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Your June 2023 Horoscope Is Dramatic & Emotional For Every Zodiac Sign

Oh good, another retrograde 🙃

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Now that spring’s almost in the rearview, you not only have warm weather and longer days to look forward to, but the chatty, curious energy of Gemini season is also in effect. ‘Tis the season for engaging in stimulating conversations, learning new skills, and asking plenty of questions, especially now that Mercury is no longer retrograde. Overall, your June 2023 horoscope aims to get your wheels turning in more ways than one, but with Saturn’s first retrograde in Pisces and Pluto returning to Capricorn also happening this month, it may not be without some drama.

Important Astrological Dates In June 2023

  • June 3: Full moon in Sagittarius
  • June 17: Saturn stations retrograde
  • June 17: New moon in Gemini
  • June 21: Cancer season begins

June 2023 Astrological Overview

June begins on a hopeful note, as the full moon in Sagittarius takes place on June 3. Taking place in a mutable fire sign, June’s full moon (aka Strawberry Moon) seeks to broaden your horizons and allow you to envision what’s possible when you allow yourself to think bigger. Ruled by Jupiter, this lunation is about amplifying your dreams and aspirations, and illuminating your desire for liberation. Starting the month on an adventurous note is the perfect time to take risks. Sometimes life’s best moments happen outside of your comfort zone.

Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces on June 17, the same day the sun and moon conjoin in the socially curious sign of Gemini. This retrograde marks Saturn’s first in Pisces in about 30 years, marking a period of important revisions to your current boundaries and structures from now until Nov. 4. In Pisces, Saturn tends to struggle clearly defining where to draw the line; when retrograde, it can become even more difficult. As a result, this four-month period may be a time when you’re reconsidering the systems, rules, and structures that need to be in place in your Pisces-ruled house. Since a new moon will also take place on this day, it marks a moment of renewal for ideas, concepts, and opinions that could ultimately offer some assistance with the cloudiness and uncertainty that may also be present.

The sun shifts into the cardinal water sign of Cancer on June 21, marking the beginning of the summer solstice. As the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac, Cancer season is all about prioritizing your emotional needs, no matter how fleeting they may seem. This is a time to trust your gut and lead with feelings rather than rationality. Intuition tends to be stronger than ever this time of year, making it a fortunate time to make decisions that benefit from listening to your instincts. Allow yourself to feel things out. Your emotions are more trustworthy than you may think.

Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect from June’s astrology:

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June 2023 Horoscopes By Zodiac Sign

Aries June 2023 Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)

You’ll be exploring new heights in many ways this month, Aries, especially as the Sagittarius full moon unfolds on June 3. As a fellow fire sign, you’re always quick to jump at an opportunity to be spontaneous, and during this full moon, you’ll be feeling the sudden urge to do something out of the ordinary. Book a spontaneous trip, go skydiving — anything that gives you a thrill. This may also be a time when you’re realizing certain beliefs or philosophies you’ve kept no longer align with you. Feel free to let go of any mindset or ideal that’s been keeping you stuck.

You’ll be filled with new thoughts, opinions, and ideas on June 17, as the Gemini new moon takes place. This is a fortunate time for embarking on a new study or picking up a new skill — anything that stimulates you mentally. It’s essential that the activities you engage in during your pastime keep you engaged, and on this day, you’ll be feeling eager to participate in anything that keeps you guessing. Since Saturn will also be stationing retrograde on this day, the structures you’ve been building around your subconscious habits and routines will also be up for review until Nov. 4. This is bound to be a day when you’re feeling more restless than usual, so try to make use of this energy.

The sun shifts into the nurturing, intuitive sign of Cancer on June 21, shifting your focus to your home and private world. Now is the time to lean into the comfort of your natural habitat, and consider how your surroundings are keeping you emotionally fulfilled. Spend some time with a relative or roommate, or stock your fridge with your favorite comfort foods — anything that increases the feeling of safety in your home.

