10 Dating Resolutions To Make For 2019 That Are Actually Easy To Keep

As we say "thank u, next" to 2018, it's time to look ahead to the next 12 months and start to think about our 2019 #goals. Maybe next year you want to focus more on your health, maybe you want to try to gossip less, or maybe — just maybe — you want to amp up your dating game. As New Year's resolutions are notoriously difficult to keep, you might be wondering what dating resolutions to make for 2019.

Well, your dating goals should ultimately be formed around what you'd like to accomplish. Do you want to meet more people? Do you want to go on more dates? Do you want to fall in love with single life? Do you want to take a dive into a long-term relationship?

For some, reaching your dating goals might mean saying yes to more dates or saying goodbye to dating FOMO. For others, it might involve being honest about what you are (or aren't) looking for, dating people who aren't your typical "type," or finding someone to call bae. There are no wrong answers here.

These 10 dating resolutions for 2019 are actually easy to keep, and trying a few of them out might just help you get closer to whatever it is you really want.

Say "Yes" To More First Dates
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When it comes to an active and successful dating life, sometimes saying "Yes" is half the battle. It's easy to convince yourself of a million different reasons why you might not want to go on a first date with someone who asks you out. But honestly, you never know how you'll end up vibing with somebody until you meet up with them for a one-on-one.

Say "Yes" To More Social Events
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In addition to agreeing to more first dates in 2019, think about also saying "Yes" to more social events. Even if you're swiping the day away on a dating app, your next romance could be waiting for you out in the wild at that party your friend invited you to. So, get out there and start socializing IRL.

Try A New Dating App
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Maybe you feel like you've seen all there is to see on your go-to dating app, or maybe you've yet to download one onto your phone at all. Whatever the case, trying out a new dating app might be just the refresher you need when you're feeling burnt out in the world of digital courtship.

Go On A Group Date
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One-on-one dates are obviously an excellent way to get to know someone, but believe it or not, group dates can be just as effective — and fun! Going on a group date can be a great way to mix things up with the person you're currently seeing or it might be a low-key way to meet someone new. Group dates can help take the edge off of normally nerve-wracking meet-ups, so consider making this a goal for 2019.

Stop Ghosting People
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Do you like how it feels when someone ghosts you? I'm assuming you probably don't. Instead of going totally MIA upon deciding you don't want to see someone again, you might want to make it a goal to offer up a simple, but direct explanation as to why things won't be moving forward. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but 2019 might be the year to "do unto others" in the dating world.

Be Clear About What You're Looking For
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Are you looking for a long-term love story and meaningful commitment? Or maybe you're not looking for anything serious and just have your eye on hookups and short-term flings. There's nothing wrong with wanting either of these things (or anything in between), but being clear about what you're looking for might help you achieve your dating goals this year. It can be scary to be honest about what you want in a partner, but you never know how this information will be received by your date. Speak up with cool confidence and see where it takes you in 2019.

Think Outside Your "Type"
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Is there a certain type of person you find yourself dating or pining after over and over again? If this hasn't been working out very well for you, it might be a good idea to expand your horizons beyond your typical parameters. Of course, we all have different deal breakers, and I can't tell you to forget about those, but someone who's not your typical "type" might really surprise you.

Move On From Uninterested Parties
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Rejection is not an easy thing to handle, and for some women, it's not easy to accept either. But it could be beneficial to your dating life (and your psyche) to move on from uninterested parties in 2019. It's easy to convince yourself that someone is just playing hard to get or that they'll eventually come around, but as a general rule, people will show interest if they're interested. But don't worry — there are plenty more fish in the sea, and moving on from somebody who isn't actively pursuing you will free you up to meet someone who is.

Text Whenever You Want To
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Have you been timing out your text messages and overthinking the best time to respond to people you're dating? Why not nix this headache of a habit, and text them whenever you actually want to (or are available to). I don't know about you, but sometimes it takes me 30 seconds to text someone back, and sometimes when I'm super busy, it takes me three hours. Instead of manipulating the timing of your responses, why not just let it happen whenever it happens? You might be surprised how freeing this feels.

Embrace Singledom
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Yeah, it's great to have some solid dating goals laid out for the year, but don't forget to embrace your solo time, too. You never now when your singledom will end and your next love story will begin, so try to enjoy your current state. Flirt with whoever you want to, watch whatever TV shows you so please, and spread out in the middle of your bed every night like the queen you are. Do you!

Dating can feel like a part-time job at times, but it doesn't need to. Whether you want to be locked down and in love or freed up to fraternize with new people, a few New Year's resolutions may help you get there. Whatever your dating goals are for 2019, don't forget to be true to yourself, keep an open mind, and have fun.