6 Queer Couples' Costumes For Halloween That Are Creative & So Much Fun

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What's a bigger milestone than defining the relationship, meeting your SO's parents, and moving in together? Committing to a Halloween couples' costume, of course. It's one thing to become Instagram official, but Halloween-costume-on-Instagram official? A completely different animal. Whether you're going for sexy, eerie, cute, or a mix of the three, a couples' costume can make for a super fun project to do with your boo — emphasis on boo! This year in particular is ripe with inspiration for queer couples' costumes for Halloween 2019.

The options are endless. You can make like Rue and Jules from Euphoria and break out the heavy eye pigments with a Euphoria-inspired makeup look. You can make like Shawmila and go the Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello route — awkward Instagram makeout session and all. Or you can dress up like Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski, though they’re only a couple in our dreams. The below queer couples’ costumes stem from 2019's most iconic pop culture moments, including fearless duo from movies and TV shows who balance homework and homeroom with fighting monsters and taking down governments. Or, you know, taking down Satan himself.

Others include couples who’ve had each others’ backs through thick and thin, whether that’s fighting villains in space, villains in the city that never sleeps, or the villain we all have to fight: the heteronormative patriarchy. Here are seven picks for you and your boo to have a frightfully delightful (but still pretty fashionable) Halloween this year.

Robin & Nancy From 'Stranger Things'

The number one lesson I learned from Stranger Things Season 3: There is no wrong time to rock the Scoops Ahoy uniform. But this year's Halloween party? Ideal.

As a lesbian character, Robin Buckley is the perfect choice for a queer Halloween 2019 costume. And although she never got with Tammy Thompson, there is another option for Robin's girlfriend that plenty of fans have explored: Nancy Wheeler. Yes, I know it didn't happen on the show, but can I dream?

While you can purchase Nancy's purple, very '80s work dress, you can also take a more DIY route by recreating Nancy Wheeler's looks with regular, every-day items. A shearling jacket, flannel, and sweater are all things that'll serve you well, even after Oct. 31.

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy

A fun fact that you may or may not know: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are boo'd up in the DC universe. While you and bae can dress up as the OG Harley Quinn and old-school Poison Ivy, you can also attend your next Halloween bash as the newer versions of the characters.

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn came back into Halloween vogue with 2016's Suicide Squad. She'll be delivering more rock n' roll-inspired comic book looks in her upcoming solo movie, Birds of Prey.

While the film hits theaters in 2020, you can take inspiration from her now by pairing Harley Quinn's iconic hair and makeup with a punk outfit. Have your partner throw on a green bodysuit and an auburn wig, and beat their face to Poison Ivy perfection.

A Glam Cow-Couple, À La Lil Nas X

Move over Brokeback Mountain, there's a new era of queer cowboy in town. With his brand of trap-glam-country, Lil Nas X has spent the entirety of 2019 making waves in both music and fashion. See: his custom "Old Town Road" 'fit and his look on the 2019 VMAs red carpet.

The cowboy aesthetic is on-trend, so it won't be hard to find chic cowboy boots or get a cow-girl inspired manicure. You and your partner can get glittery, fringed jackets and (light-up) cowboy hats for effect. The best part of this couples' costume? You can bring these pieces back out for 2020's festival season.

Megan Rapinoe & Sue Bird

If you and your partner are all about stunting on haters and making straight men mad, why wouldn't you go as Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird for Halloween? Whoever is going as Bird can pick up her Seattle Storm jersey. Pair with a slicked back but curly, bushy ponytail. As for Rapinoe, a Reign FC jersey with pastel fuchsia hair will make you hard to mistake for anyone else.

If you really want to go all in, add red sunglasses (another Rapinoe signature), a world champ medal, and a bottle of Champagne for full effect.

Theo & Roz From 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

One of the best parts of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, hands down, is Theo Putnam. Apart from the delight of watching him transition and get in touch with his ghostly ancestors, Theo seems to be the only person with sense in Greendale.

While a Theo costume probs wouldn't be the most glamorous Halloween get-up — think earthy, masculine neutrals, a close-cropped brunette wig, fake freckles — real ones will know how meaningful it is. As a non-binary person, I live for Lachlan Watson and how they changed the game when it comes to representation.

A Rosalind Sinclair Halloween costume is also very DIY-friendly. Fluff up your 'fro or curl your hair, and grab a brown leather jacket and black, square-frame glasses. Pile on some stripes that to capture the early '70s vibe of Chilling Adventures, and top it all off Roz's ever-present berry lip balm.

Carol & Maria From 'Captain Marvel'

During a press conference for Captain Marvel, Brie Larson literally called the relationship between Carol Danvers and Maria Rambeau "the great love" of the movie. "This is the love lost, this is the love found again," Brie Larson said. "This is the reason to continue fighting and to go to the ends of the Earth for the person that you love."

And while it may seem like reaching to consider Carol and Maria a couple, the depth of the hurt, love, and devotion that's shown in Captain Marvel doesn't feel strictly platonic. And if that whole storyline isn't queer enough, see Carol's textbook lesbian haircut in Avengers: Endgame.

Whoever is Carol has their work cut out for them. As for Maria, pair your military costume with a close-cropped wig and aviators.

A pro-tip: You can also buy and modify (the badges) on a Top Gun jumpsuit. If you're cutting it close to Oct. 31 and/or don't mind a bit of DIY, Top Gun costumes are more easily found in Halloween shops and are usually cheaper, too.

No matter which couples' costume you and your SO go for, you and bae will serving some queer looks that are frightfully clever.

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