These Celebrities In Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show Looked Completely Unrecognizable

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With what ended up being a fashion, music, and celebrity performance, the Savage X Fenty 2020 show was everything you could've dreamed of and so much more. I'm talking a fashion show combined with a music festival combined with an intensive dance performance, which, when you put it all together, makes an entire experience you can't help but be changed by. Given eeeeeeverything happening at once, there were so many celeb cameos you might have missed. Not to mention, some celebrities were so unrecognizable at the Savage x Fenty show, I didn't even notice them until my third watch-through.

For the most part, the lingerie brand's second fashion show kept the makeup on the softer side, which is why it's surprising so many celebs weren't immediately detectable. And, if you're anything like me, you've probably watched the runway at least twice through already and still may not have realized some of your faves. That's why, even if you've already ooh'd and ahh'd over RiRi and her perfect show, you might want to check it on one more time on Amazon Prime with a really close eye.

Whether it's because they had a different hairdo, their makeup was on the more graphic side, or you were simply too mesmerized too really see 'em, Rihanna totally transformed some of her models. Scroll below to check out all the Savage X Fenty celebs that were almost unrecognizable in the show.

Cara Delevingne

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At the start of the show, Cara Delevingne struts out with a choppy, blonde mullet and bold, black lines drawn across her face. If she hadn't been so close to the camera, there's no way I would've realized it was her under that wild (but surprisingly trendy) hair.

Indya Moore

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Indya Moore also almost escaped my notice in my first watch, not just because they're not in their usual style, but because I had no idea they could dance like that.

Bella Hadid and Demi Moore

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Although their appearances are back-to-back, Bella Hadid and Demi Moore completely made me do a double-take. Maybe it's because Bella Hadid's beehive and edge art are so entrancing, Demi Moore's knee-length hair is a completely different look for her, or because there are a bunch of dancers around their couches really jiving. Either way, both women look entirely glamorous with their smokey makeup and all-black outfits.


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It's not just the veil that makes Normani's appearance a bit of a surprise. Compared to her usual streetwear style, her all-white, lacy bridal lingerie for her entrance through everyone for a loop. Even then, I could watch her strut in this 'fit over and over again.

Laura Harrier

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Model and actress Laura Harrier was totally transformed into a floral goddess for her appearance. Not only is she dressed in a flower two-piece, her false eyelashes feature actual petals on the ends.

Paris Hilton

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OK, OK, so we could all probably clock Paris Hilton from a mile away, but in the excitement of the show, while looking exactly like herself, she somehow looks fully unlike herself at the same time. Although she's dressed in a pink similar to her signature Juicy Couture tracksuits, the Savage X Fenty show was such a different setting to see the heiress/DJ in.