50 Sexy "Never Have I Ever" Suggestions That'll Take Your Next Game Up To 11

by Jamie Kravitz

Maybe it's your go-to game to play with your girls and a few bottles of wine, or perhaps it's your favorite part of King's Cup. Whatever the situation, "Never Have I Ever" is a classic way to get to know your friends (and crushes) even better than you even thought possible. You can choose to play with or without alcohol, with a group of single people, or with other couples. Honestly, the hardest part of the game is actually coming up with new "Never Have I Ever" ideas.

The game itself is quite simple. Everyone holds up a set number of fingers, usually three, five, or 10. You go around the circle, and each person says, "Never have I ever, [insert something you've never done here]." If you have done whatever it is, you put down one finger (and take a sip of your drink if you choose to play that way). Whoever has all of their fingers down first wins — or loses, depending on how you look at it.

Once you know these basic rules, the real challenge is thinking of clever things you've never done, but that your friends might have. The worst games of "Never Have I Ever" happen when no one can come up with ideas of what to say, and the game goes so slowly that people start to lose interest. To prevent this party foul from occurring, here is a list of 50 "Never Have I Ever" ideas to use the next time you play.

1. "Never have I ever had a sex dream about a celebrity crush."

2. "Never have I ever had shower sex."

3. "Never have I ever had a threesome."

4. "Never have I ever engaged in group sex."

5. "Never have I ever been walked in on while having sex."

6. "Never have I ever sent a naked photo."

7. "Never have I ever slept with someone I work with."

8. "Never have I ever had sex in a public place."

9. "Never have I ever said the wrong name during sex."

10. "Never have I ever fantasized about someone in this room."

11. "Never have I ever fallen asleep during sex."

12. "Never have I ever tried role playing."

13. "Never have I ever flirted my way out of a ticket."

14. "Never have I ever had a crush on a friend's parent or sibling."

15. "Never have I ever said 'I love you' and not really meant it."

16. "Never have I ever purchased anything at a sex shop."

17. "Never have I ever gone skinny dipping."

18. "Never have I ever had a crush on my teacher."

19. "Never have I ever flashed someone."

20. "Never have I ever kissed a stranger."

21. "Never have I ever gone to a singles event or tried speed dating."

22. "Never have I ever had sex on the first date."

23. "Never have I ever had a friend with benefits."

24. "Never have I ever been caught watching porn."

25. "Never have I ever had a one night stand."

26. "Never have I ever been broken up with."

27. "Never have I ever broken up with someone."

28. "Never have I ever had sex with someone I met online or on an app."

29. "Never have I ever used a flavored condom or edible lube."

30. "Never have I ever faked an orgasm."

31. "Never have I ever given out a fake phone number."

32. "Never have I ever been to a strip club."

33. "Never have I ever watched a TV show or movie just for the sex scenes."

34. "Never have I ever used a sex toy on a partner."

35. "Never have I ever used a sex toy on myself."

36. "Never have I ever cheated on a partner."

37. "Never have I ever been cheated on by a partner."

38. "Never have I ever fantasized about someone other than my partner during sex."

39. "Never have I ever watched porn with a partner."

40. "Never have I ever read erotic fiction."

41. "Never have I ever gotten a tattoo for a partner or an ex."

42. "Never have I ever used *67 to prank call someone."

43. "Never have I ever used *67 to contact an ex."

45. "Never have I ever made a fake social media account to check up on an ex."

46. "Never have I ever had sex with an ex."

47. "Never have I ever had sex with a friend's ex."

48. "Never have I ever made a sex playlist."

49. "Never have I ever had birthday sex."

50. "Never have I ever lied during a game of 'Never Have I Ever.'"

If you're sick of enduring painfully slow games of "Never Have I Ever," this list is exactly what your party needs. With these ideas at your disposal, you'll never get stuck again. Toss out any of these examples during your next game, and your friends are guaranteed to be blown away by your quick and creative thinking.

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