5 Sex Positions Every Libra Should Try At Least Once In Their Lifetime

When it comes to sex and love, Libras take the cake. Not only do they live for romance in all its forms — indie market dates, old castles, dripping candle wax, a swell of dramatic music, a coyly flirty text — but they're good at being in partnerships, too. Their thoughtful, indulgent, just, and dreamy nature makes them great for meeting the parents (an ace at romantic relationships) as well as great in bed (an ace at sexual ones). When it comes sex positions for Libras, they're drawn to those that balance their soft, charming side and the half that wants to have their cake and eat it, too.

Those born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 23 are known for being "old-school romantics with a freaky side." (Just think of our favorite, famous and iconic Libra femmes: Cardi B, Halsey, Dita von Teese, Serena Williams and an America's own Aphrodite, Kim Kardashian.) Sometimes, a Libra is going to want to make love. Sometimes, they're going to want to get bent over. Ideally, a Libra would like a bit of both — with an extra dash of adventure mixed in. Here are five sex positions Libras should try if they're looking for an extra starry night.

A Libra's Two Favorite Numbers
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What better position for a Libra than one where they can both give and receive? It's for this reason that Libras are sure to love 69'ing. And if the serving spoons don't work for a you and your partner — because of height differences or because you're looking for something new — try a semi-69. You and your partner lay on your side facing each other, with one person a bit lower to give their partner oral. Switch positions so that the other person can go down (or "go side") on their partner and return the favor. Whether you opt for an old-school 69 or a modified one, if it involves the sign symbolized by the scales? A Libra will definitely come at the idea of reciprocity and the thought being in perfect balance.

Missionary With A Twist
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So you or your partner fall under the lovey-dovey sign that craves some spice. Why not opt for the classic missionary position, where the receiving partner is handcuffed or tied up? Or maybe add some light, safe erotic choking into the mix. It's sweet because while the receiving partner is getting teased, the two of you can look into each others' eyes and take a moment to tell your partner how much you adore and appreciate them.

Love On Top
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This may seem the obvious choice for, say, a Leo who loves to be the center of attention or a Scorpio who needs to know they're no. one. But seating a Libra on top is actually perfect for a charismatic sign that loves to put on a show for their partner. Bonus points if a Libra's partner can help a Libra lean into their indulgent tendencies and throw in some nipple play — or even add a bit of kinkiness with some *ss-slapping.

Anything With Double Penetration
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Any position with double penetration is another surefire way to bring out a Libra's decadent side. It's the best of both worlds for a Libra (or their partner) who likes vaginal and anal play. Using a strap-on and a butt plug or any combination of penetration is simply double the fun for a Libra. As always, just be sure to lube up when doing anal.

Riding Their Partner While Sitting
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A Libra will enjoy riding their partner while their partner sits because it can be both an ultra-intimate and very dirty sexual experience. Sitting in your partner's lap means yes, you can get the D or the strap, but you also get to wrap your arms around your partner and low-key cuddle. If getting their guts re-arranged while also getting to hug their partner isn't a Libra's dream, I don't know what is!

So, if you or your partner are a Libra, be sure to grab some protection, slip on your sexy best, and try out these sex positions that are the perfect balance of sizzling hot and thoughtfully tender.