here's the meaning of the strawberry moon for each zodiac sign

Here’s What The June Strawberry Moon Will Mean For Your Zodiac Sign

And how to make the most of it.

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While the full Strawberry Moon on June 14 will be felt by everyone, certain themes will be highlighted depending on your zodiac sign. Specifically, astrologers point to the rising sign to find how certain celestial events will affect different individuals. “When we look at the impact of a full moon, we always want to look at the house placement it happens [in] for you,” Francis tells Elite Daily. “In order for that to be accurate, you're not looking at your sun sign, you're looking at your rising sign,” she explains.

There are 12 houses in astrology, each representing a different facet of life. Knowing and using the rising sign is important because it sets up how these houses line up in your birth chart. What you’re looking for, say with this Sagittarius full moon, is which house Sagittarius falls in within your birth chart. This will tell you the basic theme you can expect with this full moon. This, in a nutshell, is why reading the rising sign will paint a more detailed picture than the sun sign. To find yours, plug in your birth date, time, and location into an online birth chart calculator. Then, see what to expect around June 14, based on your rising sign below.

The 12 Astrological Houses

  • First: House of self, Aries themes, first impressions, physical body, “I am”
  • Second: House of possessions, Taurus themes, income, money, the material world
  • Third: House of communication, Gemini themes, transportation, siblings, immediate community, technology
  • Fourth: House of home and family, Cancer themes, roots, ancestry, security
  • Fifth: House of pleasure, Leo themes, creativity, passion, fun, children
  • Sixth: House of health and work, Virgo themes, daily routines, wellness, service, pets
  • Seventh: House of partnerships, Libra themes, marriage, relationship, business partners
  • Eighth: House of death and rebirth, Scorpio themes, sex, taboos, transformation, other people’s possessions and money
  • Ninth: House of philosophy, Sagittarius themes, expansion, foreign travel, education, spirituality, religion
  • Tenth: House of career and reputation, Capricorn themes, social status, professional path
  • Eleventh: House of friends, Aquarius themes, groups, network, society, humanity, technology
  • Twelfth: House of subconscious, Pisces themes, dreams, secrets, imagination, karma, the unseen

The Meaning Of June’s Strawberry Moon For Each Zodiac Sign

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For Aries rising signs, this full moon is happening in their ninth house, so a lot of them might be graduating or contemplating higher learning. “They're stepping into new mindsets and they're reframing how they feel about whatever is specifically going on,” notes Witt. They’re thinking about new ways of thinking and improving their lives when it comes to their knowledge and mindset. “They're speaking up for themselves,” Witt continues, “They're saying what they want to say, and because the ninth house is a house that's associated with Sagittarius energy, I think they will really be embracing the Sagittarius full moon.” They’ll be feeling empowered, have new interests, and possibly get into politics and activism.

For many, this may be about long-distance travel, cultural exploration, and adventure, according to Francis. “This is about stepping out of your comfort zone, which is that little self-contained area, bubble, [or] safe space that you've created, to experience a world beyond that and bring in new experiences that help light your soul on fire,” she tells Elite Daily.


Taurus risings will be experiencing the full moon in their eighth house. “For Taurus [risings],” Francis explains, “this is really about allowing yourself to find a sense of adventure by exploring taboo subjects, because Taurus can be very stubborn and stuck in their ways.” Stepping out of [your] comfort zone or finding new excitement in [your] sexuality is also possible, according to Francis.

With the eighth house, Taurus risings might feel this full moon a little bit heavier, Witt says. “It may be a little bit of pressure,” she notes. “It's like they're trying to think of, ‘What do I need to really face internally, and how can I allow this full moon to guide me through some of these more difficult changes?’” Expect some possibly shifts, but know they are for the best. As Witt puts it, “Sagittarius wants the best for us ... Jupiter wants us to succeed.”


The seventh house will be activated for Gemini risings, which may have them looking at ways to bring new excitement and adventure to their relationships. While they’ll feel the full moon’s intensity more than other risings, Witt says it will be a fun one with excitement around defining their standards or bringing renewal to a relationship. “You're stepping into these new ideas with your partner, sitting down and having important new conversations,” she notes.

Those old convos from the past? These may be coming up for some dusting off and closing out as well, so Gemini risings can approach relationships with a cleared head. “It'll be positive, in romance specifically,” she tells Elite Daily.


As a sign ruled by the moon, Cancer placements are always affected a little extra by lunations. Cancer risings specifically will be called to explore new routines with the Strawberry Moon briefing through their sixth house. “Shake up your day-to-day habits to bring in more fun,” offers Francis. Take a new route to work, switch up your daily breakfast, or remix that exercise routine.

However, be on the lookout for a little confusion, as Sagittarius and Cancer create what’s called an inconjunct aspect in astrology, meaning they just don’t see eye-to-eye. “So Cancer may be thinking about how exactly they deal with this feeling of returning to their home, feeling safe, [and] feeling secure, versus wanting to explore, wanting to go out there, [and] wanting to see new things,” Witt says of any significant Cancer placements, but emphasis on the rising. This tug-of-war can be a bit paralyzing, according to Witt, so she suggests taking a pause and letting yourself rediscover trust in yourself and the universe.


Like lunar sign Cancer, the solar sign of Leo also feels those moon movements in a heavy way, according to Witt. “Leo will definitely be feeling a lot of intensity with the full moon in Sagittarius,” she explains, adding that it’ll be an overall positive and encouraging moon for Leo with lots of opportunities. After all, the fire sign is definitely cool with a fiery Sag full moon.

