these zodiac signs are most likely to fall in love, according to astrologers
7 Zodiac Sign Pairings Most Likely To Fall In Love

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For some people, a potential partner's zodiac sign can be just as crucial as who they voted for. Keeping in mind which zodiac signs are most likely to fall in love can help you keep an eye out for a match that's astrologically compatible. That way, you already have an idea of which hotties are most likely to go the distance. Whether you're deep into astrology or not, the vast majority of your dating pool very well may be.

Before you read the following zodiac sign pairings (and maybe panic because you don't see your sign and your crush's sign together), know that zodiac sign compatibility may be more nuanced than you think.

Jeanna Kadlec, the resident astrologer for the Sanctuary astrology app, tells Elite Daily that knowing your moon sign (which represents your emotional life), your Venus sign ("what we value, and how we like to be valued," she says), and your Mars sign (how you take action and your sexual needs) is key. "It's less about ‘compatibility’ between your planets, per se," Kadlec says, "[and more about] understanding how astrology can better help you communicate about what you are experiencing within the relationship.” Here are the zodiac pairings who tend to have the smoothest rides.

Taurus & Cancer
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If there are two signs that can make a house a home, it's Taurus and Cancer. These two kind souls both value the hearth and home — Cancer as a water sign sweetheart, and Taurus as a grounded, stability-loving earth sign.

“If Taurus and Cancer had to choose one thing to bond over, it would be their love of food,” Erin River Sunday, the lead astrologer at Birthdate Co., tells Elite Daily. “These two signs both appreciate the comfort of a home cooked meal and appreciate adorning their homes with luxurious goods. They’re patient with one another and both crave stability.” Together, these signs will chef up a storm and take their space to a new level of cozy.

Gemini & Virgo

Geminis and Virgos have incredibly different approaches to life — think: chaos versus order — but in line with the idea that opposites attract, these two signs balance each other out pretty perfectly. “While Earth and Air rarely mix well, this pair is a beautiful exception,” Sunday says. “Since they’re both ruled by the planet Mercury, they have an immediate understanding of the way the other thinks. Gemini will definitely think Virgo is too uptight, but they have a way of balancing each other and will always have plenty to talk about.” The shared relationship to Mercury, the planet of thoughts, ideas, and communication, means that these two will never run out of things to talk about.

Scorpio & Cancer
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Scorpio is also a heavenly pick for Cancer. Like the sign of the crab, the scorpion is a water sign. These signs would find themselves emotionally well-matched. “Cancer wants to be the Queen (or King!) of someone’s heart forever, and that desire is easily met by Scorpio,” says Sunday. “While other signs find Scorpio’s passion overwhelming, Cancer appreciates the stability of such a deep love. These water signs are both highly intuitive and will be able to predict each other’s needs in advance.”

These signs do feel things so strongly, though, that they might have trouble expressing themselves. But because they're both water signs, they can understand each other and practice patience, knowing the other just struggles a bit to open up.

Virgo & Taurus

While Virgo can be a bit more straight-laced than Taurus, both earth signs are dedicated to their goals and super focused. “Virgo and Taurus are the pair that is built to last,” Sundays says. “They’re both grounded individually, but by combining their powers, there’s virtually nothing that can destroy their solid bond.”

Something that makes Virgo and Taurus uniquely fit to be together is that they're both unapologetically bougie. They're definitely the couple in the group that has the HGTV home and isn't afraid to pull up to the function in designer. “They have a way of combining the practical with the beautiful, making for a clean, tasteful home,” says Sunday. They work hard so they can play hard, and they each need a partner who can keep up.

Leo & Aries
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Who can bring the heat like Aries and Leo? That's to say, who else can be that extra, that passionate, that DGAF? “Leo and Aries are a fiery pair that love to challenge each other,” Sunday explains. “Their interactions often turn into playful performances that lead to great physical chemistry, as well.”

This couple may be a bit hot-headed, but these two fire signs hype each other up in love and in life beautifully. “As long as they both keep their egos in check, they can charge through the world together very happily,” Sunday says.

Libra & Gemini

Libra and Gemini are attracted to each other for the same exact reasons: They're both charming AF and definitely have a way with words. “Libra and Gemini are arguably the most fun pair in the zodiac,” Sundays says. “This is the couple at all the parties (and often, throwing them). They love to socialize and have a huge combined network of siblings and friends. They’re able to talk to each other about anything — but likely won’t care to go too deep.”

But beneath the surface, too, they're a wonderful match, because they're thinking all the time. Air signs make great romantic pairings because they're down to overthink together, vocally resolve problems, and bounce ideas off each other. It's never a dull moment with these two.

Cancer & Pisces
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Talk about romance. These two water signs are both incredibly emotional, making them very similar to each other in a romantically compatible way. “This is easily the most nurturing, loving pair in the zodiac,” says Sunday. “Both Cancer and Pisces are super feelers — this pair will likely be able to read each other’s minds and will be very happy with children and/or pets as part of their family. Though, struggles might arise when it comes to practicality!” That being said, these two will bond over being dreamers together.

With all of this in mind, if you and your partner aren't listed here as astrologically compatible, don't sweat it. At the end of the day, even astrologer Chani Nicholas, author of You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance, says personality compatibility is what's most important.

“I have seen many different combinations of connections that make a relationship work, astrologically speaking, but the most important thing is that the people involved have a connection,” Nicholas previously told Elite Daily. “Charts can be connected without the people that belong to them feeling connected.” If you and your SO (or crush) are into each other, that’s what really counts.


Jeanna Kadlec, resident astrologer for the Sanctuary astrology app

Erin River Sunday, lead astrologer at Birthdate Co.

Chani Nicholas, author of You Were Born For This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance

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