25 Celebrity Quotes About Divorce That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

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The dissolution of a marriage can be an incredibly painful experience. But going through it in the public eye, well, that’s a whole other level of hurt. Not only do the stars have to cope with the rollercoaster of emotions that typically come with this process, but they have to deal with media commentary on their personal life. Perhaps that’s why these celebrity quotes about divorce feel so profound. Given all that these A-listers had to go through while ending their marriage in the spotlight, one might assume that they have a special brand of wisdom on the subject.

The fact is, fame doesn’t make you immune to the heartbreak that comes with ending a marriage. Just like the rest of us, celebrities may rely on support from family and friends, self-love practices, and professional counsel in order to heal from the experience. But the important thing is that they do bounce back. In fact, these quotes demonstrate that many of them have learned valuable lessons from divorce.

Luckily for us, some stars have actually shared what they’ve taken from the experience. Here are some particularly powerful and encouraging quotes that are sure to hit you right in the feels.

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