Here's Proof That First Dates You Think Will Suck Can Actually Turn Out Really Well

by Alexia LaFata

First dates are such a crapshoot. Even if you appear to have a connection with someone on Tinder before finally meeting in person, your date could suck IRL. Perhaps he's not as funny on the fly as he is via text, or he gets just a little too drunk in front of you and dominates the conversation with his slurred words. After having a terrible first date like that, it's easy to throw your hands up in the air, sigh loudly to yourself, and wonder, "Are first dates always awkward?"

Luckily for you, the answer is no. First dates can be many things: boring as hell, fun even though you know you won't see them ever again, just meh — or, you know, the start of your forever.

Yes, sometimes, first dates can surprise you. Maybe the Tinder match with whom you have monotonous texts shows you a brand new side of them in real life. Or maybe someone you didn't think you'd ever see as more than a friend suddenly gives you butterflies in your stomach.

That's what happened to these women on Reddit, who revealed the first dates they thought were going to suck, but actually turned out great. Use these stories as inspiration to GET OUT THERE, and be ready for any surprises that may come your way.

This woman expected her date to be boring.

This woman expected someone really, really shy.

This woman wrote off her date for being super late.

This woman tried not to let her feelings be known.

This woman literally almost died.

This woman felt some unexpected feelings.

This woman judged her date too quickly.

This woman's mom friend requested her OkCupid date on Facebook.

This woman didn't think her now-boyfriend was a very sexual person.

Love is all around us, you guys. You just gotta be open to finding it.

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