2 friends laying in the grass discussing Libra-Pisces friendship compatibility.

NGL, The Energy Between A Libra And A Pisces Can Feel Awkward And Uncomfortable

Friendship is still possible, though.

Every zodiac sign impacts the other in its own unique way. Even though your zodiac sign may not be traditionally “compatible” with someone else’s may not mean your relationship is doomed. You have a whole birth chart to account for. In more complex astrology, the level of compatibility between you and someone else depends on so much more than your sun sign. So even though the friendship compatibility between Libra and Pisces may seem less than ideal on the surface, it definitely doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed.

Libra and Pisces don’t commonly have the smoothest relationship. After all, Libra and Pisces technically form something called a “quincunx.” In astrology, a quincunx is a pretty awkward aspect to have between two zodiac signs. In layman’s terms, it means two zodiac signs sit exactly 150 degrees away from each other (or five zodiac signs apart). While it’s not the worst situation to have with another zodiac sign, it’s definitely not ideal. A quincunx basically means that the two respective zodiac signs have very little in common. Together, their energy can feel awkward and uncomfortable.

However, if you’re involved in a Libra and Pisces friendship, this doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Synastry accounts for your entire birth chart, so if you really click with your bestie, there are so many other reasons you may be totally compatible. But when it comes to Libra and Pisces, here’s what you need to know:


Both Libra And Pisces Are Incredibly Romantic And Idealistic Signs

One thing both Libra and Pisces can definitely agree in is their love for love. Libra is ruled by Venus — planet of romance and friendship — while Pisces is ruled by Jupiter — planet of extravagance and expansion — which are two planets that love to indulge on lust and beauty. You can rely on both Libra and Pisces to enjoy things like visiting art museums, shopping, and talking about their latest crushes.

However, They Embrace Love In Two Completely Different Ways

Even though they share the same love of romance, Libra and Pisces may have two rather different perspectives of love. Libra is a lighthearted, intellectual, and somewhat superficial air sign, while Pisces is a deep, emotional, and overly idealistic zodiac sign. While Libra might prefer to keep things slow at first, Pisces might fall head over heels fast. However, Libra could eventually become totally hooked, while Pisces could eventually feel tied down too easily.

Pisces May Be More Emotional While Libra Might Experience Things More Rationally

At the end of the day, Pisces is an incredibly sensitive zodiac sign while Libra might prefer to process things more intellectually. Pisces is a water sign that feels deeply, imagines alternate reality, and can’t help but lead with empathy wherever it goes. However, Libra is an air sign that sees things more logically. Because of their natural charm, Libra can befriend so many people and put up an agreeable front with ease.

Libra Tends To Be A Go-Getter While Pisces Prefers To Go With The Flow

One major difference between these two zodiac signs lies in the way they navigate life. Libra is a cardinal sign that leads with their heart, pushing the world to make way for their goals, dreams, and ambitions. However, Pisces is a mutable sign who could much rather take advantage of whatever opportunity they’re presented with. Pisces goes with the flow and tends to adapt to the changing situation, making do with what they have.