9 People Reveal Their Most Scandalous Public Sex Stories & OMG, They Are Wild

by Sydnee Lyons

I'm pretty sure no accredited colleges actually offer classes on where to have sex in public, but that hasn't stopped college students from getting frisky in the back of their lecture halls or on the sand volleyball courts near their dorms. It's no surprise that public parks come in first on the list of most common places people have sex in public (compiled from a DrEd Online Doctor survey). People also admit to doing the deed in their cars, in the ocean (sorry, Nemo!), in public bathrooms, and at the movies. Coming in at 6th place? You guessed it — at school or in a library.

So yeah, public sex is a huge turn-on for some people. The thrill of sneaking around, the anticipation of getting caught, and the freedom of being outside of the bathroom are enough to make me think, "Eh, maybe I'll try it some day."

Until then, I'll have to live vicariously through the brave ones who've come before me, literally. The people who have so willingly taken to the internet to share their most outrageous stories about that one time (or two or three) they had sex in plain sight. I mean, do these people know that having sex in public is a criminal offense? Probably not. Evidently, it's hard to care about legal stuff when you're doing hand stuff in the backseat of your car at a drive-in... or when you're strolling through Central Park?

I mean, I know New York City isn't the cleanest city but come on! Is this true?
Seriously, who hasn't fucked in Central Park?


This puts a whole new spin on the phrase, "Feel the rhythm of the ocean."
In the water on a crowded beach in the Bahamas with my ex-wife. She was fairly conservative, so I was surprised when she suggested - no, check that, demanded it. We spooned in the water, facing the beach and let the waves control our rhythm. It was outstanding.


Was the backseat taken?
Drive in movie theatre, one of the last ones left. We f*cked in the front of his truck and no we weren't parked in the back lol. Good times.


Turns out, it was.
For me, probably the time my wife and I had sex in the back of my car while another couple were going at it in the front. That was fun!


I'd really like to know what city this couple lives in. For sanitation purposes.
When I was in college I had a next-door neighbour who bacame my FWB. It was all about sex with us, no romance, no commintments. Our favourite thing was to go around campus and the town to have public sex. She would wear a dress or a skirt with nothing underneath. I went commando under my pants or shorts.
We did it in alleys, behind bars, in parking lots, in the rafters, the classrooms, the girl's washroom in a dorm, the library, parking lots, even in a hardware store! There was a wooded path on campus between the dorms and the main buildings, and we would do it up against a tree until someone would come along. After they passed we would get back at it. We did it in the hallway of our apartment building, in the stairwell of the sports centre, and so many places I cannot even remember! There was no limit to what we did, HJ's, BJ's, PIV, PIA, etc. We did get spotted a few times, but nobody cared enough to rat on us. This went on for almost three years. I miss that girl, beautiful redhead.


That must have been some view.
It was about 10 years ago on the edge of a cliff right off PCH between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. We positioned her on the edge of a rock and me on a ledge just below at just the right height. We were both got quite the view and it was definitely thrilling.


This sounds like a scene straight out of a teen-werewolf movie and I love it.
On a dock under the moonlight at my cottage. Bonus points because my uncle walked down the stairs, promptly turned around and left. I'll never forget watching her topless body riding me while the moon was overhead.


Somebody help this guy decide which of these is his most scandalous moment. My money is on the hotel peepshow.
Not sure which was best but
Came home with a lady one evening after being out on the town and bent her over the hood of my vehicle and we went at it hot and heavy. This was at 1am so the odds of being caught were reduced but we were in plain sight of several houses and the road going by the driveway.
At work a long time ago. Before we were married my wife and I had numerous sessions at multiple locations where we work.
In the window of a hotel. This was with a lady I was dating occasionally but we had a room with a cushioned sitting area in front of a large window. We were on the bed having some pretty damn good sex and she suggested we move to the window. She was completely nude facing the window on her knees and I was standing behind her on the floor. I do believe she came as hard as anyone I've ever been with while i was inside of them. Apparently she was a little bit the exhibitionist...


That escalated quickly.
I recently got invited to a dungeon for the first time. It was for a party with a very specific theme where I wound up fucking my date with a dildo made of plastic wrapped cookie dough in a fake doctor's office while people watched. Then the cookies were baked and served. My mind is still pretty blown about the fact that this happened to me in real life.


The lesson here, really, is that it's never OK to eat raw cookie dough.