Taurus June 2023 Horoscope (April 19 - May 21)

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 3 is highlighting the ways you give generously to others, Taurus. While your giving spirit doesn’t go unnoticed, this full moon may be a time to consider just how much of your time, assets, or energy you’re giving away to others. If you’ve been feeling like your efforts haven’t been appreciated, now may be the time to adjust your boundaries. This may also signify a large purchase, or paying off a debt. Getting your financial affairs in order is a major theme for you this month, and this lunation is an indicator that you’re definitely making progress.

Saturn stations retrograde on June 17, bringing forth a period of review surrounding your friendships, community groups, and alliances. Since March 25, Saturn has been increasing structure, responsibility, and the need for boundaries in this area, but from now until Nov. 4, you’ll be called to reconsider some of these themes. Have you been offering so much support to others that you’ve neglecting yourself? If so, this retrograde is the perfect time to tighten the reins.

On the same day, the sun and moon will conjoin in the chatty, conversational sign of Gemini, bringing new ideas around how to best utilize your resources to the forefront. It’s a fortunate time for embarking on new financial endeavors or securing new possessions, especially if they allow you to brainstorm and try new things. You’re not one to have an overly serious perspective on finances, and this new moon is a good time to take advantage of that.

On June 21, the sun will shift into the sensitive sign of Cancer, inviting you to prioritize the ways you connect with your immediate surroundings. This month, you may find yourself finding comfort in places that are close to home — perhaps your local grocery store, coffee shop, or park. You find security in your local area, and Cancer season is the ideal time to lean in the safety your city provides. You may also find yourself engaging in activities that carry a sense of nostalgia with them, like re-reading your favorite book, or chatting with a childhood friend. Anything that feels familiar is a good use of your time.

Gemini June 2023 Horoscope (May 21 - June 22)

Your romantic relationships will require your attention on June 3, as the Sagittarius full moon unfolds in your seventh house. You’ve been eager to broaden your perspectives and think big since your season began, but this lunation is highlighting the ways other people enlighten you. Whether it’s through a partner’s wise words or a spontaneous adventure with a loved one, your connections with others are pushing you outside of your comfort zone this month. Be sure to take full advantage of any teachable moments that arise during this lunation, because they promise to take your relationships to new heights.

On June 17, Saturn will station retrograde in Pisces, marking the beginning of a four-month revision surrounding your boundaries at work. As someone who enjoys fluidity in their profession, you’ve been met with the task of tightening the rope in this area of your life since March. However, as the retrograde begins, you’ll be prompted to reconsider some of the structures and systems in place in your professional life. Are you taking on too much responsibility and feeling burnt out? If so, this may be the perfect time to take a vacation. Anything that allows you to develop healthy limitations in your career.

A new moon in your sign will also take place on June 17, making this the most significant day of the month for you. As the sun and moon conjoin in your first house, you’ll be stepping into a new chapter of self-discovery. You’ve always been one to ask all the questions, and on this day, you’ll want to know everything. Expect to engage in conversations that place your opinions and perspectives front and center — everyone will want to hear what you have to say.

The sun shifts into the moody, nurturing sign of Cancer on June 21, bringing awareness to your personal money, possessions, and resources. You’ll be looking for emotional fulfillment in how you spend your money now, Gemini, so be mindful of impulsive shopping. While this is a fortunate time for making purchases that support your needs, the lunar vibe of this season could cause things to fluctuate.

Cancer June 2023 Horoscope (June 22 - July 20)

Your habits and daily rituals will be front and center as the Sagittarius full moon unfolds on June 3. As the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac, you seek plenty of room for fluctuations in your routines, and this full moon is a moment for you to consider how you can further lean into that. While you’re a creature of habit in many ways, you thrive when your schedule allows for some spontaneity. Try to do something out of the ordinary on this day, even if it’s as simple as going to a different grocery store, or taking the scenic route home from work. As much as you enjoy consistency in many ways, you’ll always seek excitement in the mundane side of life.

Saturn will station retrograde on June 17, loosening the structures and boundaries you’ve been setting around your spiritual beliefs and world views. While Saturn hasn’t been too strict in Pisces, it’s allowed you to take some of your studies and desire to experience the world around you more seriously. This retrograde signifies a period of review, allowing you to redefine the rules and routines you aim to implement in this area.

