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Your July 2023 Horoscope Prioritizes Passion & Self-Love For Every Sign

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Hot girl summer is here, and she didn’t come to play. While the astrology of last month was a pretty painless transition out of the spring equinox (aside from Saturn retrograde), the astrological events that are approaching are far more expressive, bold, and passionate. With the summer solstice now fully in motion, you can expect to feel a major ego boost as the sun shifts into the expressive, confident sign of Leo this month. And, with Venus stationing retrograde in this fiery, fixed sign the same day, your July 2023 horoscope is placing your desire for recognition and acknowledgement front and center. Don’t be afraid to take up plenty of space.

Important Astrological Dates In July 2023

  • July 3: Full moon in Capricorn
  • July 17: New moon in Cancer
  • July 22: Leo season begins
  • July 22: Venus stations retrograde

July 2023 Astrological Overview

July kicks off on a more realistic note as the full moon in Capricorn unfolds on July 3. This lunation is illuminating the collective desire for refinement, discipline, and structure in the birth charts of every sign. Although Cancer season has focused primarily on your emotional needs, in order to truly feel the most at home, a certain level of regulation, tradition, and self-control is required. Taking place in the sign of the moon’s detriment, this full moon will less about your feelings and inclinations, and more about logic and reasoning. It’s a fortunate time for starting a project or endeavors that requires patience, planning, and forethought. Think of it as a more serious way to start the month, before the drama unfolds.

On July 17, the sun and moon will conjoin in the nurturing, receptive sign of Cancer, marking a moment of renewal for your emotional desires and instincts. This is a time for a reset regarding what you need to feel safe and secure, prompting everyone to lead with their fluctuating feelings and urges. Since the moon will be in her home sign on this day, it’ll be easier to acknowledge and process your emotions and requirements. However, you may find that some of these feelings are somewhat fleeting, so be mindful of making permanent decisions based on a temporary mood. Go with your gut today, but remember that what you may require today could change tomorrow.

Fire is introduced to the cosmos on July 22, as the sun shifts the sign of Leo, the sign of its rulership. This will shift collective focus to the desire to be visible, acknowledged, and appreciated for your efforts, gifts, and talents. This is a fortunate season for putting yourself out there and taking up space, no matter how dramatic it may appear to others. The Leo-ruled house in your birth chart is where you’ll notice this spotlight the most, especially as Venus stations retrograde here on the same day.

Venus, the planet of love, unity, and creativity will be retrograding through the cosmos from July 22 to Sept. 3, prompting you to reconsider how you relate and connect to those around you. In Leo, Venus is primarily concerned with feeling valued and seen in relationships, and as a result, this 40-day period will be about prioritizing your needs in dynamics with others. While this may feel like a more self-serving period, this retrograde is a moment to consider how your needs are being met — and if they’re being overlooked, it’s an opportunity to voice these concerns. This will also be a time where you’ll want to feel more noticed by others, and could signify a period of increased confidence and courage to put yourself out there. You’ll notice this emphasis most specifically in the house Leo rules in your birth chart, as well as the houses that Venus rules (Taurus and Libra).

Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect from July’s astrology:

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July 2023 Horoscope By Zodiac Sign

Aries July 2023 Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)

The full moon in Capricorn on July 3 is highlighting your desire for achievements and success in your career, Aries, making this an ideal time for refining some of your professional goals. This may also be a day when a project you’ve been working on comes to completion, or you embark on a new long-term endeavor that requires plenty of plenty of planning and organization. Although this energy is much more serious than you’re used to, expect to feel much more focused and motivated to complete anything you currently set your mind to.

On July 17, the Cancer new moon will bring forth new beginnings to your home and family life, inviting you to lean into the needs and emotions that only your family and environment can provide. It’s a fortunate time for restoring comfort and solace behind closed doors, stocking up on your favorite snacks, or re-watching a nostalgic movie from your childhood. While today’s pace may be slower than you typically like, be sure to recharge your batteries today, Aries. While it may not be an outwardly productive day, your emotional cup will feel full.

