8 Sex Positions To Try In 2019 That Are Perfect For A "New Year, New You"

Whether you're locked down in a serious relationship or casually hooking up, the new year is a perfect time to expand your horizons in the bedroom and try a few new things. If you're fresh out of frisky ideas and want to keep the steam going, you might be wondering which sex positions to try in 2019.

Toward the beginning of many relationships, sex is extra hot and sometimes even creative, but over time, that innovative passion can fizzle out. Maybe you and your partner are in a sex slump, or perhaps you just want to experiment in bed to enhance your pleasure and ultimately, have more fun. Depending on your current routine (or lack thereof), you and your partner could benefit from trying out remixed versions of classic positions, or you might want to dip into some completely new sex moves. If your New Year's resolutions involve amping up your sex life, you could probably use some X-rated inspo. Don't worry, sex kittens: I've got you covered.

When you've gotten into a predictable routine with sex and want to spice things up, you might be unsure about where to start. In 2019, consider trying out these eight sex positions that are anything but basic.

Standing Up
Stocksy / Mosuno

Having sex in a standing up position may seem overly simple, but it's anything but boring. Try having your partner lift you up while you wrap your legs around them. This will take a lot of upper body strength from your partner, so if it gets to be too much, you can prop yourself up onto a stool or countertop for support.

Side-Saddle Cowgirl
Stocksy / Leah Flores

You know about cowgirl, and I bet you know about reverse cowgirl, too. But what do you know about side-saddle cowgirl? For this position, have your partner lie down on their back. Facing out from the side, sit down onto their lap and have them enter you from below.

Bent Over The Bed
Stocksy / Thais Ramos Varela

For a new position that offers a little bit of a head rush, sit on the edge of the bed facing in, and straddle your partner. Arch your back, and slowly lean back over the edge of the bed while your partner penetrates you with their penis or a sex toy.

Stocksy / Mosuno

Lie on your side facing your partner, and have them lie on their side facing toward you, but further down so that they can give you oral. Switch positions so that you can follow up by going down (or going side) on them as well.

Legs-Over-Shoulders Missionary
Stocksy / Alexey Kuzma

We're all familiar with traditional missionary, but the classic position can be reinvented in a number of different ways. Lying on your back, have your partner enter you just like they would in missionary. Next, bend your knees and prop your legs up over their shoulders for an entirely new and stimulating angle.

Right-Angled T
Stocksy / Igor Madjinca

Have your partner lie down on their side with their body straightened out. Lie down on your back with your butt placed on their penis or a strap-on and your knees bent over their body so that together, your bodies form a T shape. Your partner can then penetrate you from this side angle.

Bent-Over Backside Play
Stocksy / Sonja Lekovic

Get onto your hands and knees with your face tilted down. Have your partner kneel behind you so that they can pleasure you from behind — this could include penetrating you with their fingers, penis, or a sex toy, pleasuring you with their mouth, or all of the above.

Stocksy / Alexey Kuzma

Have your partner lie flat on their back with their legs spread wide. Lie on top of them in the opposite direction with your legs also spread wide so that each of your heads is in between the other's legs. Tilt your pelvis up, and squat back down so that they can enter you from below.

Give a few of these sex positions a try in 2019 — you don't need to like them all, but you might be surprised to discover which positions really get your rocks off. And remember, you never have to do anything you're uncomfortable with. Whether you want to keep things fresh with your significant other or try out a couple new moves with your current hookup, experimenting with different positions might be just what you need to maintain an extra hot sex life.