A new moon will take place in the curious, conversational sign of Gemini on June 17, bringing up new questions around how engage in mentally stimulating practices behind closed doors. Taking place in your 12th house, this lunation is a time to recharge your batteries through activities that get you thinking. Do some journaling, or have a three-hour tea session with your friend over the phone — anything that allows you to process information from the comfort of your private bubble.

The sun steps into your sign on June 21, bringing you back to center and illuminating your best qualities. You’re more yourself than ever this time of year, Cancer, and this season is a time to get reacquainted with your emotional needs. You may find yourself wearing your heart on your sleeve more than usual, or tapping into your intuitive, maternal instincts easily. However, be mindful of how much of yourself you’re giving away to others. This season is about you, so try to keep your desires at the forefront.

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Leo June 2023 Horoscope (July 20 - Aug. 21)

You’ll be seeking freedom through your passions and hobbies on June 3, when the full moon in Sagittarius takes place in your fifth house. As the sun-ruled fire sign of the zodiac, you’re always in the mood to have some fun, and that’s exactly what this lunation will be highlighting for you. How are your leisure activities bringing you more excitement and adventure? You’re a thrill-seeker by nature, and this full moon is the perfect time to try something outside of your comfort zone, just because. Feel free to let your hair down, Leo. Summer’s just around the corner.

On June 17, Saturn will station retrograde, slowing down some of the restrictions and limitations you’ve been experiencing in your shared assets and resources. This gives you an opportunity to readjust some of your obligations, to make sure that you’re not in over your head. If you’ve bitten off more than you can chew in your finances, now is a fortunate time to reel it in, and reconsider what you may have signed up for.

The sun and moon conjoin in the chatty sign of Gemini on June 17, sparking new conversations in your community and social groups. You’re used to being the center of attention, Leo, but on this day, making new friends and engaging in stimulating discourse with others will be your top priority. If you’ve been wanting to join a new network or join forces with an ally, now is the best time to do so. Discourse is bound to go smoothly today, so don’t be afraid to engage in plenty of conversations.

The sun (aka your chart ruler) shifts into Cancer on June 21, marking a season of withdrawal and introspection for you, Leo. This is a time when you may not be feeling like your usual social self. Use this month as a time to recharge your batteries and cater to the emotional needs of yours that you may have been neglecting. With your season right around the corner, you’ll need all the rest you can get.

Virgo June 2023 Horoscope (Aug. 21 - Sept. 22)

On June 3, the full moon in Sagittarius will illuminate your desire for freedom and expansion in your home environment and private world. You may be gearing up for a big move, or making some major changes in your household now, aligning with your ultimate desire for growth here. As much as you enjoy structure and routine, you seek adventure behind closed doors, and this full moon is reconnecting you with that desire. While it may be out of the ordinary for you, feel free to be spontaneous on this day, Virgo. If you want more, you have to think bigger.

On June 17, Saturn will station retrograde in your seventh house of romantic relationships, slowing down some of the responsibilities and duties you’ve been embracing here since March. So far, this transit has called for you to take on more obligations in your partnerships with others, and while you may not exactly be complaining, the retrograde is the perfect time to refine the ways you show up for others. If you’ve been overextending yourself, now is the time to reconsider how much support you’re able to offer other people.

That same day, the Gemini new moon will take place in your 10th house of career, bringing new beginnings forward in this area. As the other Mercury-ruled sign of the zodiac, you’ve always got plans and ideas you’re working on, and on this day, you’ll be putting some of these thoughts into action in your professional world. You may even find yourself front and center today, offering valuable information to your peers or colleagues. It’s the perfect day for attending a job fair, or networking — anything that allows you to utilize your communication skills.

The sun shifts into the nurturing, sensitive sign of Cancer on June 21, shifting your focus to your friendships and alliances. You’ve always been the mom friend, Virgo, and this season is amplifying your desire to take care of your community. You may find yourself being a shoulder cry on or offering a listening ear more than usual this month, allowing you to create deeper, more intimate bonds with the people around you.