The sun shifts into your fifth house of creativity and passions on July 22, illuminating your desire to express yourself boldly through your hobbies and leisure activities. This month is all about prioritizing activities that bring you joy and a sense of fulfillment, Aries, which will naturally bring you increased attention and acknowledgement. However, as Venus stations retrograde here the same day, you’ll be prompted to reconsider the ways you experience pleasure and fulfillment from now until Sept. 3. Feel free to release anything that isn’t in support of your happiness now, Aries.

Taurus July 2023 Horoscope (April 19 - May 21)

This month, you’ll be taking your current studies and perspectives more seriously, as the Capricorn full moon unfolds on July 3. If you’ve been lacking structure or disciplined in your current spiritual practices, you’ll be more inclined to buckle down now. As an earth sign, you’re no stranger to commitment — and as a result this full moon’s energy should feel pretty familiar to you. It may also be an opportunity to do some traveling, or step outside of your comfort zone a bit. Not too much, though — you’re still a creature of habit, after all.

July’s new moon is bringing new beginnings forward in your current thoughts, ideas, and immediate environment. Now is the time to lean into the comforts that your close surroundings have to offer, Taurus. Visit your favorite family-owned coffee shop, or share a heart-to-heart moment with a sibling or close relative. You’ll be feeling inclined to explore the world around you now, as long as it’s not too far from home. You may also feel more emotionally inclined to voice your opinions with those around you, but these outlooks are bound to be fueled by feelings over anything else. As a result, these thoughts may be subject to change — so feel free to let them come and go as they please.

On July 22, the sun will shift into Leo, bringing attention and acknowledgement to your home and family life. You’re used to being the main character in your natural habitat, Taurus, but this season, you’ll be eager to express yourself more boldly behind closed doors. Whether you’re hosting a housewarming or adding pops of color to your decor, your residence is bound to take on a more glamorous look this month. And, as Venus (AKA your chart ruler) stations retrograde the same day, you’ll be revising the ways you experience pleasure at home. It’s important that you feel proud of the home you live in, and now is a time to consider how you can make it shine.

Gemini July 2023 Horoscope (May 21 - June 22)

On July 3, the Capricorn full moon will illuminate your desire for refinement and discipline in your shared resources and financial affairs. While this lunation is bringing more tradition into your life than you’re typically used to, it’s allowing you to get serious about the responsibilities you’ve signed up for in your intimate relationships with others. This is a fortunate time for paying down any debt, or taking a closer look at your current budgets and accounts.

As the Cancer new moon unfolds on July 17, you’ll be turning over a new leaf in the area of personal possessions and resources. Now may be a time where you’re securing items that maintain more sentimental value, or fulfill you in an emotional way. As a result, you may feel more inclined to make impulsive purchases now, so be mindful of your spending. However, this may be a fortunate time for securing things that comfort and support you.

The sun shifts into Leo on July 22, spotlighting your current thoughts and ideas. It’s time to do what you do best this season, Gemini, which is speak your mind loudly and proudly. You may find yourself putting your opinions and perspectives on display more than usual now, or gaining attention for your concepts and perspectives. Since Venus is stationing retrograde in Leo the same day, you’ll be inclined to connect with others who share similar interests as you do, but it may challenge the ways you like to stand out on your own. Feel free to focus on your solo interests now, but don’t shy away from collaborations or opportunities to join forces with others.

Cancer July 2023 Horoscope (June 22 - July 20)

Your romantic relationships will be placed front and center on July 3, as the Capricorn full moon unfolds in your seventh house. While you’re typically a fan of ebb and flow, it’s important for your partnerships to offer you a strong sense of stability. This full moon is highlighting your need for structure in your love life, and may bring forth important revelations in your connections. You’re not asking for too much by wanting a reliable partner, Cancer, so don’t feel guilty for voicing these needs now.

