Use these spooky emojis and scary emojis on Halloween.
These Halloween Emojis And Memojis Will Make Your Messages So Spooky

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As you already know, there are a ton of ways to show off your Halloween spirit. But aside from costumes, festive decorations, and general witchiness, expressing yourself through emojis and Memojis (the animated characters that mirror your facial expressions and voice on the iPhone) this Halloween season is the way to go. Between the skull Memoji, coffin emoji, and spooky spider web emoji, there are plenty of ways to express your love for the most frightening time of year through messages to your friends or social media posts.

In terms of Halloween-themed emojis and Memojis, Apple has you covered if you have an iPhone — and if you don’t, most of the emojis on the Apple iOS keyboard have counterparts on other systems and devices anyway. Lucky for anyone who loves this holiday, there’s a heap of Halloween-themed emojis by Apple to choose from. Your options include everything from ghosts to jack-o’-lanterns, various fearful expressions, vampires, aliens, robots, skulls, zombies, bats, spiders, spider webs, coffins, and even a funeral urn.

There are so many spooky and (quite honestly) terrifying emojis you can use for each and every one of your texts, tweets, Instagram captions, and TikTok videos this spooky season. So, if you are in need of some inspo, here are 15 of the best spooky and scary emojis and Memojis to help you step up your Halloween game.


Any bloodthirsty creature will understand your cravings when you use a vampire emoji. While the options may not look like Edward Cullen, you can choose from a male, female, or gender neutral vampire when deciding which evil creature belongs with your message or Instagram post.


Sing, talk, and tell stories as a spooky skull. Your friends will love hearing your voice coming through from this creepy and festive Memoji. And if animated skulls don’t sound like your thing, simply throw in the skull emoji into your social media captions to set the Halloween mood.


Haunt your friends with the goofy little ghost emoji — it's a Halloween staple. Whether you utilize it in the form of a Memoji or emoji, the ghost is one of the most essential spooky emojis to use in October. Nothing else says “boo!” quite like this one.


Feeling out of this world? Try using the alien emoji, or use it to speak your thoughts via Memoji. Either way, you’re guaranteed to bring some eerie, otherworldly vibes to your group chat. Pair it with the flying saucer and some planet emojis for the full extraterrestrial treatment.


If robots take over the world, hopefully they look like square-faced robot emoji — but look at it for too long, and this animated face can get pretty creepy. Spook your friends by sending them your thoughts from the mouth of an emotionless robot (via Memoji) and see what they have to say this Halloween.


Truly embrace the undead this Halloween by sprinkling your messages and captions with zombie emojis. With three zombies to choose from on the emoji keyboard (each of a different gender variation), you can have a whole army of the living dead in your text messages.

Fearful Face

The fearful face emoji is ideal for any Halloween celebration. Whether you’re celebrating this October with horror movies, haunted houses, or terrifying costumes, the scariest time of the year calls for the use of scared and scary emojis all month long.


Perhaps the most iconic Halloween-themed emoji of them all, the jack-o’-lantern is an instant signal that you’re giving off festive spooky vibes. If you’re not into the scary aspect of Halloween, embrace the simple and fun activity of pumpkin carving in all its seasonal glory with this emoji.


If you're feeling extra connected to the undead this Halloween season, express your grim and ghoulish mood with a coffin emoji. Even on its own, the coffin emoji is quite chilling to the bone. How haunting.


Someone driving you batty? Send them a few bat emojis — that should deliver the message. Or simply embrace all things witchy by including a bat emoji or two in your festive TikToks and Tweets.

Witch Or Wizard

The three witch and wizard emojis to choose from — male, female, and gender neutral — are adorable and perfectly on theme for October. With their crystal staffs and pointed hats, they’re magical companions to any spooky message or festive caption posted this month.

Spider Web

The spider web is a perfect way to spookify each and every one of your messages to friends and family. It's somehow totally symmetrical, which adds to the perfect creepy touch. Take it even further by including the black spider emoji along with it.

Wilted Flower

This spooky emoji gives off major gothic Halloween vibes. Pair it with some other scary emojis, such as the chain, drop of blood, knife, and skull, for the full darkness-themed emoji effect. It will instantly conjure up visions of haunted houses and misty graveyards.

Crystal Ball

Eerie and mystical, the crystal ball is another spooky emoji that elicits unsettling imagery. To bring on the full aesthetic of witchcraft and seances in your next TikTok or Instagram post, put it alongside the candle and full moon emojis.


Aside from all the monsters, witches, ghosts, and pumpkins, Halloween is also about one major thing: candy. Celebrate the sugar-filled holiday by sharing all of the delicious Halloween treats you're making (and eating) this month, accompanied by the candy emoji — and maybe even the chocolate bar and lollipop emojis, too.

Whether you’re feeling sweet or frightful, make sure you show off your Halloween spirit with these ghoulish emojis and Memojis. Your text messages and captions are looking a little creepier already. 👻

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