Olivia Rodrigo's 'GUTS' World Tour set list consists of 22 songs.

Olivia Added This Special Song To Her GUTS Tour Set List

Her concert is growing!

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Olivia Rodrigo isn’t just an “All-American B*tch” anymore — she’s going international. On her GUTS World Tour, the pop star is bringing her entire discography to life, performing nearly the entirety of her albums SOUR and GUTS live. And there’s also an unreleased bonus track that made its way onto the set list.

The GUTS World Tour kicked off on Feb. 23 at Thousand Palms in California, and it will continue all throughout the spring and summer until it ends on Aug. 17 in Inglewood, CA. In that time, Rodrigo will tour the U.S. and Canada, along with headlining international dates across Europe and the U.K.

Fans hotly anticipated the opening night of the tour to see what songs would make the cut, and it turns out, pretty much every Rodrigo song was featured in the lineup. Although the set list very well could change over the course of the six-month run, so far, only two of Rodrigo’s releases are excluded from the concert: “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back,” and “Hope Ur Ok” from SOUR.

While those two songs may be missing, the set list does include an extra treat. Rodrigo performs her GUTS hidden track “Obsessed” on the tour. That song has only been available on special limited-edition GUTS vinyls, so only the real superfans knew about it prior to this tour.

Rodrigo also teased that the set list could grow and change as the tour continues. On her March 6 show in Miami, Rodrigo began adding her Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes single “Can’t Catch Me Now” to her set list. Watch the song’s first live performance here.

Oh, and there’s another surprise for fans as well. Concertgoers noticed that Rodrigo has been changing a key lyric when performing “Brutal.” Instead of singing, “I only have two real friends” in the single’s second verse, Rodrigo has been singing, “I only have three real friends” while on tour. Fans think the updated friend list is a shoutout to her besties Conan Gray, Iris Apatow, and Madison Hu — the three people she cited as her best friends during her 2022 Grammys acceptance speech.

Check out the full GUTS World Tour set list below:

  1. "Bad Idea Right?"
  2. "Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl"
  3. "Vampire"
  4. "Traitor"
  5. "Drivers License"
  6. "Teenage Dream"
  7. "Pretty Isn't Pretty"
  8. "Love Is Embarrassing"
  9. "Making the Bed"
  10. "Logical"
  11. "Enough for You"
  12. "Lacy"
  13. "Jealousy, Jealousy"
  14. "Happier"
  15. "Favorite Crime"
  16. "Deja Vu"
  17. "The Grudge"
  18. "Brutal"
  19. "Obsessed"
  20. "All-American B*tch"
  21. "Good 4 U"
  22. "Get Him Back!"

On shows where Rodrigo performs “Can’t Catch Me Now,” the ballad appears right after “Jealousy, Jealousy.”

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But the song selection is only part of the spectacle. The show also consists of some awe-inspiring staging moments, like when Rodrigo sits on a giant purple crescent moon to sing “Logical” and “Enough for You,” while floating above the crowd.

The concert’s bombastic final two songs serve as encore performances, as Rodrigo bursts back onto stage with a megaphone to belt “Good 4 U,” and then closes the show with a blast of confetti at the end of “Get Him Back!”

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