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You’re Steps Away From Finding Out The Color Of Your Aura

Here are four ways to figure out your special hue.

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Do you remember that movie Almost Famous? More specifically, the scene where William is trying to have a phone call with his mom, but a clairvoyant Band Aid keeps shouting, "Your aura is purple!" in his face? Well, that was the first time I had ever heard of auras, but the idea of a color belonging to someone immediately had me intrigued. I wondered to myself, what is an aura, exactly? How do you find out what your aura color is? And when I find out, will I finally have answers to age-old questions about my destiny?

While auras don't necessarily hold the key to the universe, they can say a lot about your current state of mind, as well as your purest essence as a human being. Each color in the auric spectrum originates from one of the seven chakras in your spirit. As your mood and perspective changes over time, so does the nature of your aura. The colors that reveal themselves through your aura signify the impact your energy has on not only yourself, but also the rest of the world.

Deciphering the meaning behind your aura colors can help you clarify the way you've been living your life. If you're not happy with what your aura says about the person you've been lately, you can then make necessary changes to your mindset that will help you leave a more positive mark on the world. Lucky for you, there are several ways you can find out what colors your aura is made of.

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1. Have Your Aura Photographed

The easiest and most straightforward way to analyze and interpret your aura is by having a photograph taken of it. There are several auric photography projects all over the world, with famous ones including Radiant Human, Halo Auragraphic, and Magic Jewelry. The way these photographs work is by having you place your hands on a biosensor that measures the temperature and electrical impulses present in your body. These take shape in the form of your aura, which a camera then captures.

Even if you don't care to know what your aura colors mean, these photographs are always incredibly beautiful and are an asset to anyone's Instagram feed.

2. Take A Quiz To Find Out Your Aura Color

While this is not the most precise form of aura reading, it is free of charge and takes little to no effort. If you also happen to be extremely self-aware, the results may even prove to be quite accurate. There are several aura reading quizzes online that you can choose from, with BuzzFeed's being a much faster quiz and Pamala Oslie's being much more in-depth.

Keep in mind that auras are so complex and nuanced that they can mean something much more specific to you than what a quiz result states. This is why I don't personally find quizzes to be the best way to understand the full picture of your aura.

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3. Have A Professional Read Your Aura

Being able to see someone's aura is considered a psychic skill and there are professional spiritualists, shamans, and clairvoyants who offer their skills as a service. If you'd like to go down this route, find someone reputable, experienced, and trustworthy. You definitely don't want your aura read by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.

Each reader has their own process, but it usually includes a ritual to cleanse, strengthen, and heal your aura after deciphering the specific nature your own spiritual needs.

4. Learn How To Read Auras On Your Own

Of course, everyone has psychic capabilities wedged somewhere inside of them. In fact, it is said that young children are all able to read auras (which explains why some people just make kids very upset for seemingly no reason). While they tend to lose this skill with age, there's no reason why they can't tap back into it again later on in life.

Learning how to read auras on your own takes patience and a lot of practice. There are several different exercises you can try out and there are many ways an aura can be deciphered. You may be able to see it, feel it, or even "hear" it, depending on your own psychic talents.

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