Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Featured Jaw-Dropping Graphic & Soft Makeup Looks

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Rihanna is a gift that keeps giving. From Fenty Beauty to Fenty Skin to Savage X Fenty, she's truly the master of pretty much everything (other than releasing her ninth studio album, but that's coming). And for her second runway show, she did not disappoint. There were amazing dance routines, impressive musical performances, and must-have lingerie that celebrated and complemented every body. One of the shining moments of the experience you might've overlooked was the graphic yet soft makeup throughout the Savage X Fenty show. With three distinct parts, the runway has a few different makeup themes throughout. And you'll be able to check it all out on on Amazon Prime on Oct. 2. But before that, here's a little sneak peek.

You have lead makeup artists Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal to thank for the makeup artistry this show presents. The show opens with a minimalistic stage and strobing light show as Parris Goebel, donning an all-black, two-piece set, dances to a spoken word passage. Her lips are drawn big and are glossed to the max. She has a bold, black line flowing from her eyebrow, down her nose, to her chin, and across her jawline like a Picasso line drawing. There are also swirls up her cheekbone creating a graphic look your eye can't help but follow. However, the rest of her makeup is done very naturally, with no strong colors apart from a notable dash of highlighter. Cara Delevingne's and the dancers' makeup is done in a very similar style for the beginning of the show.

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After an interlude about the inspiration behind the collection, the makeup takes on a glam edge. Indya Moore, Bella Hadid, Demi Moore, Normani, and more are seen with big lashes; smokey, glittery eyeshadow; heavy eyeliner; and maroon lips. For her solo dance, Lizzo rocks a classic, timeless, super polished glam.

The show then leaves the minimalistic stage for a Garden of Eden-like paradise set. The dancers have long, false lashes with flower petals at the ends, as well as a soft, blotted lip look. Close behind the fluttering petals, the striking highlighter on all the models' cheeks may be the next most beautiful element. It reflects every color of light in a holographic way. For Rihanna's first appearance, she wears similar petal lashes, and her body shimmer makes her look doused in diamonds.

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The last part of the show takes place in a neon-green factory. The dancers are decked out in pink and blue lingerie sets, dewy skin and strong eye makeup — in golds and greens — seen on each. Then, Rihanna closes out the show in purple lipstick and soft silver eyeshadow. It's truly a jaw-dropping sight to behold.

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Allow the Savage X Fenty 2020 show to guide all your makeup looks for the foreseeable future. Varying from intensely graphic to incredibly soft to shimmering like a disco ball, each look adds to the show's sublime sexiness. For your recreations, just make sure you have plenty of highlighter and some long false eyelashes on hand. Oh, and don't forget to own every ounce of your sexiness.