You’ll be the main character on July 17, as the Cancer new moon unfolds in your first house of self-expression. This new moon is prompting you to shift focus back to your personal needs, Cancer, so be sure to consider what you need in order to feel secure and comfortable. Despite how fleeting some of the decisions you make may be, it’s more about fulfilling your emotional needs than making permanent decisions. Go with the flow, as long as you’re putting yourself first.

On July 22, the sun will shift into your second house, bringing attention to your personal resources and finances. You’ll be finding plenty of pride in what you own now, and may find yourself finding new ways to enjoy what’s currently in your possession. Treating yourself is also bound to be more of a theme now, as Venus stations retrograde the same day. While this is a fortunate time for treating yourself, it’ll be important to be mindful of your spending from now until Sept. 3.

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Leo July 2023 Horoscope (July 20 - Aug. 21)

You’ll be starting off the month rolling up your sleeves, Leo, as the Capricorn full moon unfolds in your sixth house. You are someone who appreciates consistency, and Cancer season has prompted many fluctuations when it comes to your daily habits — something you may not be particularly enjoying. Fortunately, the lunation on July 3 will illuminate the stability you’ve been meaning to implement into your routines. If you’ve been aiming for certain health or wellness goals, this may be when you start to notice your progress.

You’ll be feeling called to retreat into your bubble on July 17, as the new moon in Cancer takes place. Since your chart ruler (the sun) is currently in your 12th house, this is bound to be a time to recharge your batteries behind closed doors. Before your season begins, it’s important to tend to any of your emotional needs that you tend to neglect, no matter how uneventful it may seem. Have a good cry, or jot down any feelings you’ve been harboring. Trust me, you’re bound to feel emotionally reset once the day is done.

On July 22, the sun (AKA your chart ruler) will step into your first house, returning to its home sign. This is your season, Leo, which means, naturally, all eyes will be on you. Fortunately, you’ll be feeling confident and capable of handling all of the attention, and you’ll be feeling ready to share your light with the world. While external validation won’t be hard to get this season, this time is about how you honor and affirm yourself. As Venus stations retrograde in your sign the same day, you’ll be considering how you value and accept yourself over the next 40 days. Self-love is incredibly essential, and this retrograde is a time to ensure that you’re caring for yourself, loud and proud.

Virgo July 2023 Horoscope (Aug. 21 - Sept. 22)

You’ll be prioritizing pleasure and fulfillment on July 3, as the Capricorn full moon unfolds. While it may not always be easy for you to unwind, you’ll be committed to a passion project or activity today. It’s a fortunate time for going on dates, or enjoying the company of a close companion. As long as your primary focus is enjoying yourself, you’re doing it right, Virgo. Now is not a time to take yourself seriously, but instead, let loose in your own way.

The Cancer new moon on July 17 is creating opportunities for new connections in your social life, Virgo. As the mom friend of the zodiac, you’re always looking for ways to support and nurture your community, and this lunation may be a time to show up for a friend or organization in need. You may also find yourself socializing and forming new alliances now, Virgo, so be sure to put yourself out there.

On July 22, the sun shifts into the expressive sign of Leo, marking the start of a deep introspective period for you. As the sun travels through your 12th house, you’ll be focusing your attention inwards, towards your desire for internal validation and acceptance. While you’re not a fan of being the center of attention, it’s important for you to prioritize yourself, even if it’s only behind closed doors. Venus will also be stationing retrograde in Leo today, starting a 40 day reflection period around how you show yourself love. While you may consider the self-love movement to be a little cheesy, you deserve to feel like a hot girl, Virgo. Be your own biggest fan.

Libra July 2023 Horoscope (Sept. 22 - Oct. 21)

Important responsibilities and obligations in your home and family will be highlighted during the Capricorn full moon on July 3. You take the role you play in your household very seriously, Libra, and on this day, you’ll be keen on getting organized and refined in your private world. You may be busying yourself with a home improvement project, or lending a helping hand to a relative or roommate. Whatever you’re doing, your progress will be noticeable in your private world now.