The June full moon will be transiting the fifth house for Leo risings, which agrees with this uplifting energy. “We have this exploration and adventure theme with Sagittarius,” Francis says. “So this is about exploring life through the eyes of a child [and] adding more adventure in your life through playfulness.” Leo risings will be called to trying new hobbies, being creative, getting playful in romance, and embracing all sides of themselves.


The theme of excitement will play out in the fourth house of home and family life for Virgo risings. Francis suggests looking at ways to infuse more sweetness in this area. “You can host more gatherings at your home, create more fun family moments, or bring the family together in general,” she says, “or game nights, cookouts, you know, pool days — it's really about bringing that joy and that adventure into the house.” For Virgo risings, it’s a time to shift the focus a bit from their multiple big, exciting ideas, to tending to and reigniting relationships with the people already in their lives.

As a fellow mutable sign, Virgo will also enjoy and be stimulated by the controlled chaos of the Sagittarius moon. There might be things they can revisit that were put off during Mercury Retrograde. “They're going to have this sense of finally [being] able to apply themselves and get down into business,” Witt says.


Libra risings will have the full moon in their third house, activating some mental and local exploration. “It’s about finding adventure in your own community or your backyard,” Francis say. “You really don't have to go far for what you're looking for.” Text the squad and get out and have an experience.

As a sign, Libra is the queen of “I don’t know, whatever you want.” But because this full moon is going to be ruled by Jupiter in Aries (the opposite sign to Libra), it’s encouraging Libra to put themself first, think about what they want, and set boundaries. “It may be a little uncomfortable,” Witt tells Elite Daily. “It may be like, ‘Well, I don't wanna stop on anyone's toes,’” she says, noting that stepping on toes is the theme of this full moon — thank you, Sagittarius. She suggests thinking about and listing out the things you want that have zero to do with anyone else. “Not everything has to be perfectly justified, or logical for you to want [it].”


With Sagittarius in their second house of money and possessions, Scorpio risings tend to be a little impulsive with the purse strings in general. While this full moon will be fun for this placement, watch that spending. “Be careful, you're going to be excited,” warns Witt. On the other hand, they might be exploring some new and fun ways to make money.

The second house is a fun transit as it relates to some Venusian themes like self-care and indulgence, according to Witt. Scorpio risings can chill out and relax — though it might be difficult with the hundreds of commitments they have going on. “Scorpio risings are very go, go, go,” Witt notes. “They just want to take a break and rest for a little bit, and that's what they need to do. It'll be fun for them as long as they accept and embrace that.”


If you’re a Sag rising, this full moon is happening in your first house, so you’ll be feeling it on a physical level. It might be tough to sleep or your mind may feel like it’s racing to no end, but this also can be a time to play around with your appearance and think about spicing up your personal goals. “That first house energy is always super fun,” Witt tells Elite Daily, “but with that moon in your first house, it’s still an emotionally volatile time.” You might feel like an unbothered badass one second, then be totally drained and over it the next. “We're going to be leaning into that playful, carefree, nothing matters, but everything matters energy. So a little existential,” Witt adds.


Speaking of feeling existential, Capricorn risings are going through it in their twelfth house. It’s a deep dive into what they’re dealing with subconsciously. “That’s [like] our personal hard drive,” Francis offers. Your subconscious is full of your life’s facts and details — just like a computer’s hard drive. “It really holds all the data that we've ever come across in terms of our experiences or information,” she continues. “So naturally it holds a lot of answers on who we are and what we truly want and where we're going.”

For Capricorn risings, it can be especially hard because they’re good at hiding their deeper struggles to spare others of the burden. But, let this full moon be a lesson that it’s OK to lean on those who care about you. “It's like they're dealing with something heavy that just needs to be released,” Witt offers. “It's OK to cry, be upset, [and] express your feelings. Everyone [is] already going to be doing that.” She recommends doing little calming things like painting or going for a walk.


Like their opposite sign, Leo, opportunities are going to be flying at Aquarius risings, but more in the flavor of their interactions with others. With this moon kicking it in Aquarius risings’ eleventh house, it’s going to be all about that group exploration and finding your place within a soul group. They may be meeting lots of new people, networking, making friends, or on the flip side, letting go of old connections. “It'll be lots of fun,” Witt says, “if they really embrace that, because Aquarius risings like to isolate a little bit.”

The energy of this moon will help Aquarius get a little boost with their connections of all kinds, whether that’s with coworkers, relationships, friendships, or family. “They are improving those areas of their lives,” Witt explains, “which is really great for Aquarius [because] archetype-wise, it’s a social sign.”


With a transit in their tenth house, Pisces risings will be going through a theme of adding adventure to their career and reflecting on their place in society, the workplace, and their reputation. “The reason Pisces risings are probably going to be the most impacted by the full moon, besides the Sag and Gemini risings, is because this Sagittarius full moon is literally affecting them in the most public way,” Witt tells Elite Daily.

It’s time for Pisces risings to think about the changes and steps that need to happen to take their long-term goals out of dreamland and into reality. Things can feel like they’re at a standstill right now, like they’re not where they want to be, especially in the work realm. According to Francis, the Strawberry moon will be about “identifying what opportunities you can bring in or that you can align yourself into to spice that up,” but know that it’s also OK to just slow down and let things happen naturally.


Indigo Selah-Jael Witt, astrologer and Tiktok content creator focusing on interpreting the stars, spirituality, and pop culture

Beverly Francis, astrologer behind Elevation 44 on YouTube and owner of Four Tea Four