How Each Zodiac Sign Deals With Sadness

Let’s be real: Sadness isn’t all that stylish in our society. We’re taught to swallow the feeling back and push forward. We're told to continue polishing our social media image of perfection, #goals, and success, despite the melancholy tearing us apart inside. This leaves us confused about how to cope in any way other than simply ignoring it, which is too bad. Sadness is a necessary emotion that lets us ruminate on what truly matters, learn about ourselves, and in the end, experience happiness in a more vibrant color. The stars have a lot to say about emotions and how each zodiac sign deals with sadness in their own unique way. Not even the peppiest Leo or the most charming Gemini are immune and the best way for a Cancer to ease their sadness is different from the way a Capricorn might. No sign feels it more deeply than another and for better or worse, they all have their own unique ways of going through it.

No matter what your sign is, the stars always have a big plan for you. When you’re scrolling through the Instagram feeds of people who seem much happier than you while scrambling to understand why you feel so unbearably sh*tty, try to remember that this is temporary. You’ll come out of it wiser and stronger than you were before. Read on to learn more about how you should cope with sadness based on your sign.

Aries - The Loose Cannon


When an Aries is sad, everyone knows it. They power up with rage then let it loose the first way they think of. They might want to break something, to tell someone off, or send a risky, impassioned text. They immediately take action and often leave destruction in their wake.

There is strength in all that energy because it cuts to the chase. An Aries should dance all night at a show or club where loud music is played. They might want to try a sport like kickboxing or go for a run, harnessing all that anger with their body. Even hiking to the top of a cliff and screaming into the wind will help purge their sorrow. If they take care to redirect their rage from making matters worse, the healing process for an Aries will be much faster.

Taurus - The Lethargic Escapist


A Taurus disappears into a hole when they’re sad. Wanting to be alone with their demons, they isolate themselves and might gorge on junk food or numb themselves with their favorite vices. They tend to think the world is against them and reject helping hands.

Their escapism has a silver lining. A Taurus should give in to their need for alone time but make it exciting. A trip to their favorite museum, a day in the park with an uplifting book, or just sitting on the beach while watching the waves crash will add new insights to their isolation.

A Taurus has the power to understand the cause of their sadness much faster if they spend their alone time in a compelling way.

Gemini - The Imploding Phony


It’s rare that a Gemini knows how to deal with sadness. So used to putting on a smile and making people laugh, they tend to reject the feeling altogether and disassociate completely. You wouldn’t know they’re sad except that they’re a lot quieter than usual. Once sharp and quick-witted, they’re slow and seem elsewhere in their head.

A Gemini’s racing mind has all the answers, if they find time to listen. With patience, they should write down all their feelings or listen to their favorite music, then allow themselves a good cry. If a Gemini gives themselves a period to reflect and release their feelings, the unsettling quality of their sadness will feel so much more bearable.

Cancer - The Cry Baby


A Cancer is in the pits of despair when they’re sad and they don’t try to hide it. It’s as though they’re sick with sadness, capable of crying till their stomach hurts. Terrified of being forgotten or left out, they need attention from their loved ones, to be consoled and cradled.

Their emotions are a beautiful thing, especially if they manifest them through something productive rather than wallow in it. A Cancer should create meaning during this time, whether that’s by pouring their heart into a new hobby or into being generous to their loved ones.

A Cancer feels so much. If they harness that sensitivity and nourish the world with it, their sadness will transform into something better.

Leo - The Tragic Character


No sign is more theatrical about their sadness than Leo. Searching for purpose, they fester in their emotions till they’re on the verge of breaking down. They might construct a narrative to analyze what went wrong and why they’re the hero in the situation. Viewing sadness as a shade of their character, a Leo never wants to leave a part of themselves unaccounted for.

Their courage to face sadness head-on is an asset to a Leo, if they can stop worrying how people will judge them for it. They should find someone they trust enough to be fully honest with about the grittiness of their emotions and vent.

A Leo always strives to be a better person. If they remember to forgive themselves, they’ll glean so much insight from their sadness that they’ll be able to move on.

Virgo - The Obsessive Enigma


A Virgo is obsessive and compulsive when thrown off track by sadness. Normally meticulous and organized, sadness is a mess they don’t know how to clean up. They’re easily consumed by over-analyzing situations and being too hard on themselves. They also can’t always find right words to explain it to others.