As the Cancer new moon unfolds on July 17, marking the beginning of a new chapter in your professional life. On this day, your desire to nurture and care for others through the work you do will be stronger than ever, inviting you to lean into these urges. It’s important that your work feels emotionally fulfilling, Libra, so be sure to consider what you need in this area in order to feel right at home.

The sun shifts into its home sign of Leo on July 22, shifting your focus over to your friendships and community. You may find yourself socializing more than usual, this month, Libra — something you’re eager to welcome with open arms. As the relationship-oriented sign of the zodiac, it’s important that you feel seen and appreciated by your peers, and this season is bound to bring this attention your way — especially as Venus stations retrograde in Leo. Since Venus is your chart ruler, you’ll be considering how others see and validate you now, and whether or not they’re cheering you on in the way you deserve.

Scorpio July 2023 Horoscope (Oct. 21 - Nov. 22)

On July 3, important information will be revealed to you as the Capricorn full moon takes place in your third house. If you’ve been searching for answers, Scorpio, you’ll be getting them today. Not only that, but expect any important details to support any long-term plans or goals you’ve been considering to reveal themselves. This full moon may also mark the end of your studies or education pursuits, or you may experience a revelation around something you’ve been learning. Soak up as much information as you can today, Scorpio — trust me, there will be plenty to absorb.

July’s new moon takes place on July 13, marking the start of an emotional reset in your current spiritual beliefs and perspectives. You’ll be more inclined to trust in concepts that feel safe and familiar, maybe even philosophies your ancestors upheld. It’s also a fortunate time for traveling to places that feel like your home away from home, or to your family’s place of origin. Broadening your perspectives is a main priority now, but don’t worry — you won’t be too far removed from your comfort zone.

The sun shifts into Leo on July 22, bringing acknowledgement and attention to your public affairs. While you tend to be a pretty private person, now is the time to put all of your hard work on display, Scorpio. It deserves recognition, and this month, you’re bound to get the flowers you deserve. You may find yourself thrust into the spotlight, or showcasing a passion project of yours. Be sure to prepare for any changes, though, especially as Venus stations retrograde here the same day. This 40 day cycle will prompt you to re-consider your relationship to the work you’re sharing. Are you proud of what you’re creating, and is it an accurate extension of your persona? If not, it may be time to make some changes.

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Sagittarius July 2023 Horoscope (Nov. 22 - Dec. 19)

You’ll be starting off improving and organizing your finances, Sagittarius, as the Capricorn full moon takes place on July 3. Although today is an optimal time for refining your budget and personal resources, it’s also a fortunate time for enjoying the fruits of your labor. You may have just secured a large purchase after months of saving, or getting a well-deserved raise. Either way, you’ll be taking a closer look at your material success today. Just try not to be too critical — the fruits of your labor are meant to be enjoyed.

On July 17, the sun and moon will conjoin in the nurturing sign of Cancer, inviting you to seek comfort and emotional security through your intimate relationships with others. While this is an emotionally heightened time for you, you may find that other people are seeking your advice or support more than usual. Try not to spread yourself too thin today, Sagittarius — while you’re always incredibly generous with your time and energy, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with everyone else’s problems.

The sun shifts into the fiery, expressive sign of Leo on July 22, highlighting your need for wisdom, insight, and enlightenment. Now is the time for broadening your horizons and exploring the world around you, Sagittarius — something you live for. Go on a trip, or do something outside of the norm – anything that reconnects you with your lust for life. Since Venus will also be stationing retrograde in Leo now, you’ll be reconsidering how you connect with your love for life and liberation. You may find yourself revisiting an old study or interest, or falling in love with a new culture or location over the next 40 days.