Libra June 2023 Horoscope (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

Your’ll be experiencing some noticeable aha moments as the Sagittarius full moon unfolds on June 3. Taking place in your third house, this lunation is spotlighting your need to be enlightened by the information you consume on a daily basis. Whether it be through books you’re reading or podcasts you’re listening to, you’re always on the hunt for the truth, Libra — and this full moon is bringing some important revelations to the forefront for you. As long as you remain open-minded, today will be full of important realizations for you.

On June 17, Saturn will station retrograde in your sixth house, prompting you to re-assess your boundaries and responsibilities in your daily habits, health, and routines. This retrograde is giving you an opportunity to re-evaluate how you’re making use of your time and energy, so if you’ve been wanting to implement some newer, healthier habits, now is a moment to do so.

June’s new moon takes place in the chatty, social sign of Gemini, bringing new beginnings to your quest for more knowledge and wisdom. As a fellow air sign, you’re always looking for new ways to broaden your mind through collecting new information, and on this day, you’ll be seeking stimulation through different philosophies and belief systems. Get curious about the world around you today, Libra. The world is your oyster.

The sun shifts into Cancer on June 21, bringing acknowledgement and awareness to your career and professional world. This month, you’ll be called to nurture others through your work, inviting you to fully embrace a caretaker role. This could lead to you offering emotional support to a coworker, or holding space for a client who may need a listening ear. Either way, your ability to cater to other people’s needs will be front and center this month.

Scorpio June 2023 Horoscope (Oct. 21 - Nov. 22)

One June 3, the full moon in Sagittarius will take place, illuminating the opportunity for freedom and expansion in your finances. This could signify the securing of a big purchase, or a substantial shift in your income. Either way, the possibilities are endless when it comes to where your money and possessions can take you. While you tend to be someone who moves with caution, allow yourself to take risks with what you have. Investing in yourself will never be a waste of time.

Saturn stations retrograde on June 17, prompting you to reassess your boundaries around pleasure, creativity, and sexual expression. Since Saturn shifted into Pisces back in March, you’ve felt an increased level of responsibility in this area. However, from now until Nov. 4, you’ll be reevaluating how you maintain discipline in this area.

June’s new moon also takes place on June 17, in the social, curious sign of Gemini. On this day, a new beginning will unfold in your shared resources and assets. This new moon is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf in your finances, Scorpio — pay off debts you owe, make some investments, or re-work your budget. Feel free to brainstorm new ways of maximizing your resources, too — the energy of this lunation is perfect for coming up with new ideas.

On June 21, the sun will shift into Cancer, highlighting your current belief systems and outlooks on the world around you. This season is an ideal time for traveling, or exploring life outside of your comfort zone. You feel most at home when you’re expanding your horizons, so feel free to prioritize any kind of enlightenment this month.

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Sagittarius June 2023 Horoscope (Nov. 22 - Dec. 19)

You’re the main character this month, Sagittarius, especially during the full moon in your first house on June 3. During this lunation, your desire to share knowledge and wisdom with the world will be illuminated, and your ability to enlighten others will be placed front and center. Feel free to speak your truth loudly and proudly, go on a random adventure, or making a spontaneous decision. It’s safe to say that luck is on your side now, so feel free to take full advantage of this energy.

On June 17, Saturn will station retrograde in your fourth house of home and family, softening some of the structures and boundaries that you’ve been implementing here since March. If you’ve been struggling to adjust to newfound responsibilities here, the retrograde will allow you to figure out new ways of navigating the duties present in your private world.

The sun and moon conjoin in Gemini this month, bringing new beginnings to your romantic relationships. You learn a lot from the people you surround yourself with, and on this day, you’ll be engaging in stimulating conversations with your loved ones. Be sure to pay close attention to what you’re discussing with others today, Sagittarius. Many of these chats could lay the groundwork for future plans and ideas.

On June 21, the sun will shift into Cancer, shifting your focus over to caring and nurturing the intimate connections in your life. You’re a naturally selfless person, Sagittarius, and as a result, it’s important that you don’t overextend yourself this season. There’s nothing wrong with lending a helping hand, but you must make sure that your needs are getting met in return.

