Would You Or Wouldn't You Date A Libra?

by Ashley Fern

Does a person's astrological sign really say something about his or her dating personality or overall disposition? Many people strongly believe in the stars and what they stand for, while others do not. Regardless, it's always fun to investigate such a topic and explore it in its entirety.

Currently this is the month of Libra, so we are going to take a closer look at the qualities of a person born between September 24th and October 23rd. Would you want to date someone of this sign? Time to whip out the pros and cons:



This is an amazing characteristic to look for in a partner as Libras tend to be even-tempered. They give as much as they take, which is a rare quality for anyone to have. Chances are when you argue with Libras, they will do their best to see things from multiple perspectives in order to give a balanced and well-rounded response.

Romantic Nature

If you are going to pursue a relationship with someone, what's a better trait than having a romantic disposition? A Libra will go above and beyond to fulfill his or her partner's needs in order to have a successful relationship. A romantic nature will serve as the basis for a functional relationship.


The easy-going aspect of a Libra's personality may be the most enticing factor, as drama would be limited. What's better than dating a person you can be your complete self with without fear of judgment? It's difficult to find someone who you can really just relax with as couples these days tend to argue more than not.


Don't be fooled by their flirtatious nature, if Libras are with you, they are completely invested in the relationship (well until they're not). It's a relief when you can bring your counterpart into any situation and not have to worry about babysitting him or her. You can let them mingle on their own and be fully confident they will make everyone around them feel at ease.


A Libra is perhaps one of the best people to go out and get hammered with. They are the happy-go-lucky types who always want everyone to have fun. They are levelheaded, which is a great quality to have when getting sh*tfaced. When your two friends get in a fight, you can always count on a Libra to mediate the situation.


Empathy is a trait that is more than evident if you are in a relationship with a Libra. Having the ability to understand and identify with someone else's issues and concerns is basically what having a successful relationship is all about.

Honestly, at this point, are there any cons that would prevent you from dating a Libra? It's all about compromise and these amazing traits seem like they could override any fault. Let's take a look at the cons before making a decision.



Laziness is one of the more undesirable traits a person can have. Basically your partner is simply unmotivated to do anything that requires extra effort. Do you know how tiring it is to argue with someone who just doesn't even care about making an effort to listen to you or understand your feelings?


There's a fine line between being social and acting in an unnecessarily flirtatious manner. This can lead to jealousy, which can be detrimental to your relationship. If you are a jealous person then it may not be in your best interest to seek a Libra partner.


Libras have the tendency to act somewhat clingy, either preferring to drape themselves over some strong man's arm or across the shoulders of a courageous woman and let them handle the petty problems of the world.


External beauty is an important factor to a Libra. Since they are such flirts, this can become a problem when another opportunity arises. They are somewhat snobbish and value materialistic items. This trait alone should not be considered a deal breaker when compared to the other great things Libras have to offer.

Overall, it seems a Libra is a great match.