This Is How & Where You’ll Meet Your Summer Fling, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Sydnee Lyons

Is it just me or is it suddenly really hot in here? Summer's almost here, which means it's time to partake in my favorite summer tradition: the summer fling. Casual but passionate, a summer fling is the perfect way to kill some time before you get back to school in the fall. You only have a couple months, though, so you'll need to know exactly where to meet a summer fling. You know, just in case the first one doesn't work out and you're forced to seek out reinforcements.

During the school year, meeting new people is sort of a guaranteed convenience. Maybe you'll ask out that girl who sits next to you in chem lab, or the guy who takes your order at Starbucks, or the desk assistant who works in your dorm, or the TA you had last year that you keep running into, or... You get the idea.

College campuses are to horny, single, young adults what ant farms are to, well, ants. The place is crawling with potential partners, right up until the last week of final exams. Then, it's a ghost town and, before you know it, you're hopping on a one-way train to hometown loneliness, your dreams of a grown-up, Troy-and-Gabriella romance tossed by the wayside.

Don't worry, the universe has other plans for you. Here's where you need to be, according to your zodiac sign, if you're looking for the ultimate summer romance this season.

Aries: Backpacking Through Foreign Countries

You're a wild spirit who's full of energy, confidence, and adventure, which is why you're most likely to meet your summer fling on a spontaneous backpacking trip across Europe or Southeast Asia. Just a few minutes after introducing yourselves, you'll be sharing tales from your college dorms and laughing like old friends.

Taurus: Sipping Cold Brew At Your Favorite Coffee Shop

People say you're a homebody, but what you really enjoy is some quiet, cozy downtime, no matter where it happens. While you're tucked away in a dark corner at your favorite coffee shop devouring your favorite magazine, remember to come up for air. You never know when you might lock eyes with your summer bosom buddy.

Gemini: Tutoring At The Writing Center On Campus

You, an intellect, are a witty conversationalist who gets bored easily. You're looking for someone who can keep up with your jokes and who shares the same passion for knowledge as you do. I'm sensing a funny run-in when you both realize you're scheduled to tutor the same student or a potential meet-cute in the break room.

Cancer: Walking Around A Local Art Fair

Your strengths include creativity and emotional intelligence. Although you're not one for small talk, you enjoy thoughtful conversation with new friends whose artistic interests are similar to your own. You and your summer bae will probably notice each other admiring the same 3-D, sidewalk-chalk drawing.

Leo: Doing A Keg Stand At A House Party

You are the life of the party. Everyone feels drawn to your positive energy and welcoming personality, including your next summer hookup whose flattering compliments earn them a gold star in your eyes.

Virgo: Running At The Beach

What's a cheat day? You wouldn't know because you're all about hard work and dedication, even when you're on summer vacation. Evidently, your new workout buddy admires your quiet determination. In fact, they'd love to discuss it over salads and smoothies. Yes, please.

Libra: Vacationing In A Lakeside Cabin

You're all about balance, which is why you're spending a few days on the lake, away from campus and city life. It's just what you need and so is that hottie who helped you take your kayak out on the water. Don't be afraid to dive in.

Scorpio: Ordering A Cocktail At The Bar

You are a total flirt. Your goal on any night out is never to go home alone — so far, so good. You'll have no trouble charming your way out of paying your bar tab and into a cab with the bartender whose shift just ended.

Sagittarius: Stretching Before Yoga In The Park

You're here to find your center... and a stretching partner who gets as much of a rush from being outdoors as you do. The good in you recognizes the public sex potential in them. I think that's how the mantra goes.

Capricorn: Marching In A Political Protest

Your witty sign will make them chuckle. Their megaphone chant will give you goosebumps. Together, you'll save the world... or get into a passionate debate about your political views before making out until your lips are chapped.

Aquarius: Taking In A Midday Movie

You like doing your own thing, like going to the movies by yourself in the middle of the afternoon. Surprised to run into someone else who appreciates historical documentaries, you strike up a conversation with the person in your row.

Pisces: Laying Out At The Beach

This is where you feel most at home. Earbuds in, sketchbook out. You're unbothered by all that's happening around you, until a friendly voice asks you for help spreading their beach blanket. Your compassionate nature forbids you from walking away after that.

Pro tip: You're never going to meet someone who wants to Netflix and chill with you if you don't get off the couch first.