Inked Up
Pete Davidson covered in tattoos ahead of 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies' makeup team covered them all up.

How Bodies Bodies Bodies Covered All Pete Davidson's Tattoos (And Why)

The process took HOW long??

Mark my words, there will be history books that focus specifically on Pete Davidson’s tattoo collection. Among the ink across his body rests an image of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “SHAOLIN” (an ode to his hometown of Staten Island) written across his stomach, plus multiple remnants of his past relationships with ex-fiancée Ariana Grande and former flame Kim Kardashian; the pair reportedly broke up earlier this month. Though he’s no stranger to the tattoo removal process, you know that ink (let alone branding) never *truly* goes away. Yet the makeup department on the set of his new slasher movie, Bodies Bodies Bodies, covered up Davidson’s tattoos almost seamlessly. What is this sorcery?

Why Pete Davidson’s Tattoos Were Covered In Bodies Bodies Bodies

In an interview with beauty expert and self-described trend whisperer Cat Quinn, Bodies Bodies Bodies’ makeup department head, Sarah Graalman, explained the reasons why the team decided to remove Davidson’s ink from his character David’s body. According to Quinn, Graalman said, “He’s the kind of person who would never get upper body tattoos in case he had to work,” especially since he’s a rich kid who came from old money. As for the ink on his legs, that was left behind intentionally “as a form of rebellion” for David, “because men in the corporate world rarely wear shorts.”

How Pete Davidson’s Tattoos Were Covered In Bodies Bodies Bodies

Given the King of Staten Island actor’s extensive ink coverage, it took some time to cover up — but probably not as long as one might think. Though Quinn originally said it took three hours to seemingly remove all of Davidson’s tattoos, she responded to a comment, noting that it actually took a little under two hours.

To achieve the tattoo cover-up to end all tattoo cover-ups, special effects makeup artist Vincent Schicchi used an Endura color of EBA Performance Makeup ($18-$138), a high-performance airbrush foundation. According to Schicchi, it “worked amazing,” considering it “had to hold up in a salt water pool for about 3 hours.”

Quinn added that the makeup team also gave Davidson a more bronzed overall look to “give the impression that he’s rich and travels.”

Schicchi praised Davidson for his endurance behind the scenes, noting the Saturday Night Live alum’s patience and ability to stand throughout the entire process.

You can catch Pete Davidson in Bodies Bodies Bodies, in theaters now.