Bad Bunny will play Marvel's El Muerto in an upcoming movie.

Bad Bunny Is Going To Play A Marvel Villain In His Own Movie

His Hollywood era is here.

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The Marvel universe is getting a music superstar to play its next major antihero. On April 26, Sony Pictures announced Bad Bunny will be suiting up to play the comic book character El Muerto in his own upcoming movie, which will be set within the studio’s larger Marvel universe. While the character choice was super unexpected, since El Muerto is a relatively minor character in Marvel Comics, he seems to be a perfect fit for Bad Bunny, given his wrestling prowess. Here’s what fans can expect from Bad Bunny’s El Muerto movie, which already has a release date to look forward to.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of El Muerto, it wouldn’t be too surprising. The Marvel character was first introduced in a 2006 Spider-Man comic, actually beginning as an antagonist to the web-slinger. Experienced wrestler Juan-Carlos Sánchez challenged Spider-Man to a wrestling match to help train for a fated showdown in which he would inherit a mystical mask giving him super-strength and the mantle of El Muerto, which had been passed down in his family for generations.

After Sánchez lost the match, Spider-Man became his ally and helped him to win his mask and become El Muerto.

Marvel Comics

Although El Muerto’s origin story is closely tied to Spider-Man, don’t expect to see Tom Holland’s version of the webslinger swinging into Bad Bunny’s upcoming movie. El Muerto will be part of Sony’s Marvel universe, which is separate from Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe where Holland’s character resides (although there have been hints at the two universes coming together). Instead, El Muerto will take place in the same world as Venom, Morbius, and the upcoming standalones Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web. Sony’s Marvel universe is comprised largely of Spider-Man’s most iconic nemeses, so El Muerto fits right in.

El Muerto Cast

Bad Bunny is the only confirmed cast member so far. Of course, he will play the title role of wrestling superstar El Muerto. The casting comes after Bad Bunny showed off his wrestling skills throughout 2021 as a celebrity fighter in the WWE.

El Muerto Release Date

It’ll be a bit of a wait before fans see Bad Bunny in the ring as El Muerto. First, Sony will be releasing Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web in 2023, then El Muerto is slated to make its debut at the beginning of 2024. It’s scheduled for a Jan. 12, 2024 premiere.

El Muerto Trailer

It’s too early for any El Muerto footage to be released. Hopefully, Bad Bunny will give fans a first look at his superpowered new role once production begins.