If they can give themselves a break, their introspection will provide a how-to guide for easing their pain. They should take their healing step-by-step, writing a to-do list of things that will center their spirit, and follow it at their own pace.

Virgos have all the practical power to conquer their sadness, if they can calm down enough to rebuild themselves piece by piece.

Libra - The Self-Destructor


Balance is essential to a Libra and when sadness tips that balance, they fall over. They feel so lopsided that they stop caring about their favorite things, even severing ties with their passions completely. Their sadness is one of hopelessness and they’re prone to giving into it.

Ironically, a Libra is just as able to give in to hope. Libras can be easily swayed, and if they think just one positive thought, then another will follow. They should read self-help books, get in touch with a mentor who can inspire them to grow, or even challenge themselves with a new venture.

A Libra is a self-containing equalizer of emotions. If they trust in their ability to even out their sadness and reach out for help, they’ll bounce back in no time.

Scorpio - The Volatile Manipulator


During times of sadness, Scorpio is a tornado of mood-swings. One minute, they’ll be past things. One minute later, they’re crying hot tears in a corner. Since they’re able to read people so well, they’ll be tempted to manipulate others to get what they want. However, this always ends up prolonging their sadness.

Their skills in manipulation wouldn’t exist without their profound level of empathy. And through empathy is how a Scorpio heals best. A Scorpio should spend time with animals, with children, or any of their loved ones and devote themselves to protecting them.

A Scorpio heals as much as they heal others. If they choose to use their compassionate talents to help those in need, they’ll bloom in the process.

Sagittarius - The Dejected Party Animal


When a Sagittarius is sad, they overdose on happiness. They think that by distracting themselves with a busy schedule full of social activities, parties, and productivity that they can will the sadness away. When that inevitably doesn’t work, they start feeling lost, like they’re going nowhere, like their future is bleak.

Their ambition is the greatest blessing to a fiery Sagittarius, but only after they’ve taken time to feel their pain. Instead of immediately attempting to avoid it, they should spend time with their sadness before it becomes a confusing and convoluted mess later on. They should write in their journal, meditate, do some yoga, breathe in new air, and breathe out the old.

After a Sagittarius understands their sadness, they can spread their wings and fly into onward toward peace.

Capricorn - The Stagnant Apathetic


The once headstrong and productive Capricorn comes to a standstill when they’re sad. They lose all motivation to keep up with their ventures and their hardworking qualities, along with their plans, fade away. They might even get cozy in their slump as they sorrowfully await inspiration to find their way back to them.

However, instead of waiting for it, a Capricorn should take steps to find it within themselves. No matter how hard it feels, they should get reacquainted with their long-lost passions, perhaps passions from childhood that they may have set aside for the priorities of adulthood.

As serious as a Capricorn may seem on the surface, they never sever their bond with their childhood self. It’s through their reconnection that they’ll remember happiness again.

Aquarius - The Withdrawn Stoic


You know an Aquarius is sad when they disappear without a trace. Terrified of emotions, the very hint of sadness makes them run away, literally and figuratively. They retreat so far inwardly that they feel numb. In fact, their way of dealing with sadness make look to some like not dealing with it at all.

Still, there’s a deep well of emotion simmering at their core. If they’re able to so much as even touch it, the healing will begin. They should infuse their sadness with simple acts of creation, such as writing a poem, taking a dance class, or learning a new language.

If an Aquarius can fight through their impulse to turn themselves off completely, even the slightest expression of emotion can do the trick.

Pisces - The Dramatic Self-Critic


When a Pisces is sad, they combine it with every terrible thing that’s ever happened to them until they're inconsolable. Struggling perpetually with guilt, they blame themselves for their sadness and anxiously do all the wrong things as a result. For Pisces, it’s not one moment of sadness. It’s all the sadness that has ever existed.

Before they lose their minds over-thinking their emotions, they should find a way to lose themselves in something beautiful. Ever the most spiritual of signs, it doesn’t take a lot to affect them. They should watch their favorite movie, redesign their bedroom, or devote themselves to a meaningful project.

Pisces is easily permeated by the world. If they can focus their attention on the most delightful aspects of it, they’ll slip into happiness again before they know it.