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These 6 Zodiac Pairings Have Flaming Hot Chemistry


Finding someone who you have amazing sexual chemistry can often feel like trying to locate the tiniest needle in the world's biggest haystack. The good news is, once you finally cross paths with someone who makes you melt, you'll probably be in for some pretty transcendent experiences between the sheets. The sparks between the zodiac sign pairings with the hottest sexual chemistry will definitely be flying.

Taurus & Cancer

Safety and security reign supreme for both Cancer and Taurus, which is what makes the chemistry between these two so explosive. Their trusting bond will allow them to fully surrender their bodies and minds to one another, and it doesn't get much sexier than that.

Sagittarius & Gemini

The sexual chemistry between Sagittarius and Gemini is fueled by their shared need for mental stimulation. From the first conversation, these two will feel drawn to each other like magnets. Gemini's spontaneity will also bring out Sagittarius's playful side.

Cancer & Scorpio

An emotional connection is a necessary element of amazing sex as far as Cancer is concerned. While shyer crabs may be intimidated by Scorpio's overt sexual energy, if Scorpio can take things slow, the electricity between these two will be undeniable.


Libra & Aquarius

Libra will be immediately drawn to the confidence and quirkiness of Aquarius. What makes this sexual union so great is Aquarius's eclectic approach to sex, which will keep Libra on their toes.

Leo & Aries

It's no surprise that Leo's natural affinity for performing also extends into their sex life. Luckily, passionate Aries loves a good show and will be able to match Leo's fiery passion.

Pisces & Scorpio

Both Scorpio and Pisces have strong sexual energy and will feel at home in each other's arms. Pisces' love of experimenting between the sheets pairs perfectly with Scorpio's craving for passion and intensity. If these two can manage to make it out of the bedroom, they'll also find they jive on an intellectual level too.

Getting down with someone who you share amazing chemistry can make for some very memorable sexual experiences, regardless of their zodiac signs. However, if you and your partner happen to be one of these iconic matches, chances are, your sexual connection is absolute fire.