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Elite Daily Newsletter: October 7, 2022

Three witch-approved love spells to try this Halloween, how to dress for your aura color, and more.


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3 Love Spells To Perform On Halloween

Whether you’re already a practicing witch or you’re simply witch-curious, Halloween is an excellent time to explore and make some magic of your own. These spells will help you bring your desires to life — and did you know that love spells can actually help you practice self care? READ MORE

This Is How Much Money You Can Actually Make By Selling Feet Pics

The premise has become something of a punchline on Instagram, where users will conceal their feet with emojis in photos. Whether they caption it or not, the joke is: no free feet pics. Are feet pics really an easy way to make money, though? Will posting close-ups of your wrinkly soles make you millions? Well, as with most big financial promises, the reality is more complicated. READ MORE


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The Fall Fashion Trend You Should Try Based On Your Aura Color

“We all have a relationship to our own energy and to others. These same ideals come into play with our clothing and how it makes us feel,” says aura stylist Susanna Merrick. You can begin to understand and tap into your aura by paying attention to and tuning into your moods, personality, and desires. There are a number of ways to figure out your aura color(hint: your zodiac sign is a great place to start) and once you’ve got it, buckle up. READ MORE

12 Affordable Furniture Finds To Transform Your Dorm Room This Fall

It's a truth universally acknowledged that online shopping is the best way to spend a study break. As fun as it sounds in theory, though, anyone who has actually been to college knows that finding items that suit your space *and* allow your personality to shine can be a truly daunting task. READ MORE


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