting your career, it's important to take some time out to enjoy the warm weather with a cutie by your side. You'll want to embark on classic summertime activities, like going on vacation and spending time in the water, or barbecuing at the park with a big group of people. And of course, you're allowed to have some NSFW fun as well. Don't tell your boss, but here's exactly where you should have sex this summer, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: In A Tent At A Music Festival

As an Aries, you're likely to see a new relationship this summer — or at the very least, a new kind of relationship. Take your new bae to a music festival. The close quarters of outdoor camping will bring you together in more ways than one. Hooking up in a tent might not sound totally ideal, but it's exactly the kind of spontaneous summer adventure you've been craving.

Taurus: At A Party In Your Hometown

This summer will bring you back home, Taurus. You'll want to spend time with your friends from high school, and will definitely hit up a few house parties while you're in your old 'hood. Whether it's with your childhood crush or your hometown hookup, don't be afraid to get a little frisky on the dance floor. When you're ready to go all the way, escape to a bedroom upstairs.

Gemini: In The Back Seat Of Your Car

Geminis everywhere are filling up their tanks, putting the key in the ignition, and heading out on summer adventures with their special someone in tow. Driving cross country on a classic road trip requires taking breaks. You can always head to a roadside diner to stretch your legs, but don't forget to stretch out in the back seat as well. Just like old-fashioned diner food, car sex has a certain charm to it.

Cancer: In Your Ex's Bed

Oh, Cancer. As hard as you try, you just won't be able to stay away from your ex this summer. Trying to rekindle an old flame might not be the best idea for you in the long run, but for right now, the sex is even better than you remembered. Why let the humid summer air make you sweat when a bedroom romp with your ex can get you just as hot?

Leo: In A Secluded Hammock

Your summer 2018 horoscope predicts that you'll tune in to your spiritual side this month, Leo. A hammock in a peaceful, quiet spot is the perfect place for you to relax with your partner. Lay back and let the physical sensations of their touch take over you. Let your thoughts pass you by and focus only on your body. In no time at all, you'll be together in paradise.

Virgo: In A Hot Tub

Virgo, this summer is all about experiencing pleasure. It's finally time for you to indulge in that hot tub fantasy you've always had. As long as you're safe when hooking up in the water, a hot tub can serve as an ideal location for making waves with someone new. If you're not jazzed about the idea of actually having sex in a hot tub, get your flirt on beneath the bubbles before moving to dry land for the main event.

Libra: In The Pool

August will be a steamy month for you, Libra — and I'm not talking about the temperature outside. Pool sex is in the cards for you and your beau. If you can, do it at night when it's less likely that people will walk in on you. And obviously, doing this in one of your pools is preferable to anywhere public. So put on your favorite bikini in preparation, but know that it's about to come off.

Scorpio: In A Hotel Or Hostel

You're on the move this summer, Scorpio. Maybe you're backpacking through Europe and stopping at hostels along the way, or perhaps you're staying in a luxury resort on a tropical island. Wherever your journey takes you, a hotel is the perfect place for you to have sex with your summer fling this year. Just don't get too attached, because you won't be staying in one place for long.

Sagittarius: In Your New Home

This summer will see big changes for you, Sag. As part of your new and improved life, you'll likely move apartments or houses. What better way to christen your brand new bed than with a night of debauchery? You won't need silk sheets or rose petals to feel amazing, because you'll already be on top of the world.

Capricorn: In A Stranger's Bed

Capricorns should get out of their comfort zones this summer. Dance with a stranger at the club or flirt with the sexy bartender at your local dive. If you're feeling it, go home with them and hook up in someone else's bed for a change. Sure, it's not something you'd normally do, but you can chalk it up to making memories while you're young.

Aquarius: At Your Summer Job

You're making money moves this summer, working your butt off at a part-time job. Just because you're putting in hours, though, that doesn't mean you can't have some fun off the clock. There's likely at least one coworker you have your eye on. If sparks are flying on the job, why not take a risk and hook up right there at work? Find a broom closet or an unused room and make the most of that 30-minute lunch break.

Pisces: In A Cabana On The Beach

Pisces feel most at home on the beach, so an oceanside cabana is the best place for you and your partner to share some much-deserved private time. The benefits of a cabana include the ability to draw the curtains, and keeping sand out of places you really don't need sand, while still being able to hear the waves crashing on the shore.

There's an ideal place for every sign to have sex this summer. Find yours and head there before the sun goes down.

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