26 'Never Have I Ever' Questions That Give 'Personal' A Whole New Meaning

by Kimmie Conner

I won't lie: I've played a lot of "Never Have I Ever" — especially as a tour guide who leads 18 to 30 trips with a good amount of partying.

It's what young people love these days.

The game is an exceptional ice breaker on the first day of a journey (if not a bit too much of an ice breaker).

But seriously: What's better than getting to know your group this well on day one?

It's hilarious to play a few days into your travels when you can maliciously (but not really) target the people you have been drinking with all along. It's also fun to play with groups of new and old friends.

When you think about it, it's never-ending entertainment.

I play it like this: Each person puts five fingers up, and then we go around in a circle with each person saying, "Never have I ever..." with something he or she supposedly has not done.

If you have done one of the "Never Have I Ever" scenarios, you put one finger down and have a sip of your drink.

If someone drinks to a funny scenario, he or she always must tell the story to the group. The first person who puts down all five of his or her fingers loses the round. Then, we move on.

It's always fun to play this game (if people don't have the attention span for more complicated games at the moment).

But anyway: With over 20 tours under my belt so far, I have heard just about everything when it comes to "Never Have I Ever."

We all know it's the dirtier the better in this game, right?!

It's sad (but true) that for some reason humans are much more engaged with dirty-minded games.

Sometimes it takes some time for the dirty ones to come out, but why put off the inevitable? We obviously want to know who has done the most ridiculous things and had sex in the craziest places.

Here are my top 26 ideas for a round of "Never Have I Ever" that will bring out the funniest stories and best times.

Here we go:

1. Never have I ever peed my pants over the age of 12 (from bring too drunk, or for any reason) 2. Never have I ever been arrested 3. Never have I ever had sex in the last 24 hours 4. Never have I ever thrown up from a hangover at work 5. Never have I ever hooked up with anyone over 10 years older than me 6. Never have I ever hooked up with anyone I met on Tinder 7. Never have I ever had sex with anyone in the room 8. Never have I ever Had sex in the last x days 9. Never have I ever Had sex in public 10. Never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex 11. Never have I ever drank alcohol out of a shoe 12. Never have I ever had a threesome 13. Never have I ever gone on a Tinder date 14. Never have I ever peed in someone else's bed 15. Never have I ever thrown up in a club 16. Never have I ever been kicked out of a club/bar 17. Never have I ever filmed myself having sex 18. Never have I ever Had sex outside 19. Never have I ever given or received road dome 20. Never have I ever hooked up with a friend's sibling 21. Never have I ever had anal sex 22. Never have I ever passed out outside 23. Never have I ever passed out on a toilet 24. Never have I ever slept on a public floor for any reason 25. Never have I ever hooked up with anyone more than X years younger than me 26. Never have I ever chugged a beer in less than 10 seconds

And don't forget — you have to make the people who have done them tell their stories.

There will be endless laughs, good times and a fair amount of embarrassment, but its always all in good fun!

There's nothing funnier than hearing someone's story about how he or she drank alcohol from a shoe or finding out two people in the group have hooked up when you had no idea.

"Never Have I Ever" brings you closer and helps you get to know one another... on a whole new level.