Aren't You The Sweetest Thing?
I tried TikTok's secret menu Starbucks 'GUTS' drink inspired by Olivia Rodrigo's album and tour.

I Tried The Olivia Rodrigo GUTS Starbucks Drink & It's... Sour

I’m getting deja vu with TikTok’s secret menu sip.

It’s officially GUTS World Tour season for Livies. If you’re obsessed with TikToks of Olivia Rodrigo performing “Get Him Back!” and planning out your concert ‘fit as we speak, you might want to add sipping on a GUTS-themed Starbucks drink to your to-do list as well.

Back when Rodrigo’s sophomore album first released, TikToker @colie.1 had a Starbucks barista come up with a secret menu GUTS drink inspired by the album. Of course, it had to be purple — which is Rodrigo’s signature color. The final result was something @colie.1 said tasted like a “strawberry cheesecake and Skittles at the same time.”

I was obviously intrigued and since I’m in my GUTS era as well, I tried TikTok’s Olivia Rodrigo-themed Starbucks refresher. To order your own, start with a Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk, aka Starbucks’ Pink Drink. Then, customize it with vanilla syrup and a splash of Passion Tango Tea.

I went with two pumps of vanilla, but when you’re ordering a Grande on the Starbucks mobile app, it’ll automatically include four pumps. Since @colie.1 doesn’t specify how many pumps to get, I would suggest anywhere between two to four depending on how sugary you’d like your drink.


The secret menu GUTS drink also includes blackberries, which aren’t available at Starbucks. The blackberries are mostly there for aesthetic purposes, so I just added a dragonfruit inclusion, which is just as Insta-worthy. The end result was a gorgeous purple-pink drink that really was made for the ‘Gram, but as Rodrigo says “pretty isn’t pretty enough” so I had to see if it tastes as good as it looks.

The Secret Menu GUTS Drink Is Like Strawberry Ice Cream In Malibu

Rachel Chapman

While this is a GUTS-themed drink, I think it belongs more in the SOUR era. The strawberry and passionfruit refresher was very, well, sour. There was also some sweetness as well from the vanilla syrup, but it was very fruit-forward. If I had added more of the vanilla syrup or requested more coconut milk, I think that would have muted the fruity flavors more. But at the same time, it would have made it way too sweet for me.

I actually liked the sour and sweet combo, but with the dominant strawberry flavor, I was just reminded Rodrigo’s song “deja vu” from her first album. Instead of thinking of vampires and how love is embarrassing, I was just imagining myself eating strawberry ice cream in Malibu. While this is ultimately a SOUR-themed Starbucks drink, the refreshing kick it provided felt more on theme than some other GUTS treats I’ve tried like Rodrigo’s Erewhon smoothie and Jeni’s ice cream.

Christopher Polk/Billboard/Getty Images

Also, the set list for the GUTS World Tour includes songs from both albums, so this secret menu sip still fits and is even more relevant now than it was when the album first dropped. Basically, ordering this Starbucks GUTS drink isn’t a bad idea at all.