Elite Daily Newsletter: October 28, 2022

Kim Kardashian opens up about her mental health and self-care, Harry Styles had to cover all of his tattoos for My Policeman, and more.

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Kim Kardashian Talked To Elite Daily About Her Mental Health And Self-Care

Wow, it’s not every day that the Kween herself chats with us, let alone about something as vulnerable as her mental health! We learned more about her skin care routine (she really likes this brand called SKKN by Kim, IDK why), swapping beauty products with her family, and negative self-talk. READ MORE

How My Policeman Covered Up All Of Harry Styles' Tattoos

If you remember, Pete Davidson had to spend about two hours getting all of his tattoos covered while filming Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. Harry Styles has more than 50 tattoos, all of which would most likely not make sense to have in the 1950s when the movie is set. But that’s not the only motive for why the tattoos needed to be covered up — there’s also a legal reason. READ MORE


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