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Focusing On Emotional Independence Isn’t Selfish, It’s Necessary During This Month’s Full Moon

Prioritize yourself.

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It may sound contradictory, but Libra season isn’t just about your relationships with others; it’s about your relationship with yourself, too. While that may be difficult to prioritize, it’s essential. This is a season all about connection — this cardinal air sign energy is ideal for bringing people together in a way that’s peaceful, calm, and intellectual — but it can often lean a little toward the co-dependent side. While the new moon in Libra on Oct. 6 may have increased your desire for fellowship, the emotional meaning of the October 2021 full moon is asking that you focus on your independence.

There’s a reason why Libra is symbolized by the scales. This sign is always seeking to find balance, particularly when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with the self versus relationships with others. Libra is ruled by Venus, so it can be far more ideal to fill your calendar with dinner dates and parties with friends than to prioritize any kind of alone time right now. Because of this, personal boundaries may slip as you strive to say yes to everyone who’s eager to be around you. The full moon in Aries on Oct. 20 is shining a much-needed light on your sense of self, outside of your relationships with your loved ones. It’s easy to lose yourself in the people around you, so if you’ve been feeling like that’s been happening, this full moon — which is the last full moon before Halloween, adding a little bit of spook to the mix — has you covered.

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The Full Moon In Aries Takes Place Oct. 20 At 10:57 a.m. ET

Aries is the perfect sister sign for Libra. This sign’s Mars-ruled, “me first” nature may seem a bit selfish at times — but contrary to popular belief, selfishness is sometimes necessary. Pouring all of your energy into other people can leave you with almost nothing left for yourself, which can then lead to feelings of resentment toward the people around you. During Libra season, it’s likely been much easier to simply say “yes” rather than have to deal with the conflict that can oftentimes accompany saying no. The only conflict you’re avoiding is with others. But what about you? This full moon in Aries is shining a light on the inner conflict you’ve been experiencing, and is asking that you prioritize yourself, no matter who you may end up disappointing.

On Oct. 20, the light from the sun in Libra will be filling up the moon in Aries in your birth chart. Everyone will be called to check in with their Aries-ruled house during this time, and the significations of that house can further explain how you may need to exercise more selfishness. Since full moons tend to coincide with a culmination or revelation of sorts, expect some emotions that you may have been suppressing to come to the forefront. Your emotions are just as valid as other people’s, and it’s about time that you honor them.

Since this full moon is taking place in a fire sign, utilizing fire as a way to release emotion can be really helpful. I like to (safely) write down anything I’ve been trying to let go of, and burn it. Either way, however you decide to utilize this full moon is entirely up to you. Remember, you come first.