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Your Zodiac Sign Can Reveal A Lot About How You Handle Rejection

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Have you ever mustered all your strength to apply for the job of your dreams, only for someone else's application to shine brighter than yours? Maybe you've used every ounce of courage you have to ask your crush out, only to have them laugh and say they only see you as a friend. Perhaps you've poured your whole heart into a project, only to have critics savagely rip your work to shreds. Worst of all: Has your significant other ever left you for someone else? Someone you continue to compare yourself to, wondering why they preferred that person over you? If even reading these scenarios is making you feel like you're getting kicked in the teeth all over again, how you handle rejection, according to your zodiac sign, might feel a little too accurate.

Of all the terrible emotions that humans get to experience in life, rejection stands alone in its own category. It's a feeling of total misery that affects you from inside out, making you question everything you thought you loved about yourself. You have to start from scratch, building your confidence back again little by little. This is why knowing how your zodiac sign deals with rejection can hasten the healing process. Understanding your sign's coping mechanisms that only bandage the problem instead of facing it head on can help you skip right to the part where it all gets better.

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First, you hide the rejection deep inside the pits of your soul. Then, you pretend you even don't care. Being a failure is your deepest fear and when you do fail, you don't want anyone to know about it. You keep yourself busy with new things, paste a huge smile on your face, and act like it never mattered to you at all. This might seem like a good idea at first, Aries, but it might take way longer to heal.


Rejection forms around you like a bubble, Taurus. Inside that bubble, you retreat from reality, indulging in Netflix marathons, eating more than you can handle, sleeping in till noon, and wearing your pajamas all day. You soak in your rejection, letting it permeate you until it no longer holds any power over you. However, building yourself back up can be even harder when you've let yourself go for so long.


You talk about the rejection nonstop, Gemini. You hope that if you say you're better off without them enough times, you'll actually believe it. Your loved ones, however, aren't so easily fooled. They're well aware that you're lying to yourself and are actually devastated on the inside. Talking about it with anyone who will listen is merely how you distract yourself from the pain. Keep distracting yourself, Gemini. See how much longer the sadness lasts. Eventually, there won't be anything left to talk about.


You rarely forgive and you never forget. You'll tattoo this rejection on the inside of your heart so that you never make the mistake of trusting them ever again. It's already extremely difficult for you to step outside your comfort zone and take a risk, sensitive Cancer, so when you are rejected, it feels like poison is spreading throughout your whole being. You'll sever all ties with whomever or whatever rejected you. In life, you might burn so many bridges that you don't know where else to go.



A Leo in the pangs of rejection is the loudest roar in the room. Your pain becomes a performance with the initial act of anger, the second act of despair, and a third act of making success your revenge. When you're hurt, Leo, everyone knows it. Your tears stain their clothes and your 4 a.m. calls mess with their sleep schedules. Your sorrow becomes everyone else's sorrow, which just creates even more sorrow.


Here's the thing with you Virgos: You're so obsessed with perfection that you actually experience rejection way more often than the average sign. Even though you don't typically talk about it, you feel rejected when someone forgets to text you back, when someone gives you a weird look. When you're seriously rejected in life, it's as though you go into a state of shock. You close off. You feel nothing but actually, you're feeling everything.


When one thing goes wrong, you begin the process of systematically destroying everything else along with it, Libra. You think: If they rejected me, the rest of the universe will reject me sooner or later. This self-destructive logic is actually a thinly veiled attempt to gain control over your life. You want to decide once and for all that you don't care about anything. This, Libra, actually makes the rejection feel 10 times worse than it really is, believe it or not.


When you're feeling rejected, Scorpio, the first thing that enters your mind is revenge. The rejection consumes you whole and you allow it to fuel every action you take. Your mind is completely taken over by thoughts of getting back at them, proving how wrong they were, and making them regret their decision to reject you for the rest of their lives. Revenge is sweet, Scorpio, but does it truly heal you?



You're innately fearful of being ordinary, Sagittarius, and being rejected makes you feel ordinary. This cuts deep, but your pain has a twist: You're able to channel that rejection into near deadly doses of happiness. You'll do anything for a thrill that distracts you from the pain. You'll try anything to make yourself appear larger than life. However, there's always a comedown. Eventually, you'll have to face the problem.


Rejection turns you into ice, Capricorn. You'll erect barriers so sharp that they're essentially impenetrable by all who are simply just trying to help. People might even feel like you're taking your anger out on them. Once you've had your fill of hostility, you tend to come to a clean acceptance of what happened and then begin moving forward. However, you've pushed a lot of people away while you were working out your problems.


It's not easy for you to commit to anything, Aquarius. This can both help and harm you when you're rejected. Either you truly did not care that much in the first place or you actually cared for once. Being rejected when you actually did care is deeply discouraging for you. It was so difficult for you to form an emotional attachment in the first place. This only makes it even harder for you to trust again, to take another risk with your emotions.


Rejection and heartbreak are one and the same to you, Pisces. You're an idealist by nature and you irrationally build up the significance of your ideas. You think that by making things come true, all your problems will be solved. This can cause you to feel like your whole world is falling apart when, in fact, it was only one thing that didn't work out. This despair worries everyone around you. If only you were more receptive to reason, Pisces, rejection wouldn't hurt so much.

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