11 Celebrities that are Pisces, including Olivia Rodrigo and Justin Bieber

11 Piscean Celebrities That Totally Exude The Water-Sign Energy

Emotions and artistry go hand-in-hand for these superstars.

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Though they are often dubbed the most sensitive sign of them all, Pisceans are far more than their endless tears and emotional depth. A Pisces sun will have a birthday between February 19 and March 20, leaving a whole month for some of Hollywood’s best and brightest to grace us with their existence. Alongside Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces completes the water sign trifecta; given the placement among the signs, it’s fitting that Pisces is often pictured as two fish swimming serenely. Since those born as a Pisces are known to have artistic talent, it’s no surprise some of the celebrities you love are Pisces, ranging from hit-making singers to superstar actors.

A Piscean is known to be compassionate and intuitive, full of artistic prowess that gives them the ability to create just about anything. Don’t mistake their kindness for weakness, because their emotional range doesn’t always translate into waterworks and overthinking — Pisceans have a strong sense of themselves and are honest with who they are, which is true for all of these famous Pisces picks.

Millie Bobby Brown: Feb. 19

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Born within the cusp of Aquarius-to-Pisces season, Millie Bobby Brown has a unique astrological influence. She exemplifies the resilience of an Aquarius and the empathy of a Pisces, both of which are attributes that have driven her career as an actress, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

Rihanna: Feb. 20

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If there’s anyone that proves how a Pisces can do it all, it’s Rihanna. Not only is she a singer we all know and love, she’s the CEO of two business ventures. Between Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty, Rihanna has her hands full, and yet she continues to pour her heart into everything she does, proving that compassion and kindness create success.

Olivia Rodrigo: Feb. 20


Another Feb. 20 baby, Olivia Rodrigo’s music drips with the raw emotions of a Pisces. True to her sign, she doesn’t shy away from expressing all her feelings through each song. Furthermore, the Sour singer is known for using her platform to raise awareness of social injustice and rallying her fans to be proactive in being the change we want to see.

Elliot Page: Feb. 21

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Elliot Page closes out the Aquarius-Pisces cusp on February 21, making his attributes closer in resemblance to Pisceans. Page’s activism and advocacy for LGBTQ+ communities speak to the true heart of a Pisces. And of course, he also shines on-screen in all his acting roles, exemplifying the artistic talent of a Pisces sun.

Justin Bieber: March 1

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Justin Bieber fits so perfectly in the Pisces club because his musical talent is unmatched. Pisceans are deeply creative people and since the humble beginnings of his career, Bieber has poured his heart and soul into making music. From bops like “Where R Ü Now” and “STAY,” to more vibe-y songs like “Peaches” and “Intentions,” Justin Bieber’s ability to swim between musical genres is pure Pisces energy.

Kesha: March 1

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There is definitely a gift of intuition that’s bestowed upon a Pisces. Their gut instincts are strong and their innate ability to be in tune with their feelings is admirable. Kesha has been vocal about her struggles throughout her career, and has become an example for using her emotions as an outlet. The music she creates is inspiring and embodies Piscean’s deep understanding of themselves.

Camila Cabello: March 3

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A Piscean can be charmingly genuine with who they present themselves to be, as seen by Camila Cabello’s authenticity. Cabello has proven that she isn’t afraid to be completely honest, even if it means sharing emotions that are less than comfortable like self-doubt. Throughout the years, Cabello has remained true to herself, and that couldn’t be more Pisces.

Bad Bunny: March 10

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The Latin singer creates music that can ignite a crowd with a booming beat, but there’s a depth to Bad Bunny (Benito Ocasio if you wanna be formal) that can be found in his slower tunes. The art he creates is multi-faceted and speaks to the duality of a Pisces, a sign that can do it all. Bad Bunny steps into his talent so naturally and he carries the fluidity of a Pisces, a gift that blesses his music.

Jack Harlow: March 13

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Pisceans can often be seen as smooth operators. In true water sign fashion, Jack Harlow shows how adaptable and charming he can be, seemingly never showing nerves and remaining even-keeled in any situation. A Piscean’s creativity cannot be contained, mirroring the effortless flow of the water their sign is rooted in. Jack Harlow has broken through the rap game and created a unique sound that is just as smooth as he is.

Simone Biles: March 14

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Who embodies the heart of a Pisces better than an Olympian? Simone Biles champions the Pisces name for her resilience through her hardest times, like putting her health first by pulling out of Olympic events amid struggles. Biles also became an advocate for mental health care, lending her voice to promote change like a true Pisces.

Lily Collins: March 18

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Collins has made a successful career by playing characters that exercise the emotional range of a Pisces. In 2017 she starred in the movie To The Bone and vulnerably opened up about her connection to the film and how it told a story she related to. Collins has never put herself in a box and continues to exemplify the versatility and passion of a Pisces.

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