Capricorn June 2023 Horoscope (Dec. 19 - Jan. 20)

June’s full moon is fueling your desire to withdraw and retreat on June 3, Capricorn, so be sure to unplug from the world if you’re in need of some alone time. As someone who enjoys maintaining a busy schedule, this lunation may prompt you to slow down in ways you’re not always comfortable with. Fortunately, it’s serving as a much-needed reminder that rest and recovery are, in fact, a productive use of your time. Go silent on social media for the day and go on a solo drive. Trust me, you’re bound to feel recharged just hanging out by yourself.

On June 17, Saturn (aka your chart ruler) will station retrograde in your third house, bringing forth a four-month period of review to your current ideas and perspectives. As the disciplined sign of the zodiac, the relaxed nature of this retrograde may cause you to feel a bit spacey, but it’s inspiring you in the best ways. Be sure to keep up with any of the thoughts or plans you come up with during this four-month period, Capricorn. Your imagination should be inspire some new endeavors down the line.

The sun and moon conjoin in Gemini on June 17, bringing curious, new energy to your current habits and routines. You’re someone who likes to adhere to a strict regimen in many areas of life, but when it comes to your daily habits, you like to leave space for change. On this day, you’ll be eager to accomplish tasks that stimulate you mentally. So much so, that it may be difficult to complete one thing before jumping to the next. Don’t let that discourage you, though — just try to remain flexible.

The summer solstice will begin on June 21, as the sun shifts into your sister sign of Cancer. This season aims to illuminate your desire for emotional support in your romantic relationships, encouraging you to lean into the people that allow you to be your most vulnerable self. Since this energy opposes your natural instincts, this season may shed light on a part of yourself you’re not always eager to embrace, but it’s still super necessary. Lean into your intimate relationships this month, Capricorn.

Aquarius June 2023 Horoscope (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19)

On June 3, the full moon in Sagittarius will illuminate your friendships and social groups. This is a fortunate day for networking and embarking on adventures with your friends, Aquarius — anything that brings you closer to your community. This could also signify a time where old connections are ending, and new alliances are being formed. You seek plenty of freedom and expansion in your relationships, so expect today’s aha moment to be centered around that.

On June 17, Saturn (aka your chart ruler), will station retrograde in your second house of money and resources. This four-month cycle is a time to refine and restructure your finances, especially if you’ve been facing some struggles in this area. While asserting strict rules may be a challenge here, you’ll be revising the ways you buckle down when it comes to your spending habits.

The Gemini new moon unfolds the same day, initiating new creative passions and hobbies in your life. This is a fortunate day for getting involved in activities that stimulate your mind, and could be a very social day for your love life and romantic endeavors. Feel free to mingle and flirt to your heart’s content today, Aquarius. It’s bound to be very entertaining.

On June 21, the sun shifts into the nurturing sign of Cancer, illuminating your current habits, routines, and rituals. Listen to your body this month, Aquarius — what’s it telling you? Now may be a time where you’re shifting your eating habits or tweaking your schedule so that it supports ebb and flow. It’s OK if you can’t commit to a super structured day-to-day, as long as you’re listening to what your body’s telling you.

Pisces June 2023 Horoscope (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Your need for growth and expansion in your career and professional life is being highlighted on June 3, as the Sagittarius full moon takes place. You’ve always enjoyed moving freely in your work, but on this day, you’ll be met with some clarity pertaining to how you can evolve in this area. If you’ve been feeling restricted in your vocation, now may be the time to explore any new possibilities that have recently been revealed to you.

On June 17, Saturn will station retrograde in your sign, softening some of the personal responsibilities and duties you’ve been embracing since March. This four-month period should be a time where you’re feeling less pressure, allowing you to make some adjustments if you’ve been feeling weighed down or burnt out. Just try not to let your self-discipline slip, Pisces. You still have the power to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

The sun and moon conjoin in the chatty sign of Gemini on June 17, bringing new beginnings forward in your home and family life. This could signify a change in your living situation, or a surge in new ideas around how you can make your home more engaging.

Cancer season begins on June 21, highlighting your need for emotional fulfillment to the forefront regarding your hobbies and passions. Go ahead and have fun this season, Pisces, your pleasure is all that matters right now. Allow yourself to create intuitively, without concerning yourself too much with the outcome. Creativity serves as an emotional outlet for you now, so be sure to let all your feelings out.

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