Capricorn July 2023 Horoscope (Dec. 19 - Jan. 20)

On July 3, the full moon in your first house of self will take place, shedding light on how you express and share yourself with the world around you. If you’ve been wrapped up in the emotional ebb and flow of Cancer season, this full moon is re-centering you in a way that you can appreciate and understand. You’re learning a lot about yourself this month through your relationships, but today is all about how you show up for yourself. This may mark the beginning of a new personal goal or achievement you’re setting your sights on, or a time to tighten your belt when it comes to personal discipline. Either way, today is all about you, Capricorn.

The Cancer new moon on July 13 is ushering in new beginnings in your romantic relationships, inviting you to lean into the emotional security they provide. Although you tend to maintain a calm, cool, and collected demeanor, now is the time to connect with your loved ones on an emotional level. Allow yourself to get vulnerable now, Capricorn — trust me, the people in your life will welcome these feelings with open arms.

On July 22, the sun will shift into your eighth house, bringing awareness to your shared resources, assets, and relations with others. This month, you’ll feel more concerned with your finances and obligations, particularly the ones that you may share with other people. As Venus stations retrograde the same day, your intimate bonds and connections may experience some important revisions. If you’ve been overextending yourself in your relationships, this retrograde may prompt you to adjust some of the boundaries in your relationship. It’s important that you feel seen and appreciated by those you’re taking care of, Capricorn, even if you struggle admitting it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel valued — especially since you’re offering so much support to others.

Aquarius July 2023 Horoscope (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19)

On July 3, the Capricorn full moon will encourage you to withdraw into your private world, Aquarius. This is a time to pull the curtain back on any bad habits or tendencies you’ve been participating in that are working against you, so that you can get them under control. Although today’s energy is fortunate for being productive, the best thing you can do for yourself now is rest and recharge. It’s important that you take your down time seriously, especially as someone who’s always on the move.

On July 13, the sun and moon will conjoin in your sixth house, marking the start of something new in your current rituals and daily routines. While you tend to be someone who seeks consistency on a regular basis, it’s important to be more receptive to what your body’s telling you. You need different things on different days, Aquarius — you’re human, not a robot. Feel free to let this new moon energy guide you towards things that feel good in the moment, no matter how fleeting they may be.

The sun shifts into the vibrant sign of Leo on July 22, spotlighting your romantic relationships and partnerships. You’ll find yourself leaning more into your connections with others this season, as well as seeking more validation and attention than you’re usually comfortable with. You’re the main character in your relationships now, Aquarius, so feel free to bask in the limelight. Since Venus will be stationing retrograde in Leo the same day, you’ll be re-evaluating the ways you aim to be seen and understood by the people around you. Voice your needs loud and proud — they deserve to be heard.

Pisces July 2023 Horoscope (Feb. 19 - March 20)

The Capricorn full moon on July 3 will shed light on your friendships and social groups as the month kicks off. You’re someone who takes companionship very seriously, Pisces, and on this day, you’ll be looking at your community through a more serious lens. This could be a time to mingle with new alliances, and leave some people you’ve outgrown behind. Either way, you’ll be considering what you really need in the long-run from your community, and whether or not these goals are currently being prioritized.

On July 13, the sun and moon will conjoin in your fifth house, prioritizing the hobbies and passions that emotionally fulfill and comfort you. As a fellow water sign, you’re always seeking depth and intimacy in your life, and on this day, you’ll be seeking new creative outlets that allow you to express your feelings. You may find yourself taking part in activities that feel safe and familiar. Use this energy to turn over a new leaf here — lean into things that serve as a healthy emotional outlet.

On July 22, the sun shifts into Leo, placing emphasis on your current habits, routines, and regimens. You may find yourself engaging in more self-care now, or minor activities that allow you to be creative and expressive. And, as Venus stations retrograde here the same day, you’ll be re-considering how you show yourself love even in the smallest ways from now until Sept. 3. If your habits haven’t been invigorating you, now may be the time to make some changes. Finding pleasure in the mundane parts of life is important for you, Pisces.