A Libra and Pisces, the ultimate power couple.

7 Reasons Why Libra & Pisces Make The Ultimate Power Couple

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You can identify a Libra based on three familiar characteristics: they are social, peace-makers, and creative. But putting two Libras together can be the wrong move — Libras are indecisive and may become absorbed with the needs of others. If there is anyone who can balance out a Libra's restless energy, it's the fish of the zodiac, which is why Pisces and Libra are so astrologically compatible. Both signs are known for their generous, loving, and loyal ways, and as a result, a Libra-Pisces pairing tends to be a match made in astrological heaven. Allow me to explain why.

1. Both Signs Are Creative Souls

One reason why Libra and Pisces go so well together: they're both lovers of the arts. Libras have the tendency to choose career paths paved with creativity. Likewise, Pisceans are also versatile in their creative pursuits and typically have a knack for writing, directing, or playing music. "Libra is ruled by Venus — planet of love, beauty, and the arts — and Venus exalts in Pisces. They can live in their own little universe," clairvoyant astrologer Valerie Mesa tells Elite Daily. Having those lazy days at home is perfect for the Libra-Pisces couple, as they'll never tire of coming up with fun and creative ways to keep each other entertained.


2. They Balance Each Other Out

Pisceans are often people-pleasers who will take a backseat if it makes someone else happy, so they need someone strong-willed in their life. Libras are the perfect complement to that trait because they recognize injustice and will see things from their partner's perspective. Libras are air signs, and that element “allows a more realistic approach for Pisces' rose-colored glasses," Mesa says. In this scenario, the Libra steps up for the Pisces and will try to do what they can to ensure their partner's happiness.

3. They Live For Romance

According to Mesa, both Libra and Pisces are "in love with love." Libras love grand gestures and happily-ever-afters, and Pisceans are also known to be extremely romantic. The fish of the zodiac tend to be sensitive in general, but this trait also makes them sense and intuit their partner's needs. They notice the small, insignificant things that help keep a relationship's flame burning.

4. They're Both Loyal

Pisces and Libra are both known for their loyalty, and they will both often go to extreme lengths to make sure they keep their friends and family members happy. They're often amiable to other people's schedules, time frames, and availability, and above all, Pisceans and Libras are loyal to their partners. "Libra makes a great listener, and Pisces brings the emotional empathy," Mesa says. They are able to put themselves in the shoes of those they care about and attend to their needs first.


5. They Talk Things Through

Fighting is unavoidable in any relationship, but these two zodiac signs are able to make it work. As Mesa explains, "Libra prefers to avoid confrontation altogether and Pisces can intuitively sense it." While it may be the Pisces who has to start the conversation, both Libras and Pisceans are able to give their sides, listen to the other person's feelings, and find a solution to the problem.

6. Both Signs Are Adventurous

Want to go on a weekend getaway? Feel like taking a spontaneous road trip? Pisces and Libra are always up for it, as both signs have a zest for adventure and excitement. "Libra and Pisces thrive when in a pleasant atmosphere," Mesa says. Libras are typically very spontaneous, and although Pisces prefer planned adventures, both of them enjoy getting out of the house, trying something new, and creating new memories — especially when they're together.

7. They Complement Each Other

These two signs pick up where the other leaves off. While Libra is OK living in a chaotic mess, Pisces makes an effort to ensure organization. When a Pisces partner is feeling hopeless about their prospects, the Libra is quick to remind them of their passion, creativity, and awesomeness. It's a great balance. As Mesa explains it, "Libra shows Pisces the beauty in partnerships, [while] Pisces' spirituality inspires Libra."

One sign's weakness is the other's strength, making Pisces and Libra the ultimate power couple.


Valerie Mesa, clairvoyant astrologer

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