This Is The Most Satisfying Way To Masturbate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Jamie Kravitz

If you're the type of person who religiously reads your horoscope, then you know that your zodiac sign can affect pretty much every aspect of your life. Astrology isn't just a factor you can take into account when testing the compatibility between yourself and a potential partner. Really, your sign is all about you. The traits you gain from the zodiac can be used to your advantage, to help you live your best life. Believe it or not, the stars might even help you have better orgasms. Wondering how to masturbate for ultimate satisfaction based on your zodiac sign? I've got you covered.

Maybe your sign calls for testing out a new sex toy, or perhaps the key to unlocking your ultimate orgasm is simply to close your eyes and fantasize about a certain someone. By letting the stars be your guide, you're well on your way to feeling totally satisfied. Female masturbation isn't talked about nearly enough, but you should know that it's nothing to be ashamed of. Put a fun twist on getting off by taking the ideas in this guide for a spin. Don't be afraid to explore that heavenly body of yours — your pleasure will be celestial.

Aries: With A Vibrator

Determined Aries wants to get right to the point. You know how to achieve your goals, but you can get impatient if it's not happening quickly enough. When your objective is to orgasm, a vibrator is going to be your best bet.

Taurus: With Your Hand

As a Taurus, you like working with your hands. Your patient and practical nature means you'll take the time to touch yourself in all the right places. Plus, you're all about the physical... and it doesn't get much more physical than this.

Gemini: Mutual Masturbation With A Partner

Take your passion for exchanging ideas to the bedroom, Gemini. You're not a fan of being alone, so mutual masturbation is an ideal way to get off. It's also a break from routine, which will help prevent any feelings of restlessness settling in.

Cancer: Under The Faucet In The Tub

As a water sign, you'll feel at home in the bath, Cancer. Light a few scented candles and pour in some bubbles for good measure. Your artistic side will love the pretty aesthetic, and the water will relax you enough to get in the mood.

Leo: While Wearing Lingerie

You love being admired, Leo, so why not admire yourself for a change? Put on your most expensive lingerie and you'll be feeling even sexier than usual. Then, lie down on those satiny sheets of yours and put that self-confidence to good use.

Virgo: While Reading Erotica

Analytical Virgo may not be into watching flashy pornographic videos. Instead, get cozy and read a chapter of an erotic novel or steamy fan fiction online while masturbating. Your love for books and attention to detail will only benefit you here. Let your imagination take over and turn you on.

Libra: While Thinking About Your Current Partner

Partnership is very important to you, Libra. Thinking about your current beau will have you feeling hot in no time. Your mind is strong, and you don't need much help to feel mentally stimulated. Just don't be afraid to let that stimulation move from mental to physical.

Scorpio: While Fantasizing About Your Dream Partner

Scorpio is an oh-so-passionate sign. Let yourself get swept up in a fantasy while you masturbate, whether it's about your secret crush or a sexy celeb. You're one of the more determined signs, so you won't stop until you achieve that perfect orgasm.

Sagittarius: While Watching Porn

Idealistic Sag needs the freedom to explore new worlds. Let your intense curiosity get the best of you (in a safe way) by watching porn. Browse through different types until you discover what you're really into. While you can be impatient, the reward will be well worth your time.

Capricorn: While Listening To A Sensual Playlist

Responsible Capricorn can have a tough time relaxing. You love music, so why not use it for your own benefit? Choose a sexy playlist to help get you in the mood. Turn up the volume, dim the lights, and enjoy some well-deserved "me" time.

Aquarius: During Phone Sex

A good listener and a deep thinker, having phone sex can help you find your voice, Aquarius. Talking to your partner will keep masturbating from feeling boring or like a chore. Even better, hearing someone you're attracted to on the other end of the line might make you want to express yourself — something you're often afraid to do.

Pisces: With The Shower Head

Another water sign, Pisces love being underwater and have a desire to escape reality. Let the warm shower wash over you and use that powerful head for self-pleasure. As a selfless person, you deserve to take a break from helping others. This is a time that's all about you.

There are so many different ways to masturbate. Luckily, by letting the traits of your zodiac sign work for you, you can find the self-pleasure technique that suits you best. You're well on your way to having more and better orgasms, and really, what else could you ask for?

Hannah Chua/Elite Daily