These Spring Nail Trends Are Taking Over Instagram Feeds & Fingertips Everywhere

@nailandthecity/Instagram; @nailthoughts/Instagram

ICYMI, I recently declared this the year I start giving a damn about my nails, and I'm upping my game when it comes to getting regular manicures, trying out fun press-ons, and trying not to bite everything off when I'm ~stressed~. That said, so as to motivate me to refrain from biting or picking, I've reached out to some super-talented nail artists on Instagram to determine what they think will be the top spring 2019 nail trends taking over our feeds and our fingertips. After scrolling through these fab colors, patterns, and designs, I've promised myself I'll let my nails grow out long enough to give them a proper go. Whether you're into minimalist, simple styles or bold colors and prints, the nail trends this season really cater to everyone, so book a mani ASAP.

"I think one trend right now that is about to explode is cow print," says Katie Masters of @nailthoughts, one of my fave nail artists to stalk on the 'Gram. She pretty much made tortoise shell nails a thing, if you ask me, but Masters insists that black-and-white cow prints will replace tortoise shell, leopard print, and all other animal-themed patterns this season.

Moo-ve over basic nails, cow print is here to stay! See what I did there with the "moo"?

Masters also thinks people will decorate their nails according to inspo found online; in particular, creating "abstract nail design based on Pinterest prints," which is honestly a great idea. Violetta of @yeswhatnails thinks so, too. "In my opinion the trends for this spring include nails inspired by art, illustrations , textiles, etc."

The best part about these creative patterns is how much customization you and your nail artist can put into them:

Or, if your artist has skills like Masters, you can bring her an inspo pic and she'll copy it to a T. Swipe to see an example:

Not into rainbows and bright patterns? Violetta also sees more toned-down trends on the rise that are just as unique. "Definitely linear faces on your nails," she insists. "This trend has been here for a while now, and only keeps growing."

You can't go wrong with a clear coat and basic black:

But TBH, I'm loving this muted pink, too:

According to Liz Lomeli of @nailandthecity, faces aren't the only line designs we can expect this season. "Also negative space! Embracing the natural nail and enhancing it with pops of nail art and/or color," which she notes is also a super convenient way to avoid nails looking sloppy when they grow out a bit. So true.

I saw these negative space nails by Chillhouse IRL at the Priscavera show during NYFW, and they were so simple and chic, all at once:

And these negative space red confetti hearts nails look like they'd be cute even as they chipped away:

"Another fun trend is the beloved French tip," says Lomeli, who notes the look can now be upgraded to add a little interest. "It's back along with endless styles and color combinations for everybody."

I love this classic French with a rogue squiggle for good measure:

And these colorful half dips should be the official French mani upgrade of spring 2019, IMHO:

Finally, Elizabeth Garcia of @nails_byely shares what she thinks will be the most popular colorways of the season. "I think 2019 spring nail trends will consist of pastel, airbrushed nail art. And definitely neons." Pastels and neons? I love having options, y'all.

These neon Louis Vuitton-inspired flames are basically my dream tips:

And this pastel version featuring glass nail art, gems, and tons of sparkle is fancier than I'll ever be:

Can you pick a favorite? I love the linear faces, but real talk, it's just so hard to choose. If you see me rocking a different style on all 10 fingers — cow print on one, neon on another, etc. — please don't judge me for trying to take advantage of these trends before spring comes to an end!