Couple using their zodiac sign to see if they should hook up with an ex.

3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Hook Up With Their Ex

For these signs, it’s not *really* over ’til it’s over.

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Quick: What’s your first reaction if you run into an ex? There are several camps you can fall into. Some people run away, while some stick around for a quick, if not slightly awkward, catch-up. And there are some others who wistfully look at their ex with their cute new haircut and think, What if? For most people, it’s a harmless fantasy to entertain because they’ve moved on. But there are some zodiac signs who are likely to do something about it — like, totally hook up with their ex again.

Personally, I don’t look back. Maybe it’s because my Big Three astrology signs are all air and fire elements — Geminis and Sagittarians are famously known for our adaptability. We’re also the mutable qualities in the zodiac systems, meaning we’re particularly adept at transitions since we conclude the end of the seasons in the calendar year. Our fluid, flexible nature allows us to embrace change and look for the positives ahead, even in heartbreak. Once it’s over, the stars help me remember that sometimes good things come to an end... which enables me to move on with finality.

Depending on how your relationship ended, seeing an ex again can summon up weird, big emotions that you might not expect, including the feeling that you might want to get back together. If you’re dealing with mixed feelings toward your ex, your sun sign (your core identity) will reveal some but not all. Be sure to factor in your moon (your inner self), rising (your personality), and Venus placement (your love style) to unlock more insights.

So, if you find yourself still daydreaming about that weekend in Montreal with your ex again, you might be one of these three zodiac signs who want to give it another go.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

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As a fixed sign in the zodiac, earthy Taureans represent the middle of the season and are stabilizing forces. Taureans are incredibly dedicated, devoted, steadfast, and all about focus. Your practical approach to love means you choose your partners carefully. When a relationship ends, you’re unlikely to just withdraw your care and affection toward them. You pride yourself on being a good partner and a good ex because once you commit, you tend to commit strongly in every area. Loyalty is one of your most persistent and enduring qualities.

Because you’re symbolized by the bull, you believe in hard work and forward progress. You admire the slow journey to self-improvement, no matter how long it takes. Combine this with the hopeless romantic in you and you’re likely to notice all of the positive changes your ex is making in their life — which will make you doubly attracted to them. Since you’re already a fanatic about maintaining your routines, it’s likely you’ll welcome your ex back with open arms. After all, you’re so picky and you already know you have so much fun together. Why not give it another shot?

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Sweet, imaginative, dreamy Cancers, you’re not the type to block your ex and pretend like they never existed. As a water sign known for your empathy, tenderness, and nurturance, it’s likely that you’re the sort of ex that wants to stay friends with your ex — despite how hard it could be. If you’ve let someone in and told them your deepest thoughts, that means something to you. During the time apart, you might feel sentimental longing for your ex.

Since you’re highly attuned to your intense emotions, your romanticism may be fueling your active imagination. Add this with your desire for security and it’s a recipe for wanting your ex back. It’s not easy for you to search for something new and you’re a sucker for seeking comfort in the known and familiar. Cancers lead with their heart and follow their intuition no matter what. Just make sure you include your head in your decision-making process before you hook up with your ex again.

Libra (Sept. 22-Oct. 23)

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One of the most diplomatic signs around, harmonious Libras are constantly turning over every stone and inspecting everyone’s perspectives in every situation. As a cardinal sign kicking off the season, you lead your life looking for companionship. Your special affinity for others adds an idealistic flair to your relationship approach. You want to understand people deeply, which means you tend to be pretty forgiving to the people in your life. That includes your exes.

When you walk away from a connection, you walk away playing fair. It’s not in your nature to villainize them. Maybe you had some tough times with your ex, but you also had some amazing times with them. Ruled by the house of partnerships and a true seeker of serenity, you’re all about balance. If the relationship ended well, hooking up with an ex again can be a no-brainer, especially if you’re still nostalgic over them. You might learn something new this time. Plus, you have all the charming diplomacy to navigate what the second chance could mean.

Some zodiac signs may be more interested in hooking up with an ex again, but this applies to everyone. If you’re still not completely over your ex, you can always give it another go-around and see how things play out this time. With some time apart, hooking up with an ex can either flame back into a full-blown relationship, remind you why you weren’t good together in the first place, or sizzle down into a forgettable, but much-needed, fling.

To prepare yourself for the inevitable highs and lows, make sure there’s been demonstrated changes in the areas that made you both want to walk away in the first place. There has to be a willingness to change and a dedication to do better so the rekindling makes sense. Whatever the case, do what’s best for you. You won’t know until you give it another try.