Consider These 'Euphoria' Instagram Filters All The Halloween Inspo You'll Ever Need

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HBO; Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Now, I know I'm not the only one who ran to Sephora to stock up on face gems and colorful liners and shadows after binge-watching Euphoria — between Hunter Shafer's character Jules and Alexa Demie's Maddy, every episode was dripping with makeup looks that were both over-the-top and, somehow, very much high school-approved. If you want to channel the same vibes, but aren't sure what kind of bold eye look would suit you best, allow me to tell you where to find Euphoria Instagram filters, so you can test a few out without ever picking up a blending brush.

When Instagram first launched Instagram Stories, I remember writing it off as a Snapchat knock-off, sure it would never catch on. Now, I find myself posting stories on an hourly basis, and watching my friends' and favorite celebs' posts religiously. In fact, Stories are probably my favorite element of the platform. That said, I only recently found that following certain Instagrammers can unlock different Instagram Story filters, and when I heard there was a set of Euphoria filters with eye makeup inspired by the show, it felt too good to be true.

Instagram user Igor Saringer, who has over a million followers, is the genius behind the Euphoria glam filters, plus tons of others. Here he is rocking one:

So, how to get them for yourself? First things first, you need to throw Saringer a follow to access them. He deserves it, anyway! Next, you can either open your Instagram Stories and scroll through the filter options until you find them, or go to Saringer's profile and click his Filters tab.

I circled it in red right here, because I'm a good friend like that:

Igor Daringer/Instagram

Then, scroll down to the filters titled "Maquiagens Euphoria," which is Portuguese for "Euphoria Makeup," of course:

Igor Saringer/Instagram

From there, you simply click "Try It," and gain access to ten glam AF filters, most of which serve major Jules and Maddy vibes. There's an all-yellow eye with a bright white cut crease, a minimalist neon orange graphic liner, and of course, a few face gems, in true Maddy fashion.

Rather than names, the filters are numbered between 1-10. My fave is probably Filter Nine, which features a lime green and bright orange washes of color worn by Jules:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

As you can see by these crops, I wasn't feeling ~photogenic~ today, but even I can admit Filter Five made me feel like a Maddy-level queen. Face gems just hit different, y'all:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

Last but not least, Filter Seven feels the most Jules to me, and while the watercolor tones and artsy white liner are way out of my comfort zone IRL, they're so chic as a filter for the 'Gram:

Courtesy of Bella Gerard

There are seven other filters, but I really don't think you need to see a cropped-in close-up of me wearing each. Instead, try them out for yourself! Not only are these filters a fun way to channel your Euphoria faves, but they're also a great way to see what new beauty looks you might be open to trying out IRL. If you need more inspo, follow Euphoria's lead makeup artist, Doniella Davy, on Instagram for even more deets on the show's iconic glam moments. Real talk, these filters just made planning the glam for my Euphoria-themed Halloween costume a lot easier.

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