Your Summer Horoscope Is Here & It's Time To Embrace The Good Vibes

Ah, summer. It's the season of dreamy sunsets on the beach, warm nights spent dancing under the stars, spontaneous escapades with your best friends, and falling in love. I don't know about you, but I feel like something life-changing always happens during summer. Through all the amazing memories that are always inevitably made, I discover parts of myself that I never realized were there. I know it's only spring, but is it ever too early to start thinking about the greatest season of all time? Your summer 2018 horoscope is proof that it never is.

This year, it begins on June 21 and ends Sept. 22, so mark your calendars. We'll enter summer through the affectionate and loving waters of Cancer season, leaving it all behind by the time that charming and graceful Libra jumpstarts autumn. Between then, we'll hear our roar through fiery and audacious Leo before collecting our thoughts through intelligent and analytical Virgo.

I think of the astrological roller coaster that is summer like this: We begin by diving deep into our social lives, doting on everyone around us with the purest care. We then start focusing on our own needs, filling up with confidence and crowning ourselves queen. The last few dregs of the season are spent wrapping everything up, making sense of it, and then taking what we learned with us into the next season.

Are you as ready to find out what's in store for us as I am? I bet you are.


The start of summer will draw your focus toward intimate matters at home and with family. You will feel like enriching your core relationships with understanding and love. However, you may also experience conflicts there as deep-seated issues come to light.

As summer progresses, you'll feel like diving deep into the fun and relishing the positive vibes swirling in the air. You may take risks and go on adventures that challenge your perspective of life.

The last few weeks will be about getting into gear and pouring your attention on work and your personal health. It will be time to get organized and serious.


You'll be plunged into summer with your focus on self-expression, communicating your thoughts and desires with loved ones. Though these conversations may prove challenging, they'll ultimately bring you closer to yourself.

Through this journey, you'll be inspired to get in-touch with your home base, spend time with family, and ultimately understand your identity in the deepest sense.

While the first months will be more intimate, the last few weeks will go out with a bang. The end of summer is where you'll get to feel the spontaneous exhilaration and careless ecstasy that this season is all about.


The beginning of summer will be about earning money and becoming more self-sufficient in your career. You may experience trouble that causes you to rethink the way you value material wealth and the way you go about acquiring it.

A central theme of the season will also be communication, learning new things, and exchanging ideas. You'll feel propelled to express your opinions, debate, and test your conversational chops.

By the end of summer, you'll feel like returning to your most intimate base, spending time with your family and relaxing at home. It'll be full of intimate days spent taking care of the people who matter to you most.


The beginning of summer launches a new beginning for yourself. You'll feel flushed with confidence and inspired to go after your dreams with everything you've got. However, your sense of self may also be challenged, causing you to rethink the person you are.

These realizations will transfer to your career and your means of earning and protecting your wealth. You'll ask yourself if you're working hard enough, choosing the right career, or being smart with your money.

By the end of the season, you'll feel like using your career to express your personal ideas and beliefs. You'll also feel like learning and studying in ways that enrich your trajectory for the future to come.


Summer begins with you feeling very spiritual and in tune with your intuition. You'll want to cleanse, meditate, and realign your soul. This journey towards peace and harmony won't always be easy. Power through it anyway.

The middle of summer will be more about embracing the confidence that comes so naturally to you and putting your needs first. At times, you may feel like the world is at odds with your truest needs. However, you must stay resilient.

All this work on your self-confidence will transfer into your career. By the end of summer, you'll feel inspired to go out there and make some serious bucks.


You'll feel drawn to big crowds, large groups of friends, and a sense of community as summer begins. You may have trouble feeling accepted or moving peacefully through a social clique without drama. Through the turmoil, you'll discover the people you're meant to be around.

By the time you've had your fill of being extraverted, you'll feel like focusing on your spirituality and delving deep into your personal needs. Chances are, you'll realize a lot about the way you should be living your life.

All of this rebuilding will flow through your sense of self, giving you a strong will and an impenetrable confidence. The summer will go out with an explosion and the source of the fire will be you.


The beginning of the summer will have you focusing on your public image. You may feel that you're not receiving the recognition you deserve or that your talents are going unnoticed. This fear will push you to work harder.

By the time the season is fully underway, you'll feel like diving straight into big social endeavors, reinforcing your community, and attending every fun summer event that you come across. You'll be pulled out of your comfort zone and forced to make new friends.

You'll be all partied out by the end of the season. You'll feel like centering your energy and cleansing your spirit, delving deep into matters of your subconscious. Your intuition contains all the answers.


You may feel like starting off summer with a vacation or a backpacking trip. You'll be inspired to spread your wings, expand your horizons, and embark on adventures. These won't be easy journeys but they'll teach you so much.

When you come back to reality, you'll feel inspired to make a name for yourself, go all out in your career, and dazzle in your accomplishments. You may struggle to feel truly rewarded or acknowledged, which only motivates you further.

By the time summer is over, you'll feel like like joining forces with a community or group of friends and spreading the wealth of your personal achievements.


Summer will plunge you into a seriously transformative experience. It will be painful, difficult, eye-opening, and euphoric. From the ashes of your old self, you will rise like a phoenix. You'll also probably feel incredibly sexual!

You will embark on adventures with a brand new version of yourself. Compelled to learn, try new things, travel, and indulge in philosophical endeavors, you'll feel close to your true self.

By the time summer is all said and done with, you'll feel like putting yourself out there in your career and seeing what you're made of.


You may experience a lot of excitement (or drama) in your love life when summer begins. You may enter a new relationship, go through a breakup, or experience a sharp increase in passion. This excitement may also reveal itself in your closest friendships.

By the time summer is fully underway, you'll experience revitalization from deep within. Your motto will be "out with the old, in with the new." It will be difficult, but if it's bringing you closer to your best self, it's worth it.

You may want to plan a big vacation or adventure for the end of summer because by then, you'll be hungry for new experiences. Go out with a bang by doing something wild and far removed from your comfort zone.


You'll feel inspired to get in shape, work hard, be productive, and sort out your priorities during the beginning of summer. While everyone else is overspending and overindulging, you'll feel like getting sh*t done. You may feel like you're missing out on all the fun, but remember, summer has only just begun.

As the weeks go on, you may find yourself all wrapped up in a summer romance or growing super close with a friend. In the midst of all this intimacy, there will inevitably be difficulty. If you choose love over conflict, everything will sort itself out.

By the end of summer, you'll find yourself undergoing some major transformation in your sense of self. You may not know who you are anymore, but take comfort in knowing that eventually, you will.


You'll feel like cannonballing into summer with a big, goofy smile on your face. You'll want to take every opportunity to party and have a good time. However, you may find yourself procrastinating on your responsibilities or taking the fun too far. Be mindful of yourself.

Eventually, you'll feel like getting your head back on straight and hitting the grind. You'll want to work hard, organize your personal life, and become a healthier person. You may be forced to reckon with toxic ways you've been living life and break some bad habits.

By the time summer is over, you may feel compelled to get involved with someone romantically, to forge a strong bond with a friend or lover. This could be an excellent time to enter a new relationship or strengthen the one you're already in.