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The May 2023 Lunar Eclipse's Spiritual Meaning Is Intense

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If you’ve been knee-deep in luxury self-care products and #FoodTok recently, you’re definitely doing Taurus season the right way. As the Venus-ruled earth sign of the zodiac, this season is primarily about indulging in life’s finer things, even if they come with a hefty price tag. Your pleasure and comfort is a top priority, and you’re feeling far less concerned with making any sudden or drastic moves. As Mercury retrograde would have it, things probably feel like they’re moving very slow right now, but this is allowing you to take a moment to pause long enough to enjoy the stable, reliant values, assets, and comforts you have around you. However, as the upcoming lunar eclipse approaches, you’ll be prompted to assess the emotional weights that have been keeping you from peak satisfaction. While change may not be something you’re welcoming with open arms at the moment, the spiritual meaning of the May 2023 lunar eclipse is pushing for you to loosen your grip on any feelings or sensations rooted in scarcity and fear.

May’s eclipse — also referred to as the Flower Moon — is illuminating the deep, more intense emotions you’ve kept hidden from sight. Since the moon is considered to be in an uncomfortable position in Scorpio, there’s a difficulty being openly vulnerable with one’s feelings, making it challenging to identify and tend to your own needs and desires. Scorpio is a sign that prioritizes caution and is very careful not to overindulge, but sometimes, this energy can prevent you from indulging at all. This eclipse is an opportunity to consider how (or what) may be holding you back from true contentment, which is what Taurus season is all about.

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What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse takes place when the sun, Earth, and moon are all in alignment. The Earth passes between the sun and moon during this event, distorting the sun’s light and causing a shadow to be cast across the moon’s surface. It’s a time when major revelations tend to come to light; the May 2023 lunar eclipse in particular points to major emotional realizations. This could be a time when certain fears and concerns you didn’t even realize you were harboring finally come to light, so that you can address them head-on.

What Is A Flower Moon?

A Flower Moon is the nickname for May’s annual full moon. The difference between this year’s lunation versus most other years is that it also so happens to be a lunar eclipse. The name Flower Moon is due to the fact that flowers tend to spring up across the country during this month, which is also why May is considered to be the “month of flowers.”

When Will The May 2023 Flower Eclipse Take Place?

On May 5 at 1:34 PM EST, the full Flower Moon lunar eclipse will reach its peak in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, highlighting important emotional realizations for every zodiac sign. As the eclipse unfolds, you’ll be invited to take a look at where you’ve been exercising an excessive amount of control or carefulness — so much so, that it could be doing more harm than good. Since this eclipse is taking place along the South Node, you’re being prompted to allow yourself to experience the depths of intimacy and emotion without holding back. Vulnerability isn’t anything to be afraid of. Once you allow yourself to fully be open and receptive, you’re able to enjoy life and what it has to offer to the fullest. Self-discipline is an essential quality, but it’s important not to exercise so much restraint that you’re not experiencing true satisfaction.

The Scorpio-ruled house in your birth chart is where you’ll be prompted to free yourself from and old, outdated worries or concerns, and the Taurus-ruled house is where you’re being called to develop and lean into. Allow yourself to wallow in comfort and satisfaction this season. You can indulge in things without feeling like it has to be earned.

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