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5 'Fifty Shades' Sex Scenes From All 3 Movies That Are So Hot, They'll Fog Your Screen

Regardless of which side of the fence you're on when it comes to the Fifty Shades franchise, there's no denying that it has inspired many people to not only explore their sex preferences more deeply, but also to get their feet wet in the massively expansive world of kink and BDSM. And while it's clear that Fifty Shades is a not-so-realistic take on actual BDSM relationships, that hasn't stopped people from gobbling it up. But if you can't seem to decide which Fifty Shades sex scenes are, in fact, the steamiest of all, don't panic. After digging through clips of questionable acting that makes it hard to keep from audibly yelping, I found the sexiest clips out of all three movies.

But don't mistake me for a Fifty Shades-bashing hater for one second. Although I wouldn't consider myself to be a true fan, I'm quick to defend the franchise for the same reason I defended Twilight many moons ago: No one is arguing that these types of movies deserve a spot on the shelf labeled "iconic American cinema." They are purely for entertainment. And entertain, they certainly do. In no particular order, here are the hottest scenes from all the Fifty Shades films.

1. The Red Room Scene — Fifty Shades of Grey

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While this isn't the first time the characters get down, this is the first time they do the deed in Christian's weird red room where he keeps all his kinkiest toys. And of course, who could forget that slowed-down, sultry "Crazy In Love" rendition playing over the scene that was honestly kind of uncomfortable, but in a I-can't-look-away sort of way — you know, like the pimple-popping videos.

2. The Ice Cube Scene — Fifty Shades Of Grey


I swear, that ice cube needed to be added to the credits as a character because it got so. Much. Damn. Screen. Time. But TBH, I wasn't mad about it. If you haven't experienced sex involving ice cubes, you honestly may not be missing much... that is, unless you're into temperature play. If shivering sensations and stark changes in temperature are your thang, then this scene from Fifty Shades of Grey will definitely start to fog up your screen.

3. The Childhood Bedroom Scene (After The Auction) — Fifty Shades Darker

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Of course, it's totally annoying (and false) to assume that everyone who's into a certain kink must have unresolved mommy or daddy issues from childhood — but Christian obviously does. The fact that they bang in Christian's childhood room, IMHO, is one of the genuinely kinkiest things that happen in the entire trilogy. And not to mention, what a wow-look-at-me-now moment it must be to remove Ben Wa Balls from your girlfriend after you just blew a ton of money at a masquerade auction.

4. The Spreader Bar Scene — Fifty Shades Darker

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While the way he flipped her around with that bar definitely made me laugh the first time I saw this scene, there is something totally hot about BDSM props that break away from the usual whips and ropes and such.

5. The Honeymoon Scene — Fifty Shades Freed

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While it's safe to say that honeymoon sex may not be the kinkiest sex of your life (for some people) the third installment of the series was smart to keep the "wedding" brief and cut straight to the juice. True to the push-pull dynamic between Ana and Christian, it came as no surprise that Ana's top-less jaunt at a nude beach in France, against Christian's wishes, was sure to result in some punishment of the handcuffing variety.

All in all, there is certainly a case to be made for plenty of other scenes that happen over the course of the series. No matter what sex scene you watch, one thing's for sure: It's definitely going to be hot.

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