Let's Get It On: Millennials Share Their Tales Of Having Sex In Public

by Emily Arata

Marvin Gaye urged us to "get it on," Def Leppard hoped you'd "pour some sugar" on your partner and even space-age pop alien, Prince, pined for "your extra time and your kiss."

In a world of soul and rock 'n' roll lyrics, it seems as if there's nothing easier than seducing one another.

As the jukebox plays on, it's hard not to embrace your sex drive in public. Go on, slip into one of the bar's bathrooms and engage in an impromptu round of hide the zucchini. Chances are you're not alone.

We spoke to friends and coworkers about dabbling in sex al fresco. Remember, it’s only public indecency if someone actually catches a glimpse of you naked.

All these tales are anonymous but true, meant to protect the identity of the wild characters behind them.

Get me to the church on time.

My ex and I were in one of those addicting on-again-off-again relationships in which we broke up and got back together several times throughout the course of three years. So, this public hookup came after we had just gotten back together for the second time. We were both at a meeting for a school extracurricular activity, and we were itching to consummate our 'new' relationship. Since our meeting was on campus, and we didn't want to wait until we got back to his apartment -- we were too horny/excited/teeming with the kind of sexual energy that comes after you successfully reconcile a relationship problem -- we found the most non-public public place to have sex in: the campus multi-faith center. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

Watch out for bumpy roads ahead.

One time I gave my boyfriend head on a full Peter Pan bus. Pretended I was sleeping with a coat over my head but (Editor's note: spoiler alert!) I wasn't sleeping. It was pretty great.

Holy Land, not-so-holy hand.

Hooked up with a girl on the side of a synagogue in Israel. Also, this wasn't me, but two weeks after the synagogue thing happened, a friend of mine got a handy from a girl on the back of a bus on the way home from Yad Vashem, Israel's National Holocaust Memorial. To this day, it's the single funniest thing I've ever heard.

Birdy see, birdy do.

One time I was with my crazy ex and we were visiting his dad in Rhode Island on the beach. We went for a walk and found this literal bird sanctuary. There were signs [saying] "Don't go in here, the birds are endangered.” Then, he pushed me down on the sand, did me doggy style right there where anyone could have seen. It was weird, but kind of hot. But, kind of really f*cked up.

Love — and lust — are in the air.

My boyfriend was one of the groomsmen in an amazing country wedding. The venue was this historic house with lots of character to it and tons of rooms upstairs. The day after the wedding, my back was killing me, like I had almost been bruised. I couldn't figure out why until a few days later when it all came back to me. Very inebriated, we apparently took it upon ourselves to sneak up to a linen closet we found mid-wedding to get a fast one in. We kept it discreet and snuck out of the room at different times, playing it off cool. To this day, we both never told anyone about it, especially the bride and groom.