Young woman looking up during the 2023 full pink moon, which isn't actually pink.

OK, But Is The ~Pink~ Moon Actually Pink?

The first full moon of spring isn’t what you think.

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It was Audrey Hepburn who believed in the beautiful color of pink, and now that spring has sprung, we can find traces of it everywhere. The cherry blossoms are blooming, and April showers are bringing all the May flowers (and our allergies as well). The earth has come alive again, and after a long, cold winter, this time of year couldn’t be more refreshing. While Aries season not only marks the beginning of the astrological new year, it also promotes independence, assertion, and enthusiasm for every zodiac sign so you can start off this season the right way. As the full moon culminates in the opposite zodiac sign of Libra on Thursday, April 6, however, you’ll definitely be noticing a need for partnership, balance, and harmony in your life, which makes total sense, considering this full moon is annually coined the Pink Moon. Though this will probably leave you questioning whether the Pink Moon is actually pink, the symbolism of this full moon is incredibly powerful no matter what its color.

The very first full moon of spring, commonly referred to as the Pink Moon or the Paschal full moon, according to Farmer’s Almanac, symbolizes love, unity, and peace, since it always takes place in Libra, the Venus-ruled air sign of the zodiac. While Aries season is a great time to prioritize yourself, it’s important not to neglect your instinctive need for connection. As human beings, we’re stronger as a unit, and that’s essentially what the Pink Moon is all about.

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Is The Pink Moon Actually Pink?

Spoiler alert: The Pink Moon isn't actually pink. Most of us would really love it if the circle in the night sky took on the same color as our favorite crayon ("Tickle Me Pink", duh). But, unfortunately, science doesn't sugarcoat much, and the moon will display its usual bright white hue this month.

Since it's a full moon, you will be able to see everything your lovely lunar friend has to offer, assuming that the sky is clear. If you can find a place with very few bright lights (aka, steer clear of the skyscrapers in New York City) or air pollution, your odds will grow. Of course, if you're viewing the sky from a major city, try your best to look past the buildings and billboards for the real show.

With spring in full bloom, you won't miss a minute of life feeling pretty and pink. There's just something about the flowers and unlimited amounts of sunshine that puts most of us in a better mood, despite what the moon is doing. Stay sweet, keep smelling the roses, and know that any lunar show is never really a let down.

What Is The Pink Moon?

You know the meaning of a Blood Moon, so now you're probably wondering what this Pink Moon really means as well. The first full moon of spring gets the Pink Moon nickname “because the first flowers of the springtime tend to be pink,” Peter Geiger, editor of Farmer’s Almanac, previously told Elite Daily. Sometimes it can also be called the Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, or Hare Moon.

You see, the world is blooming again. The full moon for the peak of spring had to reflect the beauty we're bound to see at one point or another. According to, one of the first flowers that sprouts is known as the Wild Ground Phlox, and it covers the ground in North America with the color pink. Therefore, it was decided that the moon that comes out around this time should be called the pink moon.


What Does The 2023 Pink Moon Mean For Your Zodiac Sign?

As the moon fills up with light at 12:35 a.m. EST on April 6, the house in your birth chart governed by Libra will reach a culmination, asking that you find ways to compromise, unify, and mediate in this area of your life. While Aries season’s allowed each zodiac sign to become more familiar with their autonomy, it’s important to know how to meet in the middle. As the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac, Aries energy can be very “me first” at times, and while your sense of self should always be a priority, this full moon is a reminder that you don’t have to always do things on your own. Relationships are meant to support you; they don’t make you any less of a boss.

Though the Pink Moon on April 6 will highlight relationships, it will also emphasize art, beauty, and creative expression, which Libra is all about. This full moon is the perfect time to surround yourself with beautiful art, delicious food, and good company, especially as we collectively prepare for Taurus season, the other zodiac sign ruled by Venus. How you connect and indulge in the things that bring you pleasure will be highlighted on this day, so be sure to soak it all up.

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