How To Heal Your Aura If You've Been Stressed Out Or Feeling Negative Lately

In order to get through life without succumbing to negative energy, protecting and cleansing your aura is vital. If you've ever had your aura read or photographed before, you may have noticed that parts of your energy were murky or lacking in color. This often indicates stress, deep-seated anger, resentment, insecurity, or any of the many negative or draining emotions in the human spectrum. Because your aura is a barrier that protects you from toxic outside forces, a weakness in your aura leaves you vulnerable to further harm. It's of the utmost importance that you understand how to heal your aura when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed by the stressors in life.

While you could hire a professional healer or shaman to cleanse and strengthen your energy, there are tons of ways you can heal your aura right in your very own home. The world is brimming with healing properties for you to utilize and, lucky for you, the most effective shield against negative energy lies in the power of your own mind. Here are a few ways you can replenish your aura on your own whenever you're feeling depleted, because your mental and spiritual health always comes first:

Smudge Your Aura

No, this does not mean burning sage and placing it on or near your skin, so definitely don't try that! To wash away negative and harmful energy from your aura, you can burn some sage, palo santo, copal, myrrh, or any other healing herbs or resins. Allow the smoke to billow over your body and soul. Find peace and contentment as the smoke pulls away toxicity from your energy field, cleansing your aura to a completely purified state.

Take A Shower Or Bath With Sea Salt

The healing properties of purified salt are simply endless. You can draw yourself a bath and toss in a handful of unrefined sea salts or Himalayan crystal salt. Mix in some calming essential oils, like lavender, rose, or ylang ylang, if you'd like. You can also rub the salt along your body in the shower or even take a dip in the ocean to really purify your aura.

Stand Barefoot In Nature

Remove your shoes and ground yourself on a patch of natural grass or dirt. This process of aura healing is called "earthing," and the revitalizing energy from mother nature will rush through your body, empowering and strengthening you from inside-out.

Heal With Crystals

The most powerful crystal to cleanse your aura with is selenite. Take a wand of selenite and move it across your heart, mind, and body. Find comfort in the crystal as it wipes away negativity from your being. Once you've been cleansed, introduce crystals like tourmaline or onyx into your life as a form of aura protection. You can also use loving, intuitive crystals like rose quartz or labradorite, to infuse your aura with harmony.

Spend Time In The Sun

Sunshine flushes your aura with stamina and positivity and reinvigorates your spirit. Just spending some time outdoors will expand and strengthen your aura. It's really that simple.

Use An Aura Cleansing Spray

While you can purchase aura cleansing sprays like Boundaries in a Bottle From HausWitch, you can also make your own at home. There are several DIY recipes for you to choose from and renowned crystal healer, Krista Mitchell, wrote a great one on her blog. Just simply spray it all around you, breathe in, and allow it to refresh your aura and protect you from negative energy before it attempts to bring you down.

Visualize Yourself Being Cleansed

Fortunately, cleansing your aura doesn't require anything other than the power of your imagination. If you don't have access to your crystals or your smudge sticks, all you have to do is close your eyes, breathe deeply, and meditate with a cleansing visual. You could imagine crystal clear water rushing against you, purifying your soul and being. You could also visualize a bright white light surrounding and enveloping you, protecting your aura from any